Pinnacle Chamber

Ready? Here we go!

Equip your Rumble Cheese, your Ambush, and the Explosive Base, and sound the horn! Good luck! The Mojo is worth A LOT of gold, 27,300 to be exact, the most rewarding mouse you’ve encountered (in all likelihood). He also drops Onyx Stones, which have several purposes:

  • Used in crafting the Acronym, a very powerful Arcane Trap
  • Used in crafting Unstable Curds, which can be “opened” and turned into random cheeses
  • Used in crafting the Onyx Mallet Trap
  • Used in crafting Onyx Marble Gorgonzola Cheese, which attracts the Dojo Sensei in the Pinnacle Chamber

Get all that?

You might be tempted to go after the Dojo Sensei right now, especially if you catch your fair share of Mojo’s. But the Sensei is very difficult, and I am recommending you do not try to catch him until later in the game when you have a better tactical trap, like the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap or Zugzwang’s First Move.

When you do come back here and try to catch him, you should max out your power and cross your fingers. He is very tough. He drops the blueprints for the Onyx Mallet Trap, so if you’re wanting to build that, you have to catch the Sojo first.

That’s it for Furoma! I hope you enjoyed your stay! Lots of ways to go from here, but considering you SHOULD now be ranked at Legendary, it’s time to get your Moz map repaired and headed to the Catacombs in Bristle Woods. See you there!

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