Law Traps

Law Power

SLAC1Spring Loaded Attack Cactus 1

300 power, 5% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The first Law power type trap you can obtain, you must be a Lord to have access to Claw Shot City to purchase this trap. The stats, as you can see, are very poor, but as of July 2013, there is no other “beginning” option for a Law trap to use instead. Combined with a good base, you’ll see marginal returns on your catch rate, typically around 55%.

SLAC2Spring Loaded Attack Cactus 2

1500 power, 6% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The upgraded version of S.L.A.C. 1, version 2 is 5 times as powerful with slightly better bonuses. The only problem is that, while not terribly expensive at 275,000 gold, it also costs 500 Fool’s Gold to purchase, a loot drop only available in Claw Shot City. You obtain Fool’s Gold as a reward for completing bounties, and it is a long slog to get it. Hunters everywhere are anxiously waiting to see what is next for this area.

Law DrawThe Law Draw (LE)

1100 power, 5% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

I was initially more excited about this trap than ultimately how I ended up viewing it. The extra luck is very handy considering it is the only Law trap to have any luck. I thought this would be the deciding factor. However, after running the results and actually looking at them, it still isn’t on par with SLAC2 when paired with the Claw Shot Base. Granted, if you’re not using that base, this trap is be better, but if you’re hunting in CSC, you’d be stupid to not get the Claw Shot Base. This trap does NOT give the Claw Shot base a bonus, even in CSC.

All that being said, this is still a pretty decent trap, but because the CS base only works with the SLAC weapons, The Law Draw doesn’t have a whole lot of reason to be used in that location. On the train though, it performs very well if you don’t have train traps.

Law Laser TrapLaser Law Trap (LE)

1750 power, 20% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 3 luck, Fresh cheese effect

A Ronza 2016 trap, this LE trap is the most powerful Law trap in the game. While having 2 less luck than the Law Draw, the immense power of this trap makes up for it, especially against some of the tougher mice in Claw Shot City. With the rumored expansion coming in late 2016 to Varmint Valley, this trap should get a lot of attention by most hunters.

Supply GrabberSupply Grabber

1500 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Supply Grabber will help you increase your power during the Supply Depot section of the Gnawnian Express.

Bandit DeflectorBandit Deflector

1500 power, 11% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Bandit Deflector offers a significant power bonus when hunting during the Raider River section of the Gnawnian Express.

Engine DoublerEngine Doubler

1500 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Engine Doubler trap is used to help hunters catch more of the Fueler mice and collect more Fuel Nuggets. It should only be used in the Daredevil Canyon section of the Gnawnian Express, as it will offer you a power bonus in that section.