Training Grounds

And you thought the Moz was a bad place to hunt when you first got there! Silly little monkey!

Furoma as a whole is a terrible place to hunt for Grandmasters. The immediate reward for hunting here just sucks, but once you have the proper tools, this area is a great place to make a lot of gold. Ultimately, you’re hunting here to catch the Master of the Dojo and his master, the Sensei. You’re a LONG ways away from that.

The training grounds are your first stop. There is a good mixture of physical and tactical mice here, and the Lycan mouse is around too, but don’t ever use a shadow trap here. It isn’t worth it. Much to the chagrin of mousehunters everywhere, the white mouse makes his return, though he does drop Swiss cheese as loot occasionally (which is really odd).

With this mixture, it may be tempting to just use a physical trap like the FF. You could do this, but your catch rate will be about 5% lower, and the new mice here like the Monk, Kung Fu, and Archer are all listed as “Very Difficult” using a tactical trap, and are ranked “Overpowering” with a physical trap. So whip out the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap (or Gingerbread House if you went that route when reading my guide on tactical traps) and go to town! As for what cheese to use? It is really up to you. Even though you’re a GM, gold is still hard to come by. You may want to keep using Swiss. Many people swear by brie though, and that’s what I would recommend.

So, you’re asking, “what is my goal here?” Why, you silly monkey, to catch mice of course! Really though, you need to get the Ticket to the Bazaar (so you can begin your quest to craft the Ambush). You obtain this from an Archer, Assassin, or Kung Fu mouse. You’re used to items like this dropping the first time you catch something. That won’t be the case here. You will likely spend a day or so here until you finally get the ticket.

You’ll also notice there is a General Store here. You will want to buy 3 pieces of Rice Paper, 30 pieces of Splintered Wood (if you don’t have any already that is), 24 pieces of Salmon and 24 pieces of Nori. It is used in creating susheese later, which is important. Just do it; I’ll explain later.

You can also catch a monk mouse that will drop more of Plankrun’s Journal, but that is just a “nice thing to have” and not really important. Once you get the ticket to the Bazaar, it’s time to move on, again.

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