Town of Digby

Some players and guides will tell you to buy the Sinister Portal so you can go hunting in the Mouseleum for shadow mice. While that is a decent place to hunt, it can be incredibly frustrating, and many Master-level hunters simply are not prepared for the onslaught of misses and steals that will happen here. I think the Cheese and Whine forum was made specifically for the original hunters in the Moz. 

So what’s the fuss anyway? Well, the Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum drops the Furoma map. Well, so does the Mole Mouse in Digby. And while he’s hard to attract, he’s not a strong mouse. “But Matt, the Moz has mice that I need for my collection!” Yes, they do, and you can get them later in the Catacombs (and you will). The Sinister and Ambrosial Portals are, for lack of a better expression, a complete waste of time and gold. 

If you have to get one, buy the Sinister Portal so you can farm sludge with it (from stale radioactive blue cheese). 

But why do we want sludge? Remember all the talk previously about the Venus Mouse Trap? Well, once you accumulate 20 radioactive sludges, you can smash your Venus Mouse Trap with your hammer, which leaves the husk. Craft the 20 sludges with the husk and VIOLA! You have a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap! More on this trap later, because you really don’t need it until you get to Grandmaster and have to face the difficult Furoma region. 

It should be noted that Radioactive Sludge is always a gift you can send and receive from your MouseHunt friends. Take advantage of this on a daily basis.

Radioactive sludge also has another purpose: creating Limelight cheese. You may have noticed that there are quite a few Digby mice that you may not have caught yet, and you haven’t even attracted them. Well, the only way to get them is to use Limelight Cheese. 

These are the Digby Dirt Dwellers, and while they are not overly powerful, they only like Limelight cheese.

Formula: Limelight (3 pieces: 3 Living Shards (1200 each), 3 Radioactive Sludge, 30 Curds and Whey (12 each) 

Living Shards are expensive for a Master-level hunter. Honestly, if you want my opinion, you can skip this part for now, because limelight cheese is used to attract the Big Bad Burroughs Mouse. What is that, you say? Think “Kevin Bacon fights giant man-eating worms.” You don’t have a trap strong enough to catch him yet. We’ll come back to Digby below, once you’re all grown up and have a trap capable of catching the BBB. How will you know when you’re ready? The earliest you can do this with with the ACRONYM, though many people waited until they had the Enraged Rhinobot. Up to you.

Catching the Big Bad Burroughs Mouse (Town of Digby)

Have a great physical trap like the Enraged Rhinobot? Or perhaps you’re going to tackle this guy with the ACRONYM? Either will work fine. The Digby Dirt Dwellers can be caught with Physical Traps, Tactical Traps, Arcane Traps, or Shadow Traps. None of the 4 power types will give you an advantage over the other when it comes to Digby.

What trap and base to use is really dependent upon where you are in the game. Obviously, you could wait until you get the Sandstorm MonsterBot and hunt here, but that would take you forever. Ideally, you’ll tackle this area once you have the Enraged RhinoBot (which can be obtained in the Tribal Isles).

The best base to use here, again, is based on your progress. If you’re a tournament player and manage to get the Silver Base (or the Gold, but that’s fairly ambitious), use it. The Bronze Base will be a great base as well, giving you about the same results as the Aqua. If you have no tournament bases, use the Aqua obviously for the additional luck. If you’re further into the game and have the Molten Shrapnel or Spellbook, by all means use those.

The BBB occasionally drops a the Monolith Base, which is a very powerful base, but offers no luck. It’s a neat base if you manage to catch this mouse before you reach the SS Huntington, but beyond that, the Aqua is always better.

The rest of the mice here are simply here to catch, as of this writing, they offer no reward beyond their gold and point value. As it is, once you catch the BBB, unless you want to catch enough mice here to have silver crowns, there is little reason in continuing to hunt here.

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