Rift Traps

Rift Power

Crystal TowerCrystal Tower

900 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Crystal Tower is the first “Rift” power type trap in Mouse Hunt. Available for a steep cost of 4.9 million gold, this trap will make the mice in the Rift Place much easier to catch. Obtaining the trap is not an easy task for sure, as you will have to catch a Goliath Field Generator mouse first with your strongest physical trap (and that’s still going to be a really bad proposition).

Multi-Crystal LaserMulti-Crystal Laser

1000 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 3 luck, No cheese effect

One of the two traps available in the Burroughs Rift area, this trap is the first Rift trap to feature any luck. While only 100 more power than the Crystal Tower, this trap, because of the luck, will make catching non-boss mice in all rift locations much easier. You must smash your Crystal Tower and have 50 pieces of Rift Circuitry to buy this trap. Since it is a Rift trap, combining it with the Rift Base and a rift-power charm will increase it’s effectiveness even more.

Focused Crystal LaserFocused Crystal Laser

1750 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Focused Crystal Laser almost doubles the power of the Crystal Tower, and is ideal for taking down the tougher mice in the Burroughs rift. This trap should be your first target of the two in that area, because the boss mice are the ones dropping the rift circuitry that are needed for both traps.