Twisted Garden

Ahhhhhhh!!! It’s like a new reality!Graveblossem Petal

The Living Garden has a dark side, and it’s really twisted! The Twisted Garden is the dark, alter-ego of the more docile Living Garden. When you’re transported here, keep hunting with the same setup you caught Carmine with. Now, you’ll notice you’re collecting Graveblossom Petals. Much like the Dewthief Petals on the “normal” side, the Graveblossom Petals are used to purchase Graveblossom Camembert.

Duskshade CamembertYou may have a lot of Duskshade to use here. Keep at it! The important thing to remember: if you hunt with any type of cheese other than the “approved” cheese for the appropriate twisted location, you will be dropped back to reality and have to catch Carmine again. So to sum up:


You’ll notice the HUD has changed again.


In the regular garden, you collected dewdrops with the blue sponge charms. Here on the twisted side, you need red and yellow sponge charms. You still need 20 total, but only 10 of each one. Again, it works the exact same. Arm 10 red charms, catch mice, then arm 10 yellow charms, catch more mice. When you have both canisters full, pour them out, and now you can attract the Dehydrated Mouse (the twisted version of the Thirsty Mouse).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep an eye on your Duskshade cheese as well as where your current “pour” is in relation to the mini-game. The reason why I say this is because when you pour out both red and yellow, you gain +5 luck and +5% power bonus to your trap setup. Well, a little later, you’re going to come back here and hunt for Twisted Carmine (who has lots of goodies to drop). When you start that, you want to be at the BEGINNING of a pour (or ready to pour) so you can maximize your trap’s power and luck when going after her.

For example: say you have 15 pieces of Duskshade left, and you have just filled up both canisters. DON’T POUR THEM OUT!! Save them for when you come back with Lunaria cheese.

Once you’re out of Duskshade, you should have a lot of Graveblossom petals to purchase Graveblossom cheese. Buy them in the shop.  It’s time to move on again to either the Cursed City or Sand Crypts.

Revisiting the Twisted Garden

If you’ve followed the guide to this point, you’re ready to catch Twisted Carmine. If you just finished reading the paragraph above and you just kept reading on, back up…you’re not ready yet.

If you followed my advice above, you should be ready to pour out your canisters to help you with more power and luck against Twisted Carmine. Go ahead and pour (if you can).

Lunaria CamembertYou want to buy Lunaria cheese here. Now, you know that I’m not a big SB+ hunter, but for Lunaria cheese, I would recommend you use the 4-pack option to buy. You want as many Lunaria as you can get your hands on. Make sure you have enough magic essence in relation to the amount of herbs and petals you need, and buy away.

Now it’s time to hunt.

There are three mice you can catch right now, which helps your odds of catching Twisted Carmine. When you do catch her, she drops the Living Chest, which can be opened to reveal tons of goodies inside (essences, crafting supplies, etc). Catch one? Great! Keep going!! You need to catch a lot of this mouse, because the highest essence she’ll give you is a “G.” You need 9 G to make one “I.” One “I” will allow you to craft the blueprints for the Phantasmic Oasis Trap, which, as of this writing, is the best hydro trap in the game.

When you run out of Lunaria cheese, evaluate where you are, and what you can create. Open all your chests (hopefully you got several), and check the Living Garden Recipe Book on how to make the POT blueprints. Create them if you can.

Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Est Essence 1 Loot / Crafting
Fel Essence 1 Loot / Crafting
Icuri Essence 1 Crafting
Total 2,000 – 1,720,500

Next, create the Phantasmic Oasis Trap.

Formula: Phantasmic Oasis Trap
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Oasis Water Node Trap Parts 1 Crafting
Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints 1 Crafting
Phantasmic Essence 3 1,000,000
Total 3,802,000 – 6,721,300

Now what? I’m glad you asked. If you were fortunate and had tons of Twisted Carmine catches, check to see if you can create the Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints or the Clockwork Portal Blueprints. If you can, you are awesome. If not, never fear, but to get these traps, you’ll need to go back through the Living Garden routine again.

Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Gur Essence 1 Loot / Crafting
Icuri Essence 1 Crafting
Total 2,000 – 1,822,000
Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Fel Essence 1 Loot / Crafting
Icuri Essence 1 Crafting
Total 2,000 – 1,700,500

Sound daunting? Well, this area wasn’t meant to be completed in a few weeks. Good luck.

8 comments on “Twisted Garden

  1. Any suggestions on what would be a good number of Lunaria Cheese for a first time Twisted Carmine attempt?

    • That’s a tough question to answer because the amount of lunaria depends on how much you spent in the other areas. For the first go at it, I’d try to get around 20-30 I suppose, but if you have the hot house base, you might have even more because of double loot drops.

      Shorter, more precise runs in the overall area is more beneficial than long, drawn out runs. Your goal should be to get the Phantasmic Oasis as soon as possible.

      • Even with the hothouse base, getting enough herbs is tough, and that’s just for Plumepearls let alone Lunarias.

        Guess I’ll have to stick to it abit longer in cursed city.

        The Cursed Librarian eggs do help tho.

      • You’ll find some long dry spells, and then you’ll have 6 or 7 in a row with double drops. It’s best to take a larger view at the run because over time, the loot drops do hold to their averages (based on Horntracker data).

  2. Hey Matt! Great blog and guide! Just wanted to share this tip (which you might already know of) when going after Twisted Carmine:

    I got TC with quite a lot of remaining cheeses starting out with 600 dewthief. After running the first 3 locations and using up all my dewthief, I farmed for graveblossom petals using duskshade. However, it was at this stage that I portioned out my usage of duskshade.

    This was my strategy: Using duskshade, collect about roughly 180ish to 200 graveblossom and then head over to sand crypts and cursed city for lunaria. The goal was to get about 24 petals and herbs each. Using SB, this amounts to 32 lunaria, which is just nice for the 35 hunts with the extra power and luck bonus. Then I’d head back to the Twisted Garden and start filling up my canisters using duskshade, farming up graveblossom again in the process. And of course, once they were filled, I went ahead for TC.

    I find this cycle to be highly efficient because it maximises the number of hunts with the power and luck bonuses and avoids any hunts without the bonuses at all.


  3. Hi, would you recommend getting the Soiled Base and some Wild Gnarled Charms for use with high value mice? Or save essences for Rift Cheese?

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