The Iceberg

This page is under extreme construction. The main text of my old guide is here but the formatting was all messed up. I will add my visual aides back along with page breaks when I can! -Matt


To defeat the Iceberg, you must travel down 1800 feet and catch the boss mouse, which is the Icewing Mouse (or Frostwing Commander on your first attempt). You’ll also notice that your HUD has changed. There is the Iceberg on the fall right, and three reward chests in the water more to the left of the HUD. You have a limited amount of HUNTS before the Iceberg smashes into those reward chests. May I say that you should NOT focus on the chests for your first run. Subsequent trips through the Iceberg will get you more supplies to craft those bases which will help you out even more. For your first run though, let’s just focus on finishing.

How you travel down those 1800 feet is a very interesting story. Let’s break it down.

The Iceberg is broken down into four areas: Treacherous Tunnels (300 feet), Brutal Bulwark (300 feet), Bombing Run (1,000 feet), and The Mad Depths (200 feet).

Each of these areas has various mice in it, and when you catch them, they help you move down deeper into the Iceberg. How deep you go depends on several factors: 1) what mouse you catch, 2) what charm you have equipped, and 3) what base you are using.

Forget #3 for your first run, as you should just use your best base (probably the MSB, or maybe some LE base that I hardly ever mention in the FAQ) along with the Steam Laser MK1. Let’s look at the Treacherous Tunnels and their mice first.

As you can see, some mice move you along further than others. Failing to catch a mouse might even move you back. Looking at the chart, you can see that wax charms move you along an extra foot while sticky charms prevent backwards movement from four of the mice. So, what should you do?

In this your first run, you should equip Wax Charms along with your Steam Laser MK1 and MSB base. Cheese should at least be Gouda. You obviously want the Tunnel Rat mice as they move you down 16 feet each catch.

You may have noticed on the HUD your drill and it’s charges. PLEASE IGNORE THIS ON YOUR FIRST TRIP THROUGH THE ICEBERG. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

When you reach or surpass 300 feet, your journal will be updated and inform you that a general mouse has stopped your progress and a challenge awaits! Wooo! All you need to do is hunt, and hope you catch the general mouse. There are four different general mice which appear at the end of each stage (their appearance is random):

When you catch one of these guys, you’ll get a Bottled Cold Fusion and various other loot listed above. The important thing to know is that you get the Bottled Cold Fusion. It is used to create a better version of the Steam Laser MK1 as well as the various bases you need.

Brutal Bulwark

This is the second stage, and a very frustrating stage. Here are the mice you can catch, and how far they move you forward and backwards.

No more tunnel rats for big gains here. In this stage, it is all about attrition. Since you don’t have your Spiked Base yet, you cannot mitigate moving backwards completely when catching a Brute mouse. The best you can do it equip your Sticky Charms which will help you move back less when you catch (or fail to catch) Brutes.

You will eventually make it to 600 feet and encounter another general’s challenge. Same as above, catch him, and you’ll move to the next stage.

Bombing Run

Thankfully this area is not a “brutal” as the previous stage, but it makes up for that by being 1,000 feet in distance! Holy cow! Here are the mice!

Again, on your first run, you don’t have the base you really need (Remote Detonator), so you’ll just have to trudge through with normal hunting tools. No big surprises here, except you should use wax charms. Journey down 1,000 feet (long process), catch ANOTHER general mouse and you’ll enter…

The Mad Depths

The Mad Depths is only 200 feet, but it’s a painful 200 feet. Let’s check out the mice here.

Nice to see Tunnel Rats are here, but oh my! There are mice that don’t move us down at all! Again! It’s the Brutal Bulwark all over again! AARRRRGHHH!!

The best base to use here is the Hearthstone base, but you can’t build it yet. Keep plugging away, it sucks. Eventually, you’ll reach another general after 200 feet and enter…

Icewing’s Lair

Upon entering this final zone for the first time or after 425 hunts, the following message is displayed on the Journal:
I entered Icewing’s Lair. Icewing herself has since moved on, but she’s left behind her second-in-command, the Frostwing Commander, who must be defeated to save the good people of Gnawnia from this icy invasion!
On subsequent runs for those who reach Icewing’s Lair within 425 hunts, the following message is displayed on the Journal:
I entered Icewing’s Lair. This is it – the big showdown!
Upon entering this zone within 250 hunts and with the Deep Freeze Base available to arm, the following message is displayed:
I entered Icewing’s Lair and my Deep Freeze Base began glowing! Something’s happening!
Obviously we’re focused on the FIRST message. We’ll get to the other ones later. Catch the Frostwing Commander Mouse!

Frostlance Guard is always present.
If within 425 hunts:
Frostwing Commander is present only on the first run through the Iceberg.
Icewing is present on subsequent runs.
After 425 hunts:
Frostwing Commander is always present.
Icewing is no longer present.
You will complete the Iceberg by catching Frostwing Commander or Icewing. Congratulations!

After the first invasion defeat, the following message is displayed in the journal if completed within 425 hunts:
I successfully fought through the Iceberg in X hunts, saving the good people of Gnawnia from the wrath of Icewing’s invasion! In amongst the Iceberg’s wreckage is X bonus chests!
If too many hunts were taken, the message is shorter:
I successfully fought through the Iceberg in X hunts, saving the good people of Gnawnia from the wrath of Icewing’s invasion!
After defeating Icewing using Steam Laser Mk. II, the hunter’s weapon is converted to Steam Laser Mk. II (Broken!), with this message in the journal:
Fueled by her terrible defeat at your hands, Icewing has destroyed and defaced your trap in a fit of icy rage! But in her haste, she seems to have dropped something – perhaps combining it with the destroyed trap parts will create a trap she truly fears!
After the second defeat of Icewing, the following message is displayed in the journal:
The Iceberg begins to shudder and shake, no longer held together by Icewing’s terrible magic. Her capture sets off explosions that rip through walls, collapsing entire sections at once.Leaping from the crumbling wreckage, you notice a tunnel collapsing in the distance. If only you had more time and a safe method to preserve the Iceberg’s structure, perhaps you could have explored it!
After defeating Icewing using Deep Freeze Base within 249 hunts, the following message is displayed in the journal (except when Steam Laser Mk. II was also armed), as the hunter enters the Hidden Depths:
The Iceberg begins to shudder and shake, no longer held together by Icewing’s terrible magic. Her capture sets off explosions that rip through walls, collapsing entire sections at once. In response, your Deep Freeze Base emits an icy chill, and the explosions slow and then cease. The Iceberg continues to shudder distressingly, but you judge you have (250-X) hunts remaining to explore.
This is a lot to take in! What to make of it all?!?? And there’s more? Yes, there’s more! Good night!

Hidden Depths

200 feet down, the Hidden Depths was a late addition to the Iceberg by the Developers. In order to access it, you must first defeat Icewing with the Deep Freeze Base equipped, prior to hunt #250. Here is the message you receive, followed by the list of mice.

The Iceberg is crumbling! You have only until Hunt #250 to defeat the Deep Mouse!

At hunt #249, you’ll get this message:
With the Iceberg crumbling all around you, you figure you have but one more turn left. It’s time to put everything you have into this one final hunt!
At hunt #250, the game moves you to the Slushy Shoreline and you get the following message in your journal:
It’s too dangerous to hunt here any longer! With seconds to spare, you jump in your life raft and paddle furiously away, swearing to return next time and conquer!
The Deep Lair
The Deep Mouse is the only mouse that can be attracted at the end of the 200 feet.

After defeating Deep Mouse, the hunter is automatically transported to Slushy Shoreline and the following message is displayed in the journal:
With the Deep Mouse in your trap, the Iceberg finally begins to crack apart around you. With seconds to spare, you jump in your life raft and paddle furiously away, laughing about your incredible victory!
There is incredible strategy involved in defeating the Iceberg completely and catching the Deep mouse. 250 hunts is not a lot of hunts considering what you have to do and how far you have to travel down the Iceberg.

Iceberg Strategy

All five new bases in this area do something different in the Iceberg.

Magnet: Increases attraction rate of Tunnel Rats (most useful in stage 1)
Spiked: Prevents backwards movement (most useful in stage 2)
Remote Detonator: Catching Bomb Squad mice will propel you 20 feet down (most useful in stage 3)
Hearthstone: Decreases attraction rate of Zealot mice (most useful in stage 4)
Deep Freeze: Enables you to stay in the Iceberg after catching Icewing

All of these traps/bases will help you in the Iceberg. Prioritizing them is important, because you are limited in the number of Bottled Cold Fusions that you have and can readily obtain. You receive them from the General mice, so in other words, 4 per Iceberg run. Also, each of the treasure chests contain a BCF as well, so potentially, you COULD get 7 per run (though that’s difficult).

Also note the number of pieces of loot you get from the Slushy Shoreline that are needed to craft them as well. You may have to take a break from the Iceberg to go collect resources. You know how to do that!

So what order should you build? I have literally looked at dozens of guides on blogs and the forums and honestly, I keep seeing different opinions. I have my own. Here it is.
Steam Laser MK2 (you can build this immediately after defeating first Iceberg run)
You can build Steam Laser MK3 immediately after catching Icewing – just smash your BROKEN Steam Laser MK2 and craft with the Steam Nine.
Remote Detonator Base (If you managed to get one reward chest on run #1, you can build this prior to the Bombing Run on your second Iceberg run)
Magnet Base
Spiked Base
Hearthstone Base
Deep Freeze Base
The Iceberg is a HUGE area, taking lots and lots of time to completely get all the traps and bases. Once you have all the traps and bases, here is what you should do each level.

Treacherous Tunnels: MK3/Magnet/Wax/Gouda
Brutal Bulwark: MK3/Spiked/No Charm Needed/Gouda
Bombing Run: MK3/Remote Detonator/Wax/Gouda
Mad Depths: MK3/Hearthstone/Wax/Gouda
Ice Wing Lair: MK3/Deep Freeze/No Charm/Gouda
Hidden Depths: MK3/Deep Freeze/No Charm/Gouda
Deep Lair: MK3/Deep Freeze/No Charm/Gouda

6 comments on “The Iceberg

  1. Hey, I’m halfway through my first iceberg run, and I’ve run into Lady Coldsnap twice in a row. Is this a problem? I thought each general was only supposed to appear once per run?

    • No your assumption is incorrect. Every time you reach a general it is randomly selected from any of the 4 possible generals so it’s very possible, even likely that you will encounter the same general more than once in 2 different general areas in a single run.

      The way generals work is like this. When you get to a general, you have 3 chances to catch that general, if you fail all 3 chances, the game will randomly select from the possible generals again, so your very next attemp could see you facing a different general, or possibly the same one again, depending on what general the game chooses.

      General Drheller, the rarest of the generals to appear, works a little differently from the others, being the only general that knocks you back when you FTC, but pushes you forward much more than the other bosses when caught.

  2. If you have the Ultimate Iceberg Base, there is no need to craft any of the other bases unless you just want to collect them for fun.



  3. What if I arm steam laser mk 2 together with UIB will I still go into hidden depths or will the iceberg collapse?

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