Trap Analysis – Physical Traps

Hot TubMouse Hot Tub

70 power, 3% power bonus, 35% attraction bonus, 2 luck, No cheese effect

One of your first two options to choose from. It will get you by for a while but you’ll want to upgrade immediately.

Tacky GlueTacky Glue Trap

70 power, 0% power bonus, 40% attraction bonus, 2 luck, Stale cheese effect

The most attraction of any trap in the game. As you’re using very poor cheese to start, this is a very nice benefit. Don’t use it long though.

High Tension SpringHigh Tension Spring

75 power, 5% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 2 luck, No cheese effect

The extra power and power bonus simply doesn’t replace the 20% loss in attraction at this early stage of the game. Don’t ever buy this trap to use.

500 lb500 Pound Spiked Crusher

250 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 1 luck, No cheese effect

I remember being so excited when I first bought this trap. “A 500 pound block of lead that falls on mice?!? Yes!!” Alas, I didn’t quite understand the game then. You should skip this trap and get the next one instead.

Mouse MaryMouse Mary O’Nette Trap

250 power, 0% power bonus, 6% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Fresh cheese effect

You won’t use Mouse Mary very long, but she is the best trap to use until you can buy the Trebuchet.

TrebuchetMouse Trebuchet

600 power, 2% power bonus, 4% attraction bonus, 1 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

While the luck is less than Mouse Mary, the added base power (over twice as good) will offer you a substantial advantage when you attract those Gold and Diamond mice in the early stages of the game. Stick with this trap until you can afford the Swiss Army trap.

RocketineMouse Rocketine

650 power, 6% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Extremely Stale cheese effect

The first true “Super Brie Only” trap. What do you get when you cross 0% attraction with an extremely stale cheese effect and swiss cheese? That’s right, a TON of stale cheese! At this point in the game (when you’re considering using this), you want to maximize your attractions. This trap will not help you in that regard. So skip it.

Swiss Army TrapSwiss Army Mouse Trap

1200 power, 2% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 10 luck, No cheese effect

For the most part, this will be your first high-powered physical trap capable of dealing with most Indigenous Mice in Gnawnia fairly easily. You can’t use this until you have 45,500 points (and it costs ~69k gold). Do prep work for it as you get close to the point requirement. You do not want to miss this trap.

ForcefieldNVMRC Forcefield Trap

2350 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 12 luck, No cheese effect

While expensive, this is the best “early game” physical trap you can get your hands on. If you can afford it, I would recommend buying it. If not, the Swiss Army Trap will suffice until you need a tactical trap. This trap can actually be used with some success in Derr Dunes (though I wouldn’t use it long term there).

Mouse DeathbotMouse Deathbot

2400 power, 15% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 2 luck, Stale cheese effect

This trap is more expensive than the Forcefield and isn’t as good (10 less luck). Don’t buy it unless you’re a collector. While it looks very cool, you will have less success with this trap than the FF.

452d9-digbydrillbotDigby Drillbot

3,200 power, 18% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 5 luck, No cheese effect

I never cared much for the Digby Drillbot; could be that it was always too expensive when I needed it, and by the time I had access to LE traps, this one was no longer even an option to hunt with.

The Drillbot is a power trap with an impressive 18% power bonus, but offers very little luck to be very useful and no attraction bonus to speak of. The obvious benefit, however, is that this trap upgrades to the Rhinobot. So if you plan on building the Rhinobot, you HAVE to buy this sucker.

Onyx MalletOnyx Mallet

3,800 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 6 luck, Stale cheese effect

The Onyx Mallet is better than the Digby Drillbot, but it’s not much better. It’s also not easy to obtain (refer to FAQ). Some players will undoubtedly rather spend those onyx stones crafting unstable curds, trying to get really expensive cheese. Up to you.

In the end, this trap is very cool to look at, but ultimately is less useful than it was before the Sandtail Desert was released. If you happen to have all the ingredients, feel free to make it.


4,950 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

This one has a lot of base power. The Rhinobot dwarfs the power of every other physical trap in Mousehunt up until the point that you can craft it. While the Rhinobot is the best pre-lord regular physical trap, it will never outperform any Limited Edition physical trap because of its very low luck rating. Ultimately, you should make and use this trap if you don’t have access to LE traps, if for no other reason than to craft the next trap…

Enraged RhinobotEnraged Rhinobot

5,900 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Insanely Stale cheese effect

The Enraged Rhinobot will outperform many of the Limited Edition physical traps, let alone all the regular ones that came before it. This trap is almost a necessity to hunt in the Sandtail Desert, and will absolutely make your life easier in Derr as well. If you have a very powerful limited edition physical trap, you might be able to skip this one, but as mice become more powerful, a higher power rating is more important than Luck.

Sandtail SentenielSandtail Sentinel

6,800 power, 17% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 25 luck, No cheese effect

The Sandtail Sentinel is a tremendous trap, outclassing nearly every other trap (including limited edition traps) in the game. The catch? It’s only available to players with 85,000,000 points; it costs 3,000,000+ gold and requires 2 Warpath Victories on the Fiery Warpath. Yikes! Plus, it isn’t even the best in the game, a title reserved for the trap right below it, but considering the likelihood of you actually being in a position to get THAT trap, this trap is a well-deserved “consolation” prize, and effectively puts every other physical trap to shame. It has everything: power, power bonus, attraction, and luck.

If you can’t get the next trap, you’ll do just fine with this. It is a monster and a whale.

Sandstorm MonstrobotSandstorm MonstroBot

8,000 power, 20% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 27 luck, No cheese effect

Holy Cow. What have the Devs done? This trap is insane. Beyond insane. So insane, in fact, that it makes the Big 3 in Derr look like Dwarf Mice. What am I supposed to say? It has a ton of power and luck. So, what will this little sucker set you back? 100 million points is the requirement. You also need 3 Warpath Victories, but in reality, you’ll need more. You’ll need 2.2 million gold minimum to craft it (parts you need to buy). And, you need 2 Sandblasted Metal loot pieces. How do you get those? They are loot from the Warmonger. Good luck getting THOSE! Or, you can buy them on the market place. People are selling them for around 14 million EACH. OUCH!

Chrome MonstrobotChrome MonstroBot

8,500 power, 21% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 30 luck, No Effect cheese effect

For an additional 12.5 million gold initially (and about 25 million on the market), you can upgrade your SMB to this monstrosity. You’re wondering why it’s listed here and not in LE? Well, the devs stated this isn’t an LE trap, that’s why. This trap is better than the SMB without a doubt. Is it worth spending all that gold? That’s up to you. (I don’t have it)

Limited Edition Physical Traps

Shrink Ray TrapShrink Ray Trap

1,000 power, 5% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The Shrink Ray is only available through donating to the game or through Kings Credits within the game. It is meant as a bonus for early hunters to have an easier time (as if they didn’t have an easier time than I did back in the day!). If you’re new to the game and you don’t have the Swiss Army trap, you might consider getting this, but it’s a complete novelty and is outclassed very quickly.

a88aa-hitgrabhorseyHitgrab Horsey

550 power, 2% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

A very old LE trap, it has a lot of luck but not much else. Anyone who still plays that was around when this was released undoubtedly upgraded it years ago to the Rainbow Rockin’ Horse mentioned below. If not, well, you’re not using this trap.

Chrome TackyChrome Tacky Glue Trap

70 power, 0% power bonus, 30% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Stale cheese effect

A 2012 Ronza trap, this trap has some uses when you really think about it (Level 1 of the King’s Gauntlet being the only one I can think of) but honestly, it’s more of a wink to the MH community who long asked (and joked) about someday having a Chrome Glue Trap. Now we have one, and it is of course useless. But it looks cool!

Hitgrab Rockin' HorseHitgrab (Rainbow) Rockin’ Horsecbb3d-rainbowhorse

1,250 power, 2% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 25 luck, No (Über Fresh) cheese effect

This trap is a novelty more than anything else. The power make it relatively useless for Derr Dunes, and though it was good to use in the earlier stages of the game, hunters who have it undoubtedly have much more powerful traps at this point, relegating this trap to the closet, you know, where your real Rockin’ Horse resides anyway. The Rainbow edition had the same stats except with a better freshness rating.

Birthday Candle TrapBirthday Candle Kaboom

2,400 power, 30% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 14 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

This trap was one of the traps you could get during MH’s third birthday event in 2011. You had to hunt for loot and ultimately build (and buy) this trap. The bonuses are very impressive: 30% power bonus is the highest of any trap, but you all know how percentages work: if the base power is low (and this one is, exactly the same as the Deathbot), the percentage only helps you so much, and you’re not getting a lot of base power from your bases either. The attraction is great, but with just above average luck, this trap is definitely a novelty, and nothing that really warrants use.

Birthday Party Pinata TrapBirthday Party Piñata Bonanza

2,500 power, 35% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

Another reward trap during Mousehunt’s fourth birthday event in 2012, this trap has a ridiculously high power bonus, but, again, like the Birthday Candle Kaboom, the power bonus is only as good as the base power, which at 2500, it still will struggle to hold a candle in Derr. Not only that, but only 10 luck makes this trap a very weird entry into the world of physical traps. A nice novelty, but basically useless.

Snowglobe TrapSnowglobe Trap

2,350 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 16 luck, No cheese effect

Virtually the same as the Force Field trap, the Snow Globe was a collectible in most hunters’ eyes. It was released when several other LE physical traps were making their appearance, so there was never really a reason to buy this trap.

Pneumatic Tube TrapPneumatic Tube Trap

2,300 power, 20% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 18 luck, No cheese effect

Released during Ronza’s visit in early 2011, this trap is actually not too bad. It won’t hold a candle to the Chrome Drillbot, but it can compete with the Rhinobot on many levels. The extra two luck of the tube allows it compete with the Rhinobot pretty effectively, and stone collecting and amp charging in the Seasonal Garden were a little easier with this than the Rhinobot. However, up against the Big 3 Derr mice, the Rhinobot is still the better option.

It should be noted that this trap was much more popular on the now-defunct Hi5 Mousehunt site than Facebook due to the lack of high-powered LE traps initially.

Ancient GauntletAncient Gauntlet Trap

1,050 power, 4% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Extreme Fresh cheese effect

Occasionally available as a reward for completing a season one treasure map, the baseline stats for this trap are nothing to write home about. However, it has a special feature that makes it incredibly powerful: when used on the first level of the King’s Gauntlet, mice will drop two tier 2 potions instead of one. Considering how weak the mice in this area are, this trap will catch them at 100% anyway, making it invaluable when you do a Gauntlet run.

Upon the start of Season 2 of treasure maps (January 2014), the Ancient Gauntlet no longer was dropped as a reward. Hunters who never obtained this trap can never get it again.

Festive Gauntlet CrusherFestive Gauntlet Crusher

1,200 power, 5% power bonus, 25% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

A reward for completing the 2014 Great Winter Hunt, this trap has pretty bad stats, but it’s special effect is noteworthy: Tier 3 potion drops are doubled when catching mice in Tier 2 of the King’s Gauntlet. Since the mice at this level are incredibly weak anyway, this trap is more than sufficient to catch them nearly 100% of the time. 

Isle Idol TrapIsle Idol Trap

5,050 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 7 luck, Stale cheese effect

A 2013 Ronza trap, the stats don’t leave much to be desired considering what the ERB can do, but it has a bonus effect of providing double delicious stone drops in Derr Dunes. It doesn’t double the seed drops from the Big 3, but it will definitely help you progress faster through Derr. It is a Physical trap.

Ultra Megamouser TrapUltra MegaMouser Mechabot Trap

2,250 power, 5% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 8 luck, No cheese effect

The result of collecting spare parts during MouseHunt’s fifth birthday event, this was the trap necessary to defeat the MouseForce Five enemy bot. Only usable honestly for that event, the stats are mundane at best, and it should not be used in normal hunting situations.

Wrapped Gift TrapWrapped Gift Trap

1,100 power, 5% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 5 luck, No cheese effect

This trap was available only during the Great Winter Hunt 2012. It was used to catch Greedy Al in the MegaBuy Mart. Upon catching Al, the trap “unwrapped” and provided an additional 2,050 power, 10% power bonus, 20 luck, 5% attraction bonus, and Extremely Fresh cheese effect, for a total of 3,150 power, 15% power bonus, 25 luck, 15% attraction bonus, and Extremely Fresh cheese effect.This bonus was available in all locations, not just the MegaBuy Mart, but was only effective during the Great Winter Hunt 2012; after the event ended, the trap reverted to the stats of the Wrapped Gift Trap, which you’ll notice is worse than the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. Yikes.

Christmas CrackerChristmas Cracker Trap

3,000 power, 15% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 24 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

The Christmas Cracker still remains one of my favorite traps in all of Mousehunt. Perhaps it was because it was free (yes, completely free!), or perhaps it is the fact that it doesn’t have a single negative attribute. Great power, great bonuses, great luck, great cheese effect. While it’s not coming back and while there are better options to use (even in-game traps), I still occasionally break this sucker out and hunt in a low level area just to use it again.


2,850 power, 15% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 25 luck, Stale cheese effect

This trap nearly broke Mousehunt. Released on Mousehunt’s first birthday, the Partybot outclassed every other trap in the game. This was before hunters (and maybe even the devs) understood the impact of luck on hunting, and as a result, hunters were using this trap to catch Furoma mice (back when you didn’t dare go after other classes of mice with a different class of trap!) and Moz mice with decent success.

The Partybot is also partially to blame for wrecking the MH economy too. For only 15,000 gold, hunters got THIS trap. A similarly scaled trap today would cost hunters at least 600,000 gold. And all the veteran hunters shout with triumph.

Chrome DrillbotChrome Drillbot

3,900 power, 20% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 26 luck, Insanely Stale cheese effect

A tremendous trap that was the best physical trap to use for most people for over a year, the Chrome Drillbot has sadly been outmatched and overshadowed by the Sandtail Sentinel and the Sandstorm Monstrobot. Heck, even the Enraged RhinoBot fares better against some really powerful mice than this trap does. Those who have this trap undoubtedly have at least one of these other traps now, making the Chrome Drillbot almost nothing but a novelty anymore. But boy oh boy, it sure had its day in the sun as a Derr smasher.

DeathBot Chrome EditionDeathbot (Chrome Edition)

2,800 power, 20% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 30 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

Just tremendous stats all around, the Deathbot (Chrome Edition) is still very much used by veteran hunters, though most that have it are so rich in MH that they also have the SMB. Many hunters don’t even know about this trap, but it reigned supreme for years until the more powerful mice made their appearance.

Warpath ThrasherWarpath Thrasher

4,500 power, 10% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 6 luck, Stale cheese effect

A 2012 Ronza trap (for a mere 2.1 million gold), I honestly have not even tried this trap to see how it actually operates. The stats above are the “base” stats when used anywhere except the Fiery Warpath. As you can see, the stats make it marginally better than the Digby Drillbot but not much past that. So why is it listed in this section?

When you initially begin a stage (1 through 3, not 4 though), the Thrasher’s power and luck is increased to 9000 and 30 respectively, making it insanely effective against the initial waves of the Marching Flame. That being said, it loses power rapidly and eventually, at some point, it will flame out and go back to its regular stats.

Chrome RhinoBotChrome RhinoBot

6,000 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 27 luck, Ultimately Stale cheese effect

The Chrome RhinoBot is a serious trap that outclasses everything in the game except for the SMB and the Sandail Sentinel. It is very similar to the SS, to the point where some hunters who had the SS contemplated not buying this trap. With the worst cheese effect in the game and 0% attraction bonus, this bad boy is ideally suited to be a Super Brie+ trap, as FTAs will undoubtedly cause your cheese to stale nearly 100% of the time.

All that said, those players with this trap have an incredible trap at their disposal. You’d be better off with the SS though due to its better power and bonuses, especially considering the tougher mice in the later stages of the game are more susceptible to power than luck.

Chrome Onyx MalletChrome Onyx Mallet

5,000 power, 30% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

(First things first: this is a completely separate trap from the regular Onyx Mallet. You do NOT buy a chrome kit and chrome that old trap. This LE trap is 100% independent of that one.)

Ronza finally brought back a limited edition physical trap in 2015, and newer hunters who have yet to reach the Tribal Isles got a tremendous trap. From a catch rate standpoint, this trap functions exactly the same as the Enraged Rhinobot, which, before this visit from Ronza, was THE BEST in-game trap to use when you started the Fiery Warpath. Now with the addition of the Chrome Onyx Mallet, it is every bit the equal to the Enraged Rhinobot, so much so that if you have yet to craft the regular Rhino and were able to buy this from Ronza, you do NOT need to craft either Rhino or Enraged Rhino, saving yourself a lot of headache tracking down that Aged Mouse. Use this trap until you can replace it with either of the Sandtail traps.

Warden SlayerWarden Slayer

6,000 power, 15% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 17 luck, No cheese effect

The Warden Slayer was released at the start of Season 3 of the Relic Hunter. Completing a Relic Hunter map gave hunters the chance that this trap would be included in the treasure chest. Season 3 also changed everything about Treasure Maps, and one of those changes was that the more maps you completed, the better your chance would be at looting this LE trap. If you still had not received it after 29 successful maps, upon completing your 30th map, you will automatically be awarded this trap.

What does it do? It completely destroys the Thugery Warden and Warmonger mice in Wave 4 of the Fiery Warpath. So much so that the Warden becomes “Effortless” against this trap. On top of that, it has incredibly nice stats that puts it right behind the Enraged Rhinobot in terms of overall effectiveness. With only a 2.5% difference in catch rate on the physical fiery warpath mice vs. the ERB (non wave 4 of course), I would even suggest hunters that get this trap before the ERB (and were unable to buy the Chrome Mallet from Ronza), they do not even need the ERB until you get the Sandtail traps.

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