S.S. Huntington III

Crafting the SS Huntington

I’ve already talked a lot about the blueprints to the ship. By now, if you don’t have them, you know how to get them: catch a hydra mouse in the lagoon. I’m going to assume at this point, you’re ready to craft the ship and have the blueprints. You need:

  • 900 Splintered Wood (Purchased in Training Grounds)
  • 100 Rope (Purchased in Great Gnarled Tree)
  • 70 Bolt of Cloth (Purchased in Great Gnarled Tree)
  • 1 King’s Reserve Bubbleh (Purchased in Great Gnarled Tree)
  • 18 Scrap Metal (Loot drops from Scavenger mice in Catacombs)
  • 1 Ship Blueprints (Loot drop from Hydra mouse in Lagoon; purchased in Catacombs)

You must be at the rank of Legendary to craft the ship. Go ahead and do it, and let’s get hunting!

Before you move on, we need to take inventory though of where you’re at. Once you craft the ship, check your gold reserves. You now need approximately 800,000 to move on, or even 1.4 million gold if you plan on buying a hydro trap right away (which I do not advise up front). Do you have the necessary gold? Yes? good, keep reading. If not, then go farm gold (you know how to do that) and come back.

One last thing: Make sure you have 20 Radioactive Sludge in your inventory before moving to the ship.

SS Huntington

This is the great debate, and other Mouse Hunt guides will say you MUST buy a hydro weapon here. Well my friends, you probably Ship
are down on your gold, and if you’re like me at this point, you are so sick of every location on the mainland, you just HAVE to hunt on the boat.

My advice? Don’t worry about a hydro weapon yet (Mouse Hunt Veterans gasping for air, the rest loading their guns to shoot me). Seriously, don’t worry about it. Let’s look at the traps you have, minus any limited edition traps that may have been released during your time playing this game (which of course are never mentioned in the FAQ anyway).

  1. Ambush
  3. MVMT
  4. Forcefield/Deathbot/SAMT (your #1 physical weapon, to say the least)
  5. Sinister (if you bought it)
  6. All other garbage weak traps for novices

If you have the gold to spare, you CAN buy a hydro weapon. Again, IF YOU HAVE THE GOLD TO SPARE. You don’t need it yet.

Now, what base to use? You’ve been using a steady diet of Dehydration and Explosive base up to this point. There is a base on the ship, the Aqua base, which is a very nice base that increases your luck by 8, which makes it the luckiest base available for purchase in the game and the base you’re going to be using an awful lot from here on out.

AquaGo ahead and buy the Aqua base and use it here. “Luck” becomes a key figure in the isles, and it starts now. If you don’t want to spend the money on the Aqua base, simply use your Dehydration or Explosive base. And of course by now, you’re always using Brie for “regular” places. You should have stopped using Swiss after the Grandmaster level.

So what are we doing here? What’s the goal? You need to catch three mice here that drop the three components of the Ocean Navigation Kit: Bottled Mouse, Shipwreck Mouse, and Captain Mouse. They drop the Compass, Sextant, and Telescope. When you catch these mice and get the loot drops, essentially, your time on the ship is done. Craft those three items together and now you have access to the Tribal Isles!

Unless you want to catch all the mice on the ship and/or collect silver crowns, go ahead and disembark at Cape Clawed! It’s time for Tribal Isle fun!

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