Tactical Traps

Tactical traps don’t really come into play until you’re at the Master level or above. It is possible to obtain some limited edition tactical traps before that in some cases, but those situations notwithstanding, you won’t be facing situations where you need one until you really get to Furoma.

What is most interesting about tactical traps is that many serve a specific function which, despite some rather mundane stats, they still serve a purpose, even late in the game. For the purpose of this comparison, I will evaluate the traps as you would approach them in-game and offer my opinion on their use.

Early – Middle In-Game Tactical Traps

Venus Mouse TrapVenus Mouse Trap

1,900 Power, 0% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Once you have access to the Great Gnarled Tree, you can buy this trap. If you’re using the Forcefield or Deathbot up until this point, you may think “Gee, the power of this is less, so I’ll just keep with my physical traps.” The problem with that is, many mice in the Great Gnarled Tree are weak to tactical traps, making the effective power of this trap 3,800 instead of 1,900 against tactical-weak mice. That’s a HUGE difference. Plus, this trap is necessary to craft its even stronger cousins. You can start using this trap at 490,500 points. It is rather steep in cost for a Master level hunter (299,650) though. If you, by chance, have the next trap on the list BEFORE buying this, you can skip this trap until you need it for crafting purposes.

Gingerbread House SurpriseGingerbread House Surprise

2,200 Power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Über Fresh cheese effect

This trap (the components to craft it, that is) is released every Christmas season (except 2011, though the trap could be purchased as a standalone), thus the reason why I am not classifying it as an LE trap. Requiring a mere 91,000 points, you’ll roughly have to spend (through gifting, it’s a somewhat complicated discussion for this document, but bear with me) 94,500 to craft this trap. I would actually advise using this over the Forcefield or Deathbot early in the game (pre-Master) due to its very solid attributes. That being said, there is no upgrade for it, and eventually, you’ll need a better tactical trap, but if this is your only tactical trap in your possession, you can effectively skip the others until you’re able to craft the Ambush.

Zugs Last MoveZugzwang’s Last Move

2,200 Power, 15% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 7 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Available at 705,000 points, you’re not using this until you’re a Grandmaster. Honestly, this trap is nothing more than a novelty, but it DOES come in handy because you need to buy it so you can smash it and create its stronger version, Zugzwang’s First Move. That trap isn’t available until much later in the game, so you can effectively skip this trap until you need to craft that one.

Mutated Venus Mouse TrapMutated Venus Mouse Trap

2,300 Power, 15% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Insanely Stale cheese effect

Requiring 827,500 points, the MVMT seems to fall into the same category as ZLM: another 100k more points or so and you can get yet ANOTHER good trap (the Ambush). However, the MVMT is superior in every way to ZLM, and it continually upgradable once you reach the isles. Here is how I break down these three traps.

  1. If you have the Gingerbread House Surprise BEFORE having access to the VMT, use it until you can craft the Ambush (in an effort to save gold). Please do note that you WILL need the VMT at some point however.
  2. If you have the VMT and THEN have access to build the GBH, do so only for the novelty, as the MVMT (crafted from the VMT) is slightly better and continues to upgrade.
  3. Under no circumstance should you use ZLM over the MVMT or GBH.

I really should have grouped these last three together. ZLM < GBH < MVMT – That’s how I look at it.


3,000 Power, 5% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 12 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Originally not available until you were at the Legendary rank, it is now available to craft as a Grand Master, with a point requirement of 950,000. The parts to craft cost a measly 62,600. It is the best trap for pre-isle hunters to use in Furoma. I would warn against going after the Dojo Sensei with it, however, but it will be more than enough to snag a few Masters of the Dojo. It is also the best tactical trap to use during your first run through the Nerg Plains once you reach the isles. I have heard stories of people not crafting this trap and thus saving the gold, but please take note that one of these traps mentioned so far WILL BE your initial trap to use in Nerg Plains. The previous traps before the Ambush will really struggle in that area until you can craft the better Venus traps.

Thorned Venus Mouse TrapThorned Venus Mouse Trap

3,400 Power, 5% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 14 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

A great trap, it is immediately outclassed by the next one on the list though. With the availability of Radioactive Sludge as a gift, you should never have to use this trap and instead, smash it immediately to create…

Horrific Venus Mouse TrapHorrific Venus Mouse Trap

3,400 Power, 12% power bonus, 1% attraction bonus, 16 luck, No Effect cheese effect

Once you reach the 8 million point barrier, this is your trap of choice for hunting in Nerg (refer to my FAQ if you have questions about leveling up and requirements). This is the trap to have for battling the Nerg mice, all the way up to the Big 3. You definitely want to make this trap, as its only “cost” is a smashed Thorned Venus Mouse Trap and 20 radioactive sludges. As you can see from the stats, it outclasses its predecessor in every conceivable fashion.

Late In-Game Tactical Traps

Zugs First MoveZugzwang’s First Move

3,660 power, 15% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 17 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

While not head and shoulders better than the HVMT, it IS better nonetheless, with more power and luck. The point requirement is 38,000,000 (basically, you have to be a Lord). It costs just over a million in gold to craft it (again, refer to FAQ), but it is more than worth it. Limited Edition traps notwithstanding, you can’t find a better tactical trap until you’re a Baron or Count. A great, overall trap.

Technic Pawn PincherTechnic and Mystic Pawn PinchersMystic Pawn Pincher

60 power, 5% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 0 luck, stale/fresh cheese effect

These traps are necessary (at first) to catch pawn mice of a particular order in Zugzwang’s Tower. That is all they’re used for, and that’s all I’m going to say about them. Read the FAQ for more information. They are necessary however.

Obvious Ambush TrapBlackstone Pass TrapObvious Ambush and Blackstone Pass Traps

3,000 power, 15% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 12 luck, Very Fresh/Stale cheese effect

In the same way as you treat the pawn pinchers, these two traps play off one another with nearly identical stats, and both serve as the main trap for their respective sides (technical and mystic). Again, if you want specific points about using these traps, read my FAQ section on Zugzwang’s Tower.

It possible you’ll never even have a chance to craft them as you need loot from the kings that are not always dropped; they will make your job easier if you plan on doing tower runs over and over, but if you’re just there to get tasks accomplished, you can skip these traps and take your chances with other high-powered tactical traps.

Zurreal's FollyZurreal’s Folly

2,930 power, 20% power bonus, 15% attraction bonus, 12 luck, Ultimately Stale cheese effect

Zurreal’s Folly is constructed upon finishing the various Library research tasks. It is a crafted trap that requires 10 different pieces (all found as loot throughout the kingdom; refer back to the Crystal Library section) to put together. It is not an overly powerful trap, but it is completely necessary to catching Zurreal the Eternal. Once you catch him, you’ll only ever use this trap to catch him again (if you so desire). Other than that, it’s a collector’s item and ultimately useless outside it’s one task.

Dimensional Chest TrapDimensional Chest Trap

5,200 power, 8% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 21 luck, No Effect cheese effect

Available only later in the game (70,000,000 points), this trap is an absolute beast. Only certain circumstances are limited edition traps better than this (due to their luck), but for the most part, this trap bests them all (and everything else before it for “normal” mice). The requirements say that only 1 warpath victory is required, but considering how 175 flameshards are required, it’s entirely possible (read: likely) that you’ll need at least 2 warpath victories before you can buy this trap (unless you buy the flameshards on the marketplace). It is purchased in the Muridae Market trapsmith.

Sphynx WrathSphynx Wrath Trap

6,100 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 25 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

This is a fantastic trap. It’s hard to get though, as it’s another trap you need Warmonger loot, but thankfully, you only need 1 Sphynx Crystal (not 2). You’ll also need 200 flameshards, the blueprints, and 26 golden leafs (purchased in the FW’s general store). All told, you’ll spend AT LEAST 1.6 million gold for this. If you’re lucky enough to have looted the crystal, spend the gold and craft this trap. However, unlike the Sandtail Sentinel is to the Monstrobot, the Dimensional Chest isn’t necessarily a good replacement for the Sphynx Wrath Trap IF you have LE traps (like Rewers Riposte).

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that this trap is head and shoulders better than the Chest, more so than what you experience on the physical trap side for the Fiery Warpath traps. At any rate, if you can craft this sucker, you should.

Chrome KittyChrome Sphynx Wrath Trap

6,500 power, 15% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 28 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

It’s the Chromed version of the previous trap. Should you spend the gold on the market to upgrade your Kitty? Well, it’s that classic answer of “it depends.” Presently, there still isn’t a need for a high-end tactical trap as all newer areas the past few years have been Hydro and Forgotten areas. It’s almost as if Tactical traps are ignored now. So….still unsure? I’d say pass on it unless you really want it.

Limited Edition Tactical Traps

Snow BarrageSnow Barrage

1,450 power, 20% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 28 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Purchased from Ronza during the 2008 Christmas season, the lack of power was initially seen as a negative to the trap, but it’s incredibly high luck (higher than any other tactical trap) kept this trap relevant all the way through the Tribal Isles. Young hunters who were lucky enough to purchase this trap around the rank of Apprentice received a trap that they did not have to replace until needing a shadow trap. A great trap that, while having less importance today, is still a favorite of many veteran hunters.

Giant SpeakerGiant Speaker

2,850 power, 5% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 22 luck, No Effect cheese effect

While the MouseHunt community endlessly debated whether luck or power was better, most initially saw the Giant Speaker as an over-priced replacement for the Ambush. However, what they soon discovered was that it was not only a replacement for the Ambush, but the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap as well due to its high luck rating. It’s a shame this trap didn’t get more play however, because it was trumped just 2 months later…

2010 Blastoff2010 Blastoff Trap

2,600 power, 15% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 25 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

…by this incredible trap. While only having 250 less base power, it’s power bonus is higher than the Giant Speaker, and it has three more luck. The attraction is mostly irrelevant. It was also cheaper than the Giant Speaker. Those who spent their gold on the Giant Speaker (say, instead of the Kraken) were met with incredible buyer’s remorse once New Years 2010 rolled around. Though it has been surpassed, 2010 was the best tactical trap in the game for at least an entire calendar year.

Rewers RiposteRewer’s Riposte

2,900 power, 15% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 25 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The stats say it all: the Rewer’s Riposte met or exceeded everything the 2010 Blastoff had. Not much else to say. It remains the best Limited Edition tactical trap in the game (as of 2014). If you don’t like the name, get over yourself.

2012 Big Boom Trap2012 Big Boom Trap

2,500 power, 15% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 25 luck, Extremely Stale cheese effect

Having very similar stats to it’s cousin from two years prior, the 2012 is statistically the same trap as the 2010 in every form and fashion, except it boasts a 20% attraction rate. For hunters who use regular cheeses to hunt with instead of Super Brie, this trap was a very solid option when you would want to limit your FTA’s.

Honestly, if you have ANY of these tactical LE traps, you’re in a great position in the game. Unlike some relatively useless LE physical traps and bases, every LE tactical trap was an outstanding addition to the game.


2,750 power, 5% power bonus, 20% attraction bonus, 15 luck, Fresh cheese effect

Released during the 2013 Year of the Snake Festival, the SAMFED trap is a pretty decent trap for newer players who are still waiting to get to Furoma. It is better than the Ambush from a statistical standpoint, but the cost of this trap (375,000) may have been prohibitive for many younger hunters when considering the very cheap cost of crafting the Ambush. The SAMFED can be used as a hunter’s first trap when hunting in Nerg Plains, but the HVMT will quickly outclass this trap. Essentially, those hunters with more than 8 million points had no use for this trap other than for collection sake, meaning that the number of players who actually found some use in this trap were extremely limited in numbers.

Isle Idol Stakeshooter TrapIsle Idol Stakeshooter Trap

3,750 power, 12% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 14 luck, Stale cheese effect

This is actually the same trap as the Isle Idol but with a different skin applied, which changes it into a Tactical trap. This is the first time that a skin has actually made a trap different. Like the main Idol trap doubled the stone drop rate, this trap doubles the savory veggie drop rate in Nerg Plains. 

The Stakeshooter is just marginally worse than the HVMT from a statistical point of view, but considering the drop rate of veggies, it blows the HVMT out of the water. The only drawback is that you have to have 16 million points to use it. My advice would be to use this trap to farm veggies but a stronger tactical trap to tackle the Big 3 in Nerg.

Chesla's RevengeChesla’s Revenge

5,000 power, 2% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 16 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

Chesla’s Revenge is an LE trap that hunters can occasionally receive from completing a Season 2 Treasure Map. It has a very unique ability to occasionally charge your Tower Amplifier when hunting in the Seasonal Garden. Combining it with a amplifier charm will increase the charge even more. 

The stats of the trap are impressive, but it has a 35 million point requirement, meaning that if you’re lucky enough to get this trap early in the game from a treasure map, you can’t use this trap to replace earlier tactical traps. While it does have one less luck than ZFM, the increased power actually gives it a better catch rate against almost all tactical mice in the game than ZFM. Using a 10-luck base, for example, you’ll find yourself with a 38.6% catch rate on the Master of the Dojo, compared to 36.4% with ZFM.

ZFM actually out-performs Chelsa for weaker tactical mice (where the extra one luck is more important), but as soon as the mouse power hits 6,300 (Flutterby in the Crystal Library is 6,248), the Chesla is the better trap to use. In other words, if you manage to get this before ZFM, you do not need to craft it.

Veiled VineVeiled Vine Trap

3,500 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

I am not sure why I initially thought this trap was the third best tactical trap in the game. Because of the fact that luck is more important to your catch rate for less powerful mice (with power becoming more important as mice get stronger), the VV is definitely a great trap to have because of it’s stats. It will never match up with Sphynx or Rewers, but there are instances where it is better than the Dimensional Chest,  Chesla’s Revenge and Snow Barrage. But there are other instances where those traps are better too. Because of the many locations that require tactical power, it gets rather confusing.

The bottom line is that this trap has really, really solid stats and will be a boon to hunters who don’t have the Fiery Warpath traps yet. It is better than Zugs First Move, but if you manage to get Chesla’s revenge early on, it’s a better trap for stronger tactical mice because of it’s immense power.

Zugzwangs Ultimate MoveZugzwang’s Ultimate Move

4,500 power, 20% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 20 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

Ronza finally brought another LE tactical trap in 2016, and this one actually has some use. While it will never be mistaken for the Chrome Sphinx, the unique properties of this trap make it a very interesting addition to your arsenal. In the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwang’s Tower, if you have ANY amount of amplifier charged, this trap has the potential of automatically catching the mouse, even if normally would have missed. How does that work technically? I honestly think that systematically if you fail to catch a mouse, there is a random roll of the dice and this trap could then over-ride the miss. What is the percentage? I have no idea, but it’s an interesting option for some hunters to use. 

7 comments on “Tactical Traps

  1. Pingback: Fungal Cavern section completely updated | The Total Mousehunt FAQ

    • Yes, of course, I have been extremely busy at work and with my charity business that I have had very little time to update the guide. I’ll add it soon.

  2. Hello Matt! First of all I’d like to congratulate you for this site. It’s the best MH site I’d come across – Spheniscine’s included. The approach of your text is pleasant to read.
    Well, but let me ask a question. I’m in need to increase my treasure and I’m planning a Furoma run. I’ve never been on one, so I’m wondering which tactical trap I should use. Unfortunately I haven’t got the Sphynx Wrath yet, but have the Dimensional Chest Trap and the 2012 Big Boom Trap. I was going to use de DCT but when I read your comments here I got puzzled. 2012 BBT’s comments are apply to the Master and Dojo Sensei?

    • Jefferson,

      Thank you for the kind words! That truly means a lot to me.

      Yeah, I probably need to go back and relook at my comments on some tactical traps. That being said, with those two traps, assuming you have at least an 8 luck base in your inventory, the DCT will be the better choice of the two. Even though DCT has less luck, both the Mojo and Sojo are more susceptible to higher power tactical traps than high luck tactical traps.

      Thanks again for commenting and offering encouraging words.



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