Trap Analysis – Bases

Basic Early-Game Bases

These are the bases that you’ll obtain in Gnawnia, early in the game. With the exception of the Dehydration base which can only be crafted, 4 are available for purchase at the Town of Gnawnia. The fifth, the Fan Base, is a give-away base by the developers.

WoodenWooden Base

35 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

The Wooden Base technically doesn’t cost you anything; it is the first base you are given in Mousehunt. It is also the most short-lived base. You’ll want to upgrade ASAP.

Wood with AttractionWooden Base with Target

75 power, 0% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

The Wooden Base with Target has the highest attraction bonus of any non-limited edition base in the game. Despite its low power and luck, the attraction bonus is incredibly helpful to new hunters who are relegated to maximizing their profits by using cheddar and marble cheese. This base has its limitations, though, outside of Gnawnia and should be seldom used once you start venturing out into other areas, with the lone exception being combining this base with Pawn Pinchers in Zugzwang’s Tower.

StoneStone Base

150 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The Stone Base provides early power to your setup, offering a 10% power bonus to your total trap setup. Unfortunately, in the early stages of the game, this is relatively minor, and attraction should be your primary concern. The Stone Base is one that can be skipped. If you’re primarily a SB+ hunter, even in the early stages of the game, the Stone Base will be your best base, however, as you will not have to worry about attraction.

ExplosiveExplosive Base

300 power, 5% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Stale cheese effect

This trap is a great way to start adding some serious power to your trap. It also has an often-overlooked 5% attraction bonus, which adds a nice bonus. While it’s outclassed by the more powerful bases and the luck bases, most of them aren’t available until you’re a legendary, though in most situations, the following base will always be your best bet…

d0c79-dehydrationbaseDehydration Base

225 power, 0% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Insanely Fresh cheese effect

…the very first base you can craft, it’s also the first base that will confer luck to your setup. This base will also keep your cheese from going stale, though that’s not necessarily what you want. As a new hunter, you’ll need to collect stale cheese in massive quantities to craft Ancient cheese later in the game. Despite its lower power compared to the Explosive Base, this base will be your main base through your pre-Rodentia travels, mainly because of the +4 luck.

Fan BaseFan Base

175 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 2 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

A novelty for veteran hunters but a must-have base for hunting for newer players, simply “Liking” Mousehunt on Facebook will grant you this base. Gimmicky? Sure. But as I said, for newer hunters, this will be a very powerful base to use, and makes the Explosive, Stone, Bamboozler, and Monolith Bases completely obsolete.

Power Bases

The next several bases add power to your trap setup; they offer nominal attraction bonuses and typically no luck whatsoever.

BamboozlerBamboozler Base

200 power, 10% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

This base was released around the same time as V.3 of Mousehunt. It is a decent mid-range base, somewhere between the Explosive and Monolith in terms of usefulness. It makes the Stone Base 100% obsolete. Traps with power over 2200 will be better paired with this base than the Explosive due to the higher power bonus. That being said, the one drawback to this is the cost; at roughly 60,000 more gold than the Explosive, the Bamboozler is a significant investment for the Grandmaster Mousehunter. Is the added cost over the Explosive worth the added power bonus? Ultimately, that is up to you. Most people say “no,” however, going up against tougher Furoma mice, the added power sure is nice.

MonolithMonolith Base

300 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

What? A free base?!? WOOHOO!!! Oh wait, it’s not free? Drat.

Yes, the monolith base technically doesn’t cost you a dime. It is only a loot drop from the Big Bad Burroughs mouse in the Town of Digby. Refer back to the FAQ on how to catch the BBB. So, if you have this base, is it worth using? As with most of these bases, the answer is “it depends.” If you’re still on the mainland and not in the isles, the monolith base is THE base to use. No, it doesn’t have luck or attraction. But it does have a ton of power, more than any other base in your inventory. When luck becomes more of a factor later in the game, the monolith is relegated to semi-useful and eventually to non-existent. But for grandmasters through heroes, it’s a great base.

TribalTribal Base

175 power, 18% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The Tribal base, at one point, was the gold standard for power bases, conferring a whopping 18% power bonus. The cost is very high, and the point requirement is staggering for new isle hunters, but it is essential to overpowering some of the tougher Isle mice. Should you use it over the monolith? Absolutely. Should you use it over LE bases? Probably not. It can be upgraded to the Tiki base.

Luck Bases

AquaAqua Base

230 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, No cheese effect

The Aqua Base is a must-buy for hunters going to the Tribal Isles. The 8 luck rating cannot be over-emphasized enough: it is critical! Whenever you have to think about whether to go with luck or power, you’ll be comparing a power base to this one. 97% of the time, you’ll go with the Aqua as well. Luck is essential to improving your catch rate, which means more loot in the isles.

PapyrusPapyrus Base

400 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Fresh cheese effect

I’m not entirely sure what the devs were thinking with this base. Yes, it has the highest luck of any non-LE base in the game. Yes, it will help you. But look at the difference in Aqua vs. this. First, the gold cost and point requirements are insanely disproportionate compared to the stats. Neither have power bonuses or attraction bonuses, and the difference in “base” power without a power bonus is statistically insignificant. You get the Aqua at a little over 1 million points for 124k gold. The next upgraded luck base? A scant two more luck for, what?? 1.176 million GOLD? 70 million points?? Not to mention the papyrus (98 pieces!) needed to glean from mice as loot drops, which you can only get once using specific charms on mice in the Munidane Market. You also have to have a warpath victory to get to the Market. No, the wiki or the trap itself doesn’t say this, but you can’t GET to the market without a warpath victory.

So what’s the verdict? Is it worth it? No, it’s not. This base is a cruel joke by the devs, a slap in the face to players who have stuck around and reached the rank of Baron. I’d say you can skip this base, but by the time you can even buy it, you may be so rich in Mousehunt that you don’t care.

Hybrid Bases

These bases have unique properties when hunting mice!

BronzeBronze Tournament Base

300 power, 5% power bonus, 3% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Fresh cheese effect 

Special: +2 luck with Champion Charm equipped

Purchased for 25 tournament tokens only at the Tournament Hall Trapsmith, this is a very interesting base to use for younger hunters. Obtaining 25 tokens is not necessarily hard at all, and if one obtains this base very early in the game, it will be the ONLY base to use (regardless of charm) until the Aqua Base is available due to its +5 luck. I advise every new hunter to join tournaments and make getting this base a top priority. It will help you immensely. When you combine this base with a Champion Charm, the base receives +2 more luck, for a total of 10 (5+2+3 (the luck of the charm itself)).

SilverSilver Tournament Base

400 power, 10% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 7 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Available for 80 tournament tokens, this is essentially an upgrade to the Bronze Tournament Base, and very worth it. By itself, it is just barely behind the Molten Shrapnel Base, but still strong enough to warrant “Super” consideration. It is important to know that you have to purchase the Bronze Base before the Silver, so the cost is essentially 105 tokens. There will not be a better in-game base better for players until they reach the point requirement for the MSB. When using a Champion Charm, an additional 3 luck is added to the base, and with the luck of the charm itself, it gives the base a luck rating of 13! The only downside is the number of tournaments needed to get the base.

GoldenGolden Tournament Base

500 power, 15% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Available for 200 tournament tokens, this is a monster of a base. Without the Champion Charm, this base is better than the Spellbook, and theoretically, available before the Spellbook as well. With the Champion Charm added, the base has a luck of 15 (crazy!). It is a whale of a base, even without the charm, with its luck and power making it THE base of choice in most circumstances. Still, knowing that you have to get the Bronze and Silver fist (making the requirement essentially 305 tokens), you’re going to be working on this for a long time.

SoiledSoiled Base

400 power, 12% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 6 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Crafted from essences and other supplies in the Living Garden, I was somewhat unsure how to classify this base. It has great power and bonuses, but the 6 luck made me put it here with “normal” bases as opposed to the “Super” category. That being said, it can be turned into an incredibly powerful base, for a cost.

If you use a growth charm, it’s power/bonus/attraction/luck increase to 500/15%/10%/10 respectively.

A wild growth charm will increase it to 700/20%/20%/15.

All this being said, those two charms are not easily obtained – you must use essences to craft them, and other crafting supplies. The Wild Growth charm costs over 150,000 gold each. That’s a lot of gold to simply make the Soiled Base insanely powerful for one hunt. In other words, the charms make this base incredibly powerful, but you’re not going to be using them regularly at all due to the limited amount of supplies you’ll have to even craft them in the first place.

Claw ShotClaw Shot Base

250 power, 10% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

A decent base all around, the Claw Shot Base has some nice stats but will never be a primary base for hunting. It’s unique attributes though do make it desirable in Claw Shot City though. When using it in that location only, along with SLAC 1 or SLAC 2, the base receives a power bonus of 1,000. Additionally, if you use a cactus charm, you receive another 1,500 power bonus (total of 2,500 power bonus).

Considering the relatively low power of the Law traps, this added power bonus will definitely help you in your hunting efforts in Claw Shot City. Additionally, the base also costs 350 Fool’s Gold to purchase, on top of the 75,000 gold cost.

Polluted BasePolluted Base

500 power, 10 power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Stale cheese effect

This is an interesting base that was released in January 2014 in conjunction with the Toxic Spill. While not having any intrinsic benefits by itself (and surprisingly none in the Toxic Spill area), when combined with the polluted charm family, you receive extra luck to your setup. It provides an increase in luck of +4, +6, +10, and +15 when paired with Polluted, Super Polluted, Extreme Polluted, and Ultimate Polluted charms, respectively. This bonus can be used anywhere.

So, like the Soiled Base, a charm can make this base incredibly powerful, but it’s not sustainable overtime. Hunters are better suited to crafting the Washboard Base first.

Washboard BaseWashboard Base

250 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Extremely Stale cheese effect

You need to craft this base with material you get in the Toxic Spill, and that is no small chore. You have to obtain the blueprints when you’re hunting in the Toxic Spill. Next, you need 100 Splintered Wood. No big deal at all. The catch? You need 400 Soapy Suds. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker for most people. They’re hard enough to come by, so if you want this base, expect to work at it for a long time.

Once you do get it, you should use it in the Toxic Spill primarily, as it adds +5 luck and +5% power bonus when used there. That’s a very nice bonus indeed!

Refined Pollutinum BaseRefined Pollutinum Base

500 power, 12% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 10 luck, No cheese effect

To craft this base, you need to first craft the Polluted Base and then smash it. Take those trap parts and combine it with the Refined Pollutinum Base blueprints and 450 refined pollutinum and viola! A new base!

The stats of the base are incredible by themselves, but the real beauty is when you combine the various polluted charms. Polluted charm adds +4 luck, Super Polluted adds +6, Extreme Polluted adds +10, and Ultimate Polluted adds +15! It is worth nothing these bonuses can be used anywhere in the kingdom – it is NOT a Toxic Spill only bonus!

As pointed out by loyal reader Delrath in the comments below, this base also has the ability to make a captured mouse drop a radioactive curd. This can occur anywhere in the kingdom as well!

TikiTiki Base

200 power, 18% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Much like the Seasonal Base, this one has an interesting special location feature: it provides 6 extra luck to your trap in the Isles. While 6 luck is good (not great) and 18% power bonus is nothing to sneeze at, higher luck bases still out perform this base.

Labyrinth BaseLabyrinth Base

100 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

To buy the Labyrinth Base in the Labyrinth, you need 25 of each of the Zokor district loot. This should be your first priority when hunting in the Labyrinth, because while the stats are hit and miss (power is bad, luck is great), the real benefit of the base is it’s ability to eliminate potential dead end clues, which is a tremendous benefit in the Labyrinth. You should never use another base in the Labyrinth if you have this base in your inventory, with the lone exception of the next base….

Minotaur BaseMinotaur Base

1,000 power, 20% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 15 luck, Fresh cheese effect

What. In. The. World. The devs were bound to make an uber base. And they did. And it’s insanely expensive. And it will take you months to even craft it. But my oh my what a base indeed. First off, you need 6 pieces of really, really shiny gold. That’s one of the loot drops from the Minotaur. So if you don’t want to buy them off the market for 17 million, you need to loot it from 6 minotaur mice. OUCH.

Also, 225 gold leaves. That’s 5.8 million. The blueprints are 7.9 million. 18 epic orbs totaling 2.8 million. And…700 of each of the district loot. Oh, and it also acts like the Labyrinth Base when inside the Labyrinth, which means that this just became your go-to base for almost every hunting situation outside of the Rift and Iceberg.

Living BaseLiving Base

250 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

The Living Garden area is a tremendously long area, and the devs realized that and created the Hothouse Base (below) during the 2014 Great Winter Hunt, but it was LE. Now they have added a base to the game that is essentially the same as the Hothouse, only it’s available to everyone. Like it’s predecessor, it increases loot drops for all petals and herbs in the various areas of the Living Garden. You purchase this at the Gnawnia Rift trapsmith for a measly 899,000 gold, as well as 10 Riftgrass, 10 Rift Dust, 10 Magic Seed, 24 Magic Essence, 12 Aleth Essence, 4 Ber Essence, 2 Cynd Essence and 1 Dol Essence. Considering the low essence cost, you shouldn’t have to hunt very long in the Living Garden before you have the necessary components to purchase it.

Multipurpose bases

These bases are in-game bases that offer a lot to the player. Power, attraction, luck, you name it!

Molten ShrapnelMolten Shrapnel Base

300 power, 12% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Extremely Stale cheese effect

This is essentially the in-game equivalent to the Magma base. Nearly identical, the MSB sacrifices 2 luck for an additional 4% power bonus. The difference is nominal until you reach the higher levels where power becomes more important in catching mice than luck, meaning at some mathematical point, the MSB actually eclipses the Magma. Regardless though, both bases are tremendous, and if you have one, you don’t need the other. Seeing how newer hunters will NOT have the Magma, you need to set your targets on acquiring this base when you can. If you DO have the Magma, you do NOT need this base.

SpellboookSpellbook Base

500 power, 14% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 7 luck, Fresh cheese effect

This base is very powerful, but it’s also a complete pain in the butt to obtain. You have to make a minimum of six runs through Zugzwang’s Tower and catch a chess master to boot. More than likely, you’ll be making 8-10 trips through ZT before being able to craft this base. It is the most powerful base Mousehunt, Gold Tournament Base notwithstanding. The price tag is very high however, especially for those who barely meet the point requirements.

Tidal BaseTidal Base

800 power, 8% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Simply put, this is one of the top 2 or 3 bases in all of Mousehunt. More power than anything, a solid power and attraction bonus, plus 10 luck. It is difficult to get it at the Sunken City, requiring 525 Sand Dollars to purchase, which honestly should be put towards getting the Rune Shark and School of Sharks first.


Iceberg Bases

MagnetMagnet Base

250 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The Magnet Base falls slightly behind the Aqua/Candy Cane in terms of overall usefulness in all areas, but it’s special effect makes it invaluable in the Iceberg: attracting more tunnel rats to your trap, which propel you through the iceberg 16 feet at a time. This base is most useful during the Treacherous Tunnels (stage 1) of the Iceberg.

SpikedSpiked Base

300 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 3 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

Much like the Magnet, this base really won’t be used much outside the Iceberg, but its special effect of preventing backwards movement in the Iceberg makes this base nearly priceless, especially in the Brutal Bulwark (stage 2) of the Iceberg.

Remote DetonatorRemote Detonator Base

300 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Stale cheese effect

Similar in stats to the Runic Base, the RDB is actually a solid, all-around base, with a mixture of power bonuses, attraction and luck. Its special effect of adding 20 feet to your descent upon catching a Bomb Squad mouse in the Bombing Run makes this base very valuable, and should be the first Iceberg Base you craft, due to the length of the Bombing Run (1,000 feet).

HearthstoneHearthstone Base

200 power, 0% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 2 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Only usable during The Mad Depths of the Iceberg, this base will limit the amount of Zealot mice that visit your trap. It should be the last base you construct in the Iceberg and has no value outside The Mad Depths.

Deep FreezeDeep Freeze Base

35 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Uber Fresh cheese effect

The base stats of this base are forgettable. They are nearly identical to the Wooden Base. However, this base is absolutely necessary to catching the Deep Mouse, and when used in Icewing’s Lair, The Hidden Depths, and The Deep Lair, this base receives a bonus of 665 power and 9 luck (before hunt 250 in the Iceberg). Hunters MUST equip this base when catching Icewing to advance to the Hidden Depths.


Rift Bases

These three bases are all rift bases, which means they are part of the Riftwalker set.

Riftwalker Set

RiftRift Base

250 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 11 luck, Fresh cheese effect

An incredible base that is incredibly hard to get, refer back to my Rift Base Guide on how to obtain it. I know, the 7.5 million gold price tag is a major deterrent. Essentially 6.4 million more gold than the Papyrus (and you know how I felt about that), this base is incredibly expensive. The Living Garden is a gold sink, and unless you have the gold to burn, I would simply skip this base and save your gold for more essential hunting items until you absolutely need it for hunting in the Gnawnia, Burroughs, and Whisker Woods Rift locations.

FractureFracture Base

200 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Available for 3.75 million gold in the Whisker Woods rift area, you have to first catch the Monstrous Black Widow mouse which drops a web, used as part of the currency to buy this base. Compared to the Rift Base, it’s not as good. But it is a pre-req for purchasing the next base.

Fissure BaseFissure Base

450 power, 15% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 12 luck, Stale cheese effect

The luckiest base in Mousehunt, this base can be yours for another 3.75 million gold plus 4 webs dropped from the Monstrous Black Widow. You must have both the Rift and Fracture bases to purchase this one (though you do NOT lose them). Considering it’s rock-solid power bonus, and the best luck of any base in the entire game, you should get this base as soon as you can and use it in almost every hunting situation.

Enerchi Induction Base

Enerchi Induction Base

100 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

The first base you’ll want to target in the Furoma Rift, it has the ability to increase enerchi loot drops from mice, and when combined with the enerchi charm, it provides even more. It was a great base to use there until the whiners got their wish and the devs came out with a second base only 2 weeks after launch….

Attuned Enerchi Induction BaseAttuned Enerchi Induction Base Base

500 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

….and this is that base. It essentially is the same as above, but it also increases battery fragment drops inside the Pagoda, and of course it has more power and attraction. Yea for whiners. 😐


Limited Edition Bases

PolarPolar Base (LE)

200 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Insanely Fresh cheese effect

The very first limited edition base in Mousehunt, this base was the best overall for a long time due to its power bonus, luck, and cheese effect (stale cheese wasn’t collectible when the Polar base was first released). Today though, those who still have this base rarely use it due to other in-game bases that are better, notably the aqua and monolith bases. Most players have retired the Polar Base to their basements.

MagmaMagma Base (LE)

300 power, 8% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Insanely Stale cheese effect

The Magma was released around the same time that the analytics for Mousehunt began to discover the true effect of “luck” on hunting, meaning that the Magma immediately became the best base the game had ever seen. This base also created a great divide between hunters with it and those who joined after it was released, and subsequently always complained on the forums about not having a super base like this. If you have it, you undoubtedly used it often. It is a shame that it has since been eclipsed, because it will always have a special place in my heart.

FirecrackerFirecracker Base (LE)

300 power, 5% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Stale cheese effect

Purchased from Ronza in the Great Winter Hunt of 2009, the Firecracker base looks awesome but it only moderately useful. It has the exact same stats as the Explosive Base, except for the 4 extra luck. Just as soon as you stopped using the Explosive, the Firecracker only is useful for a short time until other bases eclipse it. Since it will NOT be back, you can simply forget about this base.

BaconBacon Base (LE)

200 power, 0% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Another Ronza base, this time from 2010. It is more silly than anything. 15% attraction bonus is less than the Wooden Base with Target, and with nothing else really important over it, it essentially is a very expensive replacement that isn’t even better. A silly looking base, a decent concept, but completely useless.

SeasonalSeasonal Base (LE)

300 power, 0% power bonus, 8% attraction bonus, 6 luck, No cheese effect

Another 2010 Ronza base, the seasonal base is a solid base with lots of power, good attraction and decent luck. The special feature is interesting: When used in the Seasonal Garden, you get an 18% power bonus to your trap. Very nice!

That being said, the Molten Shrapnel Base is a better base than this LE base, so this was essentially a very expensive base that most hunters probably never really used that much. I know I didn’t.

RunicRunic Base (LE)

200 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 5 luck, No cheese effect

Ronza’s third 2010 base, it is a solid, all around base. The stats are really good all around, and the special effect is moderately useful. Against power bases, this one puts those to shame, but it still loses out slightly to the luck bases.

That being said, this base has very good stats all around that are useful in most areas. It was pretty pricey though.

Dragon JadeDragon Jade Base (LE)

300 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, No cheese effect

A very interesting counterpart to the Magma, players who have both bases have a tough choice to make when hunting. The DJB ties the Magma and Papyrus for +10 luck (without charms), making it one of the best bases in the game. The conventional wisdom when deciding to use this or the Magma is essentially the cheese you’re using. This base adds 2% power bonus but loses 5% attraction to the Magma. For Super Brie hunters, the DJB is the base to go with. For hunters using regular cheeses, the Magma is still slightly better, but not by much. This is only when you’re encountering what “lucky” base to use. Players with this base but without the Magma have no quandary, unless their location requires immense power. A great, great base.

Snake JadeSnake Jade Base (LE)

300 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, No cheese effect

The reward for completing the cruise during the 2013 Chinese New Year celebration, the Snake Jade Base is identical to the Dragon Jade, with the added benefit of having 10% bonus attraction. While it may not sound like much, hunters still had a reason to use the Magma over the DJB because of the 5% attraction bonus (especially non-SB+ users). The SJB makes both of these bases obsolete. If you managed to snag this incredible base, it was your primary base for hunting in almost every situation outside of the Iceberg in the year following its release.

Horse JadeHorse Jade Base (LE)

325 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

The reward for completing the cruise during the 2014 Chinese New Year celebration, the Horse Jade Base is nearly identical to the Snake Jade, with the only difference being it has an additional 25 power (statistically insignificant) and a slightly worse cheese effect rating. Hunters without a 10-luck base have just found their primary base for all situations outside the Iceberg. For hunters with the Snake Jade Base, you’ll probably want to keep using that, if for nothing else than the cheese effect rating.

Sheep Jade BaseSheep Jade Base (LE)

325 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

The 2015 LE Jade Base, the only difference between this base and the Horse Jade from the previous year is an additional +2% power bonus. So it IS better, but not by a whole lot.

Monkey Jade BaseMonkey Jade Base (LE)

350 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

The 2016 LE Jade Base, the only difference between this and the one right above it from 2015 is +25 power. But hey, if you’re a collector, you liked it because it’s one more Jade Base to display.

Rooster Jade Base (LE)

350 power, 12% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

2017 got off to such a horrendous start after the disastrous Great Winter Hunt that the devs forgot to modify the stats of this base from the previous year. Way to go devs!

Physical Brace BasePhysical Brace Base (LE)

300 power, 0% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Stale cheese effect

Almost a clone of the Seasonal Base and MSB (vanilla versions), this base has a very unique special ability, one that I have been clamoring for inclusion for a long time – when used in conjunction with a physical trap, you get a power bonus increase of 25% to your entire setup. HUZZAH! This bonus allows this base to compete with the 10-luck bases fairly easily in areas where mice are susceptible to physical traps.

SkelletonBaseSkello-ton Base (LE)

300 power, 5% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 8 luck, No cheese effect

Available for purchase following the completion of the Haunted Territories in 2014, this base has a unique feature that allows for brain bits to be dropped by all zombie mice (all variations, not just regular zombie). As an overall base, it is highly usable to players who lack a 10-luck base, considering its solid power, bonuses and luck. It is very similar to the Molten Shrapnel Base with less power.

HothouseHothouse Base (LE)

250 power, 3% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 6 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

The base that was available to purchase once you completed your Snowball Fortress during the 2014 Great Winter Hunt, this base was a tremendous find for all hunters. While the stats of the base are decent but not great, the special effect is what makes this base worth everything you had to go through to get it: when used in any part of the Living Garden area (Living/Twisted Garden, Lost/Corrupt City, Sand Dunes/Crypts), it DOUBLES the range of loot drops for petals and herbs. Please note I said RANGE, not actual loot. What this means is this: if the range without the base on Dewthief Petals in the Living Garden was 1-4, it would now be 2-8. So theoretically, you could still get a loot drop of 2 with this base. Don’t fret if this is the case, just keep hunting. It will really pay off in the other areas of the Living Garden, especially the Twisted side, where plumpearl herbs and lunaria petals are at a premium.

Depth Charge BaseDepth Charge Base (LE)

450 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, No cheese effect

A Great Winter Hunt 2015 reward, this base has great attributes by itself, but has a special feature that makes it even more desirable when hunting in the Sunken City – where it will add 1,000 power to your trap setup! While the Rift or Fissure Base might be better overall, in terms of game progression players may not have those bases yet, giving this LE base a tremendous edge over most others in the Sunken City.

The only drawback is it’s lack of an attraction bonus, which of course can be mitigated by using Super Brie.

Tribal Kaboom BaseTribal Kaboom Base (LE)

200 power, 18% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

A near copy of the Tribal Base, this LE base adds a minor change of 25 power to that base, albeit with a very interesting side effect: it increases the drops of all tribal isle loot, like shells, veggies, stones, and all seeds. What is the rate of increase? Well, it’s not 100% specified, but it appears to change the range of possible drops. So if it was 1-3, now it appears to be 2-6 (similar to what the Hothouse Base did for the Living Garden section). 

That being said, this base has zero luck, and luck is an important stat in the Tribal Isles. I would say that pairing this base with the Idol Isle Trap would be incredible for getting more loot drops, but hunters who have that LE trap are undoubtedly never going back to the Isles anyway. So what’s the verdict? Should newer hunters who got this base use it? Probably, but it’s not as great as it seems.  

2017 New Year’s Base (LE)

200 power, 7% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Fresh cheese effect

As it was an unexpected reward, this was a nice little reward considering how horrible the GWH 2016 was. The side effect was interesting, as anytime during the 2017 calendar year, you could potentially get a 2017 charm as loot when you catch a mouse, though the chance was very, very low. 

Seasonal/Event bases

GingerbreadGingerbread Base

225 power, 8% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Insanely Fresh cheese effect

Released typically during the Christmas holiday, the Gingerbread base is a solid all-around base that is a near clone to the Polar Base. Consequently, they’re both obsolete now, thanks to the Aqua and Monolith. The one feature that is redeeming is the power bonus plus the cheese effect, so if you’re tackling Derr Dunes and don’t want Gouda cheese going stale, the Gingerbread will help in that regard and still give you adequate power. Once a crafted base, it is typically available in the trapsmith every Christmas event season now.

Candy CaneCandy Cane Base

300 power, 0% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Originally a Ronza base, the Candy Cane Base is available for purchase at the trapsmith during the Great Winter Hunt, the Candy Cane base is a great base for every hunter to have who lack a 10-luck base. For hunters who missed out on the Magma or Dragon Jade Base, the Candy Cane gave them a very high-luck base with good power to boot. It essentially makes the Aqua obsolete. This base is released every Christmas, so hunters who are without it need not fear as it will return again. It has become completely outclassed through the years though.

Eerie BaseEerie Base

300 power, 8% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

Purchased during the 2013 Halloween event at the Haunted Territories, the Eerie Base is a fantastic base for hunters who do not yet have the Molten Shrapnel Base. It is interesting to note that this base does not have the Limited Edition shield on it, so apparently it could make a return in the future. Besides the gold cost, hunters must also pay 10 Halloween candies to obtain this base. And while it’s good, it’s not as good as the next one…

Eerier BaseEerier Base

300 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Stale cheese effect

This base is almost identical to the Dragon Jade Base, with the lone exception that it has a slightly worse cheese effect. For hunters who started Mousehunt after the 2013 Lunar Year event, this is undoubtedly their first 10-luck base, and it will be their primary hunting base for almost every situation. On top of the gold cost, hunters must pay 10 cobwebs as well, and have already purchased the Eerie Base (though you do NOT lose the Eerie Base).

JadeJade Base

300 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 4 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Sold by Ronza in January 2012, the Jade Base was the prerequisite to a greater base, but by itself, it’s a marginally interesting base. For new players who only got this base when it was released (and not its upgrade), it is the best base to use in most circumstances until the Aqua Base. It is interesting to note that this base does NOT have the “LE” tag on it, meaning it could come back. For more experienced hunters, this base is nothing more than a collectible, with no real tangible hunting benefit.


Mousehunt Birthday Bases

Birthday CakeBirthday Cake Base (First)

175 power, 11% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

Originally a great base thanks to the power and attraction bonuses, this base really has little place in Mousehunt anymore. It was the best power base to use until the Tribal base was released. This base was released on MouseHunt’s first birthday, and re-released on MouseHunt’s fourth birthday, and while it’s a nice collector’s item now, there are much better in-game bases that you should use.

Chocolate CakeChocolate Birthday Cake Base (Second)

175 power, 8% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 1 luck, No cheese effect

A completely forgettable “LE” base, this base is essentially the same as the original birthday cake with less power bonus but ONE luck. Whooptie freaking do-dah. It’s completely unusable.

CheesecakeCheesecake Base (Third)

175 power, 3% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 0 luck, No cheese effect

This base essentially makes the Wooden Base with Target obsolete. With the same attraction bonus as our early game friend, but with more power and a power bonus, this is the base of choice for hunters who wish to maximize their attraction. It was for sale during the 2011 birthday event in the trapsmith, and was released again on the fourth birthday event in 2012. While the cost is very high compared to the Wooden Base with Target, in the big picture, 80,000 is cheap for Legendary and above. Definitely a base to have for all hunters.

Carrot CakeCarrot Birthday Cake Base (Fourth)

175 power, 5% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 3 luck, Fresh cheese effect

This is the fourth birthday cake base, and is as completely useless as base #1 and #2. It was the reward for finishing the MH 4th birthday event, and considering the relative cost of hunting (you’re making a profit), this base isn’t all that bad since you didn’t have to buy it. Still, the stats make it completely useless. “Young” hunters, who might consider using this base because of the power bonus mixed with luck, need to remember that luck is more important than power for most of the game (especially early), and thus the Dehydration Base is a much better option to use.

Crushed Birthday CakeCrushed Birthday Cake Base (Fifth)

185 power, 3% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Uber Stale cheese effect

This is the fifth birthday cake base, the reward for completing the Super FighterBot MegaSupreme mouse. All in all, it wasn’t terrible when it was released, with a modest power bonus but an important 5 luck. Young hunters found this to be their best base until having access to the Aqua. So, not a great base but certainly better than the original, chocolate, and carrot (cheesecake is always useful because of the attraction, especially in Zug’s Tower).

I thought about listing this base in the Hybrid section, but I wanted to keep it with the other Birthday Cake bases.

Birthday Dragee CakeBirthday Dragee Cake Base (Sixth)

175 power, 5% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 6 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

After obtaining a dance ball from the MH 6th birthday event, hunters could trade it in (along with 96,600 gold) to buy this base. I would suggest using it would be if you wanted to max BOTH luck AND attraction, as this is the luckiest base with an attraction above 10%.

Cupcake Birthday BaseCupcake Birthday Base (Seventh)

300 power, 7% power bonus, 7% attraction bonus, 7 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Birthday event bases usually are pretty tame. The Dragee Cake base from year 6 was a nice surprise; it wasn’t overly useful but it did give some interesting options. The Cupcake Base, however, it extremely useful for newer players who have yet to reach the Tribal Isles. And while the Candy Cane/Aqua have +1 more luck, neither have a power or attraction bonus, and the cheese freshness of this base is outstanding.

Extra Sweet Cupcake Birthday Base (Eighth)

300 power, 8% power bonus, 8% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

See the base above? Yeah, the bonuses are slightly better. That’s it. Well, it can drop an Extra Sweet Cupcake Charm as loot, on a very rare occasion. Like most of the birthday bases, this is really for collection only.

Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Birthday Base (Ninth)

300 power, 9% power bonus, 9% attraction bonus, 9 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

The Devs are out of ideas. Let me guess, next year will be “Extra Sprinkly Overly-Sweet Cupcake Birthday Base” for the 10th birthday. And, AND…it will have 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, and 10 luck!


25 comments on “Trap Analysis – Bases

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  2. Your Fissure Base stats are wrong. Fissure Base is 450 Power with 15% Power Bonus and it has a Stale Cheese Effect

  3. Interesting. I’m looking forward to owning Fissure base but the gold sink to get it is totally crazy and not to mention I just got Tidal base and haven’t gotten the runeshark trap. I haven’t even begun exploring the rift plane besides going in to get the Raw Rift Crystal to get the basic rift trap. OMG the daunting task ahead. Furthermore my plan is to get Fissure base to continue exploring sunken city, but I doubt I’ll be abkt to complete all these before You-Know-Should-Not-Be-Named comes! Well that’s enough ranting from me. Thanks for the guides though! I was looking for a good guide for the Rift Plane area that was east to understand and in the process I found this wonderful page, thanks for putting in the time to compile this list for old hunters like me who got lost along the way!

  4. Matt, thank you very much for all the information. Thanks to your comment on the Remote Detonator Base, the Bombing section of my Iceberg run was way less painful 🙂

  5. The cupcake birthday base had the ability to make mice have a chance of dropping cupcake charms when caught.

    I heard that it possesses this ability even after the event though I personally haven’t seen it happen (maybe it’s a rare thing?)

    • It must be a rare occurrence. I forgot that it had this ability to be honest!

      I’m thinking, considering the price of cupcake charms, especially during the GWH when mice are weak anyway, it might be worth using this base to see if you can get some charms. I’ll have to check out horntracker and see what their data says.

  6. The refined Pollutinum Base also gives a chance for mice caught to drop a small amount of Radioactive Curd. (about 2 pieces? Both times it happened I got 2).

    This one’s also a rare occurance, however I can confirm that it does happen, have seen it happen at least twice, and one was in Zokor.

    • Really…that’s a very interesting special feature. In terms of gameplay and storyline, I’m wondering about the logic of this occurring, but then again, we’re hunting mutated mice with digital traps! 🙂

      I made the update to the entry above and gave you credit for pointing it out. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the information. I have been using cupcake Base for most of the tobogganing event, only managed to get 1 cupcake charm every 2-3 journal pages. It’s a really rare drop but it’s worth alot of gold on the marketplace

  8. The descriptions of the bases needs a revamp.. what’s happening is that everytime a new base is released you describe it as the best base… but when new bases are released later you also claim those are the best cases, and the descriptions for the old bases no not change (still claiming they’re the best). Very confusing!

      • New Base from the Gnawnian Rift Trapsmith… Living Base — perfect for the Living Garden zones and Twisted counterparts. Increases Herb and Petal drops.

  9. I have the Rift and Spellbook bases. I have not gone after the Fracture/Fissure bases yet. Currently getting my feet wet in the Labyrinth aiming for the Labyrinth base (thanks for the awesome Laby/Zokor guide, BTW!). Which of these two would be the best as I work towards the Laby base, and should I bother with getting the Fracture/Fissure bases?

  10. Hey there, got a quick( maybe silly question). With the introduction of the minotaur base which is evidently very powerful, perhaps the most powerful base to use anywhere except for a few exceptional places. However, when comparing to using fissure base in rift areas, would minotaur base fare better? We would be trading 2 luck for 500 power and 8% power bonus difference( assuming that both setups are using either of the two rift traps and rift charm).

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    • Hey, just offering my opinion from experience, you would want to use your HJB, as the power difference between Spellbook base and HJB is not very significant( difference of just 200 power and 4% power bonus), however you would be trading off 3 luck by using Spellbook base. I presume you would be using Enraged Rhinobot or some LE physical trap like Chrome Rhinobot, in which case you are comparing luck well in the high twenties or thirties. Considering that the effectiveness of luck scales up exponentially as it increases( difference between 27 and 30 luck is vastly greater than 17 and 20), you will fare better using HJB in wave 1 -3 and spellbook for wave 4, where mouse are tougher and where power fares better. Just my 2 cents from having done FW several times😃

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