Tournament Hall and King’s Arms

King’s Arms

This is a location you can hunt in, but it is just basic mice present here. There is really no reason to hunt here.

There is a general store and charm shop that has all sorts of goodies to buy, but you have to have King’s Credits to buy them. You get those from catching some mice, leveling up, and in daily rewards.

Other than that, there is little to recommend here.

Tournament Hall

Contrary to how it appears, you don’t have to sign up for tournaments in this location. The Tournament Hall is simply a place where you can spend your tokens from winning tournaments (like the tournament bases). There are also some hunting kits that you can purchase with tournament tokens as well.

As for the mice here, you can hunt for them, but honestly, there is no point.

8 comments on “Tournament Hall and King’s Arms

  1. Not really a tourney hall question, but is there anywhere on the blog that explains how to get involved in tournaments and strategy and such? Eventually I’d like to work towards getting the bronze/silver/gold bases, but I have no idea how to get started. I’m working on balack right now but after that I’ll need to spend some time just collecting points until I’m a Lord (I’m at 65% knight right now), and I figured I could use tourneys to make that a bit more productive for me (though I might take a run at the gauntlet too…at least up to T7 since I only have the asg). I added some friends from the forums but I still don’t have many and most are way ahead of me.

    • Jon,

      Thanks for reading the site!

      I personally am not a big tournament player; I do have all the bases but I just recently got the gold base (just kept doing year 2 orders during the birthday celebration for tournament tokens). The strategy for tournaments is to maximize your attraction first, and catch rate second. Many tournaments, if you plan on finishing towards the top, require the use of Super Brie. For that reason, I avoid many (I like to keep my SB+ for crafting purposes personally) of them, and only participate in ones where specific cheeses are required, like Furoma Master Tournaments, Catacombs tournaments, etc.

      There is a lot of luck involved in tournaments too. My team has only one first place finish, and that was pure luck in the final hour of the tournament.

      The key thing is to find teammates who are active and can be active the entire length of the tournament. This can get time consuming with real life, and gives an advantage to teams/players who actively use bots, shared logins, etc. It’s sort of bizarre to say this, but outside of cheating, it’s difficult to consistently finish in the top 10. Not saying it’s not possible, but it’s hard.

      I do thank you for the comment though; I think it would be a good thing to include on the guide. I just have to have time to sit down and craft what I’m going to write! 🙂

      Thanks again for reading.


      • I’ve decided what I’m going to do is try to find a ‘tournament mentor’ on the forum. Someone who will let me join their team and show me the ropes as far as how they operate and strategy and such. That seems to be my best option right now. I don’t know a lot of people in real life who still play MH, so if I want to join a team it’s not gonna come from people that I actually know.

      • Jon,

        You’re more than welcome to join our team if you’d like! Send me a F/R if you want, I know my teammates would like to do more tournaments, and I have an open spot on the team.

        I actually have your FB link from your comment here (only I can see it) so I just sent you a F/R. Even if you don’t want to jump on our team, I’d be honored to have you on my MH friends list. 🙂


    • Bella,

      That’s an interesting idea, I have never really thought about putting this on the guide, but I will add it to the list of things I’ll work on (won’t be today!) 🙂

      Is there a specific question regarding King’s Credits you’d like my opinion on, or just a general understanding of best practices?

      Thanks for reading the site!


  2. Hi Matt!

    I was in a tournament recently in the tribal isle and bought savory vegetables because I didn’t have enough gumbo cheese for Nerg Tribe Hunting. Just wondering if it was a silly thing I did there, and wanted to know what do people usually save up their king’s credits for? Which buys are most value for gold or time spent (trying to hunt for the item instead)?

    Thanks in advance Matt! 🙂 Your guide’s the most awesome imho, and I really appreciate your work. Explaining the WHYs, (why I should do what you advocate) is absolutely gratifying to a curious hunter like me!

    • Bella,

      A lot of things in MH are relative to your own individual situation. It’s like when people ask “I have 45 million gold, so just wondering if it’s worth it to buy all the Ronza traps I probably will never use.”

      King’s credits are there to supplement your income and game experience. I’ve never really considered assigning then a worth, but you’ve given me an idea for sure.

      As for your situation in the Nerg tournament, if it helped your team and you are satisfied with the result, I would say it was worth it. Hunters like to hoard currency of all kinds in MH, to which I respond “what else are you using it for? It isn’t like it has a real world equivalent.”

      I truly appreciate your kind words and for reading the site. 🙂


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