Toxic Spill

Barrell The Toxic Spill is a very unique addition to MouseHunt. Where as most locations simply have a static requirement for entry (be it points or rank or having a map piece), the Toxic Spill has a variable requirement to enter based upon the severity of the spill.

Essentially, the in-game mechanic is that the Laboratory has been dumping their waste into the Burroughs River for quite some time, and a toxic spill is the consequence of that action. As far as the developers go, they typically have a “spill” once a month. It is not a location that you can simply travel to whenever you feel like it; instead, there has to be an actual spill going on at that moment.

When a spill happens, the developers will set a minimum rank to initially enter, starting with a Level 8 contamination (Archduke) and working its way down to a Level 1 contamination (Hero). As you would imagine, the higher the level of contamination, the more difficult mice are to catch, requiring powerful hydro traps to subdue those pesky rodents. Not every spill starts at level 8. Of the three spills that have occurred so far as of April 14, 2014, none have started at level 8, and only one of them started at level 7.

In order to hunt in this area, you need the following:

  1. Hydro Trap (stronger the better)
  2. Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese
  3. Area-specific charms

Here’s how you obtain Rancid Radioactive Cheese.RRB Cheese

  1. Buy it from the cheese shoppe with 2 radioactive blue cheese, 1 radioactive sludge and 450 gold.
  2. Craft it from 2 radioactive curds (get this from smashing radioactive blue cheese), 1 radioactive sludge, and 1 ionized salt.
  3. Imbue rancid radioactive blue cheese potions, which are only obtained in the Toxic Spill area (and they are rare at that).

Charms for the area

The charms that you need help you get area-specific loot, but there are certain “rules” you need to follow in order to maximize their usefulness. Arming Rotten and Super Rotten Charms will allow you to catch mice that drop Soapy Suds as loot, which is used to make Soap Charms and new traps and bases for the area.

My theory is that you shouldn’t use any of your super/rotten charms until the contamination level is at least down to Level 4 (Baron). The reason I say this is because the mice at the higher contamination levels are tough, and you don’t want to unnecessarily waste your limited number of charms, because these charms are the only way you can obtain Soapy Suds.

Rotten Charm
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Flawed Orb 1 Loot / Marketplace
Stale Cheese 1 Loot
Charmbit 12 25
Total 300+


Super Rotten Charm
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Flawed Orb 1 Loot / Marketplace
Stale SUPER|brie+ 1 Loot / Gifting
Charmbit 12 25
Total 300+

Refer back to the Charms page for specific information on these charms in terms of where you obtain these crafting materials.

Cleansing the area

At each level of contamination, all hunters in the area help with cleaning the spill. There is a certain amount of hunts that will clean each level, and once the goal is completed, the next level opens. It can start at level 8 (though so far only a level 7 has occurred), and continues all the way down to level 1.

Until you reach level 4, as mentioned above, I would not use any charms. Just hunt with your best hydro trap and base.

You’re probably wondering, is there anything to collect? Why of course! In your hunting journey, you’ll catch mice that drop a host of loot:Crude Pollutinum (1)

  • Crude Pollutinum – Initially, you can obtain 200 of this. Buying barrel upgrades increases the amount you can carry. You can refine the crude version into regular Pollutinum only after the entire toxic spill is cleared.
  • Canister Rings – a rare drop, used in various crafting recipes
  • Soapy Suds  – can only be obtained by catching Hazmet and Lab Technician mice with the rotten charms. These two mice are found at every level, so it’s best to hunt them when you are at lower levels. The suds are used to craft the new trap and bases, along with making Soap Charms.
  • Scum Scrubber Trap Blueprints (refer to Hydro Traps)
  • Washboard and Polluted Base Blueprints (refer to Bases)
  • Various Skins (want an analysis? Read the wiki, skins are pointless for game progression and mechanics save for the Idol Trap)

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  1. Just to let you know I like your guide. I like the your style, the layout. Point to point easy reading, no stress to my ageing eyes 😉 Informations are easy to access thus make MH interesting and challenging to play (nearly give up before finding your guide) 😛 I know MozKa’s guide but I prefer yours 😀

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