Whisker Woods Rift

The third rift location that the MouseHunt devs have released, the Whisker Woods Rift is a location that, while not overly complicated, could consume much of your hunting time, especially if you are a silver crown hunter. First things first, let’s go over the checklist of what you need to hunt here:

Minimum Requirements

  • Duke ranking
  • Crystal Tower rift trap
  • String Cheese

Recommended Requirements

  • Focused Crystal Laser Trap and/or Multi Crystal Laser Trap (preferably both)
  • Rift Base
  • Rift Charms
  • Magical String Cheese

Next, take a look at your surroundings. You’ll see a new HUD similar to the screenshot below (again, pay no attention to the progress or numbers – it’s a snapshot in time. Yours will be zero).


You’ll notice the three separate areas on the HUD: Crazed Clearing, Gigantic Gnarled Tree, and Deep Lagoon. Each location has it’s own mice it releases into the general population. It is important to note that you don’t travel between these areas – you are essentially hunting in all of them at the same time.

Bloomed SylvanWhen you go on a hunt and catch a mouse, it begins to enrage the mice in that area. For example, if you catch a Bloomed Sylvan mouse on your first hunt here, the rage meter for the Crazed Clearing will increase by 1, and will now show 1/50. Same goes for mice from the other areas. You keep hunting and catching mice.

For example, look at my HUD above. The Crazed Clearing is currently at 12/50. That means I’ve caught 12 mice that have enraged that section by +1 each.

When you get to 25/50, stronger mice are released from that specific area that is now more enraged. Let’s use the Crazed Clearing as an example again. Once you get to 25/50, three more mice will be released, and catching them Treant Queen Mousewill add TWO rage points to the meter. Once an area gets to this stage (the 25/50 stage), you are more likely to attract mice from this doubly enraged location that mice from the others.

For example, the picture to the right is the Treant Queen Mouse. She only appears when your Crazed Clearing rage is 25/50. Once it’s there, she’ll be much more likely to visit your trap than mice from the other areas. We’ll talk more about this below, but for now, it’s just best you understand the mechanic.

Once you get your rage meter to 50/50, the mini-boss of that area is released. For the Crazed Clearing, it’s the menacing Cyclops Barbarian mouse. It’s advised to switch to your stronger Rift trap when the mini-bosses are released. Catching the mini-boss (of any of the three areas) gives you some nice loot and resets ALL three rage meters to 0/50, not just the one specific to the mini-boss’s area.

Spider Mold

Tasty Spider Mould

crumbly rift salt

Crumbly Rift Salts

Creamy sap

Creamy Gnarled Sap

Cyclops Barbarian: Tasty Spider Mould

Tri-da: Crumbly Rift Salts

Centaur Ranger: Creamy Gnarled Sap

So, you’re asking what these three crafting items are for, right? Well, they are used in creating the special cheese of this area, Lactrodectus Lancashire. It is used to attract the Monstrous Black Widow mouse. See below for the crafting table. In my opinion, you should always use the 4 cheese recipe when creating this cheese due to its more difficult nature in obtaining.

For now, just keep hunting and collecting the items to craft this cheese. Once you have caught 1 of each kind of mini-boss, head below for what to do next.

Formula: Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese (3 pieces)
Recipe can be unlocked by: Capture ALL of the following:
Cyclops Barbarian
Centaur Ranger
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
Creamy Gnarled Sap 1 Loot
Crumbly Rift Salts 1 Loot
Rift Curd 3 830 / Marketplace
Tasty Spider Mould 1 Loot
Total 2,490

Catching the Monstrous Black Widow

Monstrous Black WidowCatching the main boss of the area is much more tricky and is more involved than it would appear. Let’s spell it out.

  1. You must have Lactrodectus Lancashire cheese. Have at least 4, if not more on hand.
  2. You must have all three rage meters at least at 25/50.
  3. The higher the rage meter, the better chance that the MBW will come to your trap when you have Lactrodectus Lancashire armed. (more on this below)

This is where it can get a little tricky. You’ll remember above that I said that once you get to 25/50 on one area, the second level of mice visit the trap almost exclusively. So how do you get the other areas built up? My friends, that is what the funneling charms are for.

5_cherry_charmsIn keeping with the theme of the Crazed Clearing, let’s talk about the Cherry Charm. First, you have to either donate to the devs to get these charms, craft them, or buy them off the market place. Cherry Charms sell for about 35,000 each on the market. They are not cheap charms.

In your hunting in the WW Rift, you may have come across more crafting supplies. If you hover your mouse over “Cherry Charm,” you’ll see the following screen pop up.Cherry Charm Crafting

If you can craft them, go ahead and craft! When you arm these charms, they are also Rift Power charms so they contribute to the Riftwalker Set bonuses. But that is not their primary function. No, when you have cherry charmsRift Tiger armed, they focus all of the rage from all captured mice into the Crazed Clearing zone. So if you have your cherry charms armed and you catch a Rift Tiger mouse (from the GGT), it’s rage will not count towards the GGT but instead to the CC.

This is how you build up your rage across the other areas. But what should be your strategy when doing so?

Here is my list.

  1. Never use any funneling charm until you get at least one area to 25/50. (exception in #3 below)
  2. Never use the area-specific funneling charm when that area is 25/50 or higher – you’re already getting the attraction bonus. (e.g. using cherry charm when the Crazed Clearing is already at 25/50)
  3. Only use funneling charms before 25/50 when you’re desperately trying to balance out your Lactrodectus Lancashire crafting supplies and need a specific area’s loot.

The beauty of waiting until one area is at 25/50 is that you’ll attract the +2 rage mice more often, and can add those mice to the other rage pools with the proper funneling charm armed. And, if you use MAGICAL STRING CHEESE instead of the store-bought string cheese, armed with the proper charm, you’ll attract the Naturalist (Gnarled), Cherry Sprite (Cherry), or Grizzled Silth (Stagnent). These mice at +6 to your rage meter.

Gilded LeafThere is another mouse, the Gilded Leaf Mouse, who only is attracted to the Magical String Cheese. When you catch him, he adds +2 to EACH rage meter. If you catch him with a funneling charm armed, he adds +6 to that specific rage meter.

So now that you understand how the charms work, it’s time for you to get to work and build those rage meters and let’s catch the MBW!

Ok, you have each meter at 25/50 or thereabouts. The higher your meters go, the better chance the MBW will come to your trap with the Lactrodectus Lancashire armed. If you try to arm it while each meter is 25/50, she may not come at all. It’s important to get them up a little. For arguments sake, let’s get them each to 40 or so (do not go to 50 yet on any meter, please).

LL CheeseArm your Lactrodectus Lancashire and switch your trap to the Focused Crystal Laser. If you want, use a powerful charm to help as well. Sound the horn.

If you caught her, congrats! By catching her, all your rage meters are reset, but she drops some nice loot!

Advanced Tactics – Catching Multiple MBWs; Buying new Rift Bases

You’ve probably noticed that the trapsmith as two really nice bases, the Fracture and Fissure Bases! Even more importantly, both of these bases are rift power bases and thus add to the riftwalker set bonus.

Fissure BaseFractureTo buy the Fracture Base, you need the Rift Base and 1 Widow Web. You get the web from catching the Monstrous Black Widow mouse (as you probably already noticed!). If you notice, you do not lose your Rift Base when you buy the Fracture. Whew!

But while the Fracture is nice, it’s not as good as the Rift, and it certainly isn’t as good as the Fissure, but it is required to purchase it. You will need 4 more Widow Webs to purchase it. Keep on plugging away, catching those Monstrous Black Widows until you have enough to buy the Fissure Base as well.

Widow Webs also have another purpose: crafting Taunting Charms. These charms, while arms, prevent your rage meters from resetting when you catch the MBW or any of the area mini-bosses. They also are only consumed upon a successful catch of one of these four mice.

While it is nice to have these charms to keep the rage meters going, getting the Fissure base should be done without the use of the taunting charms. The webs are needed in the purchase.

“So Matt….what do we use those Taunting Charms for?!? Once we get the base, shouldn’t we leave the area??”

I’m glad you asked that!

No, you shouldn’t. Keep hunting, keep collecting webs. Once you can craft 5 taunting charms, do it. Keep hunting. Craft your Lactrodectus Lancashire cheese (I totally copy and paste that name…), and get your rage meters in the 40 range again.

Now comes the tricky part. We’re going to max out the meters, all of them, at 50. BALANCE YOUR HUNTS and USE YOUR FUNNELING CHARMS. I highly recommend using Magical String Cheese as well. This will allow for the attraction of the Gilded Leaf mouse, which will help balance your meters.

Once you get one of them to 50, arm your funneling charms of one of the other two and cross your fingers. Or, arm your taunting charms in the event you attract and catch a mini-boss. If you’re using the MCL, your chance of catching the mini-boss is reduced and thus you can pinpoint where your rage goes. Using the taunting charm is more of a conservative approach. You need to decide what your tolerance level is.

Monstrous Black WidowLook at your stock of Lactrodectus Lancashire. How much do you have in respect to your Taunting Charms? 5? 8? Whatever the number is, remember that when you get all 3 of your rage meters to 50, and you catch a Monstrous Black Widow WITH a Taunting Charm equipped, the rage meters stay at 50, and you can hunt again.

This is how you can string together a lot of MBW catches at once. The loot from the MBW when completely maxed on rage meters is staggering, and you may get 2 more webs per catch (but at least one). You could feasibly keep making more taunting charms as you go along, but once you’re out of cheese, you’ll have to drop back down obviously.

This tactic is honesty best used during the Spring Egg Hunt, because MBW eggs are incredibly valuable for what’s inside them. Save up your supplies, make a bunch of taunting charms and Lactrodectus Lancashire cheese to have on hand for the next egg hunt! 🙂

8 comments on “Whisker Woods Rift

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    • Hi Natalie,

      I have a good chunk of the area now written and posted! It’s just taken me awhile. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

      Thanks for reading the site!


  2. looking to catch multiple MBWs. Thanks for all the guff above. No wonder I did not do so well in the area when it came out! I was doing it all wrong, so I abandoned the area, but with the Labyrinth coming soon I think I will need the 2nd base and I only have 1 web… your help will be much appreciated.

    • im still waiting for the remaining content for the use of taunting charms. thanks for all your guides, its the most updated mousehunt guide in the whole WWW and it helped me rake 5 webs easily! Keep up the good work

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