Slushy Shoreline

May 2012 marked another milestone for Mousehunt, with the release of a new area! The Slushy Shoreline was released in early May, focusing on a hydro mice invasion!

First things first: to gain access to the Shoreline, hunters must have 25,500,000 points and be a Lord in rank. You buy the “map piece” in the Harbor in Gnawnia, and after an hour and picking up your map, you can travel to the Shoreline. I’m assuming you’re playing this game in a somewhat predictable order, thus I’m assuming you have the Ancient Spear Gun and/or the Heat Bath.

Slushy Shoreline

Slushy ShorelineTake a look at your surroundings. There is a trapsmith, a general store (with four different sets of blueprints for various bases), and a charm shoppe. In the trapsmith, you will notice a very nice new trap, the Steam Laser Mk.1. Look at the price: 370,000 gold! WOWZA! That’s cheap! Yes, the cheapest hydro trap in the game, and its honestly one of the best hydro traps at your disposal.

The only catch is, you can’t buy it yet. You notice that you need to collect 3 different crafting items to even buy the trap: 5 Wire Spools, 5 Heating Oil, and 5 Frosty Metal. Naturally, the local mice drop these items: Yeti, Saboteur, Ice Breaker, and Snow Sniper.

The catch (there’s always a catch) is that these four mice are only attracted when you use a Softserve Charm, which can be bought in the charm shoppe naturally. If you’re not using charms, there are plenty of other mice to catch here, but they won’t drop the loot you need. If your goal is to get silver crowns, it would be better to unequip your charms to get these “lower” mice, since you’re limiting the potential field of attractions.

WaxStickyOne other loot drop you’ll get are war scraps. War scraps are used to purchase Wax and Sticky Charms (which are used in the Iceberg), as well as purchasing Drill Charges (also used in Iceberg). I’ll go over both of these a little later.

The Steam Laser Mk.1 provides a tremendous bonus to your trap on the Shoreline and in the Iceberg: 33% power bonus and +3 luck in these two locations. Using the Ancient Spear Gun or Heat Bath, it’ll be tough at first to get the 15 loot drops to build the trap. You can always donate to HitGrab and skip this as well, but that costs you real money.

Next Steps on the Shoreline

You’ll want to stay on the Shoreline for a while before going to the Iceberg, even after obtaining the Steam Laser MK1. Collecting war scraps will allow you to purchase more charms which are invaluable when you’re hunting on the Iceberg.

Here is the checklist you need to follow before your first attempt at the Iceberg:

  1. Obtain 200 Sticky Charms (40 War Scraps)
  2. Obtain 200 Wax Charms (40 War Scraps)
  3. Buy/Build Steam Laser MK1
  4. Have at least 15 Frosty Metals, 15 Heating Oils, and 15 Wire Spools in your inventory
  5. Purchase Ice Drill MK1 from General Store
  6. Purchase all the Blueprints for the four bases

If you’re anxious to get to the Iceberg, at the very least, you need to do steps 1 through 3.

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