Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes is your second step in this long progression of the Living Garden. You need to use a strong shadow trap here, preferably the Reaper’s Perch. Remember you get the blueprints for the Reaper’s Perch from Zurreal (remember those pesky library assignments?!?).

You must use your newly purchased Dewthief Camembert cheese here. Gouda will not work, nor will SB+. Whatever base you used in the Living Garden, use the same one here. You’ll notice the HUD has changed slightly as well.


The mini-game in this area is the Grumbling Stampede. It sounds much worse than it is honestly. When the stampede is active, the HUD looks like this:


How do you know when this will happen? Well, you don’t. The stampede could happen at any time. To attract the cynd-essence-carrying Grumbling mice, you need to equip the Grumbling Charm (purchased in the charm shop here in the Sand Dunes). The charm is only consumed upon attracting a mouse, and since the stampede only lasts for 15 hunts, you only need to arm 15 of these charms at a time.

Soap box alert: These mini-games are basically mandatory if you want to build your essences, but they require you to be much more active than the advertised “passivity” of this game. It sucks when you shut off your computer for the night and 15 minutes later the stampede activates, and you miss 10 hours of hunting Grumbling mice.

Duskshade PetalYou will notice the Duskshade Petal is illuminated in the middle section of the HUD, and you’ll notice that you’re collecting quite a few of these petals with each catch. How many do you need? Well, the exact number is not the important part – the important thing you need to know is that you need to BALANCE your Duskshade Petals with Dreamfluff Herbs (more on them in the next section).

For the sake of the FAQ and demonstrating this function, when you reach 100 Duskshade Petals (barring that you’re in the middle of a stampede), change your trap to the ACRONYM and move to the Lost City.

5 comments on “Sand Dunes

  1. Just me (as a mobile hunter), at night (or when I didn’t really want to watch my MouseHunt), I’d switch to Lost City so as to not trigger a stampede (unless I was already having one occur).

    • That’s a good strategy for sure. Have to be mindful though because you get more loot in the Lost City. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Has anyone been able to put a frequency on the stampede? Should I expect one a day (or so) in active hunting, or likewise not for 10 hunts after one finishes? Does Rachel’s strategy of hunting elsewhere work?

    • Hunting somewhere else isn’t a trigger. It’s purely a coincidence.

      That said, you can use a Grumbling Chow charm that will automatically trigger a stampede on the next successful catch. I’m on my phone right now, let me verify the name of that charm.

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