Seasonal Garden

seasonal garden mapAh! It’s a fantasy play-land of changing weather! In other words, it’s the Midwestern United States!

You have to catch a dragon mouse to get to the Seasonal Garden, and you have to have the rank of Lord/Lady to go here. Inside the dragon’s chest is Zugswang’s scarf, which is essentially the map piece to the garden. You’ll also have a Magic Feather in the chest, which is used to craft…drum roll……….

Formula: Zugzwang’s First Move
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Chess Pieces 1 415,000/Crafting
Magic Feather 1 Loot
Zugzwang’s First Move Blueprints 1 615,000
Total 1,030,000

ZFMYou have to buy Zugzwang’s last move and smash it with your hunter’s hammer. You then need to buy the blue prints in the general store in the garden, craft all three items together and viola! ZFM!

This trap is a great tactical trap that can be used in most places with great success. It isn’t that much better than the HVMT, but it IS better regardless, and will pay for itself after a few weeks of hunting in Nerg. The only in-game tactical traps (non-LE) that outclass it are the Dimensional Chest and the Sphinx Wrath (more on those later).

So, what is our goal here, you ask? Notice that the camp page is slightly different now; there is a HUD (Heads Up Display) that shows your Tower Amplifier. Essentially, when you obtain access to Zugzwang’s Tower, your Amplifier will decrease for every mouse you catch. Your amp affects the power and luck of your trap setup.


We’ll get to all this later; for now, let’s focus on the Seasonal Garden. Take note of what season is on the HUD. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.

Spring: Hunt with your best PHYSICAL trap.

Summer: Hunt with your best TACTICAL trap.

Fall: Hunt with your best SHADOW trap.

Winter: Hunt with your best HYDRO trap.

The base you use is entirely up to you; most people want to maximize their attraction here, but that might leave you missing more mice because the mice here are powerful. Honestly, you want a good mix of power, attraction and luck. Yuck, what base has all of that?!?

The Molten Shrapnel does, you silly monkey!

Formula: Molten Shrapnel Base
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Dragon Ember 1 Loot
Tiny Platinum Bar 12 60,000
Scrap Metal 200 Loot
Total 720,000

200 scrap metal?!? Holy cow! That’s right, 200. Have it? Yes? SUH-WEEEEET. No? Well, head to the Catacombs, and I’ll see you later. Or, just hunt with something else.

The MSB has a point requirement of 18,000,000, so you should more than have enough points to craft it. It has a base power of 300, power bonus of 12%, attraction bonus of 5%, and 8 luck. Great base!

In eachseason there are “boss mice” that drop key shards to Zugzwang’s Tower. You need to catch these mice. There is nothing special you can do to attract them more than other mice, so just keep hunting.

As you hunt, you’ll notice your amplifier increase for every catch, but it will decrease for every FTA (Failed to Attract). At this point, you’re just starting out and you don’t need to worry at all about the amplifier. Just keep catching mice, pay attention to the changing seasons and use the trap types I have outlined above.

Next Steps in Seasonal Garden

You’ve caught the four boss mice (Vinetail, Summer Mage, Harvester, and Winter Mage), obtained the keys, and your amplifier is fully charged (150%). Are you ready for Zugzwang’s Tower? NO, YOU’RE NOT. PLEASE STOP RIGHT HERE AND DON’T MOVE.

Eh, you say? You need to understand the dynamics of the tower, and we need to do some prep work first.

The Tower is a giant chess game. Yes, chess. And in a game of chess, there are two sides, traditionally white vs. black. In Mousehunt, it’s Mystic vs. Technic. Whatever, there are two sides. Also, whenever you move into the Tower, your amplifier will start decreasing for every mouse you catch, or every FTA you get. It will reset to ZERO if you leave the tower FOR ANY REASON. For that reason alone, we need to get all our prep work done now, before we move into the tower.

You don’t technically need a new trap here, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t get it. I’ll go over the game mechanics of the Tower later, but suffice to say, you need Pawn Pinchers, and both of them. They are very weak tactical traps, but they will do you just fine to catch pawns. They are located in the Trapsmith in the Seasonal Garden.

Next, check your cheese stocks, specifically, gouda and SB+. I wouldn’t go into the Tower with less than 200 of whatever cheese I’m using. Whatever one you are going to use, make sure you have enough.

Look at your charms. Do you have any attraction charms? I’d get some (in the Mountain) if I were you, at least the same amount as you have cheese.

Final review: Buy one of the pawn pinchers (or both if you have the gold), have enough cheese to hunt, get some attraction charms, and make sure your amp is fully charged. Here we go…

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