Obtaining the Rift Base – Catching the Boss Mice in the Living Garden

Rift Base FullI created a separate page for this task due to the complexity of this task, as well as the length. I will spell it out, point by point.

The Rift Base is the luckiest base in the game that you’ve come across so far (Fissure is 12, but that’s a bit later). It also is part of the Riftwalker Set that, as of April 2014, we hunters still don’t know completely every detail about it. We do know that this base provides a 10% power bonus when used in conjunction with a Rift trap.

You obtain this trap by purchasing the blueprints in the general store of the Living Garden for 7,500,000 gold. Yikes! The next three items you need to craft are loot drops from the three most powerful mice in this area, and they are not easy to catch. And they are not easy to attract. And, to make matters worse, the charm you need to attract them (shattering charm) takes an Icuri essence to craft it. And you know how tough it is to get THOSE.


This is tough. Shattering Carmine, King Scarab, and Dark Magi mice are in their respective areas and are attracted to the “twisted” side cheese – Lunaria, Graveblossom, and Graveblossom respectively. But you can’t hunt them without a shattering charm. To craft one, you need the following:

Formula: Shattering Charm
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Aromatic Oil 1 1,000,000
Epic Orb 1 125,000
Icuri Essence 1 Crafting
Charmbit 1,000 25
Total 1,152,000 – 2,790,000

shattering charm

You know how to get an Icuri Essence – heck, you probably spent 3 months hunting in the Living Garden to get enough Icuri essences to craft your best traps (and you should do that before doing THIS quest). So, take note of your supplies. You need THREE Icuri essences to craft all three. Most people do one at a time and then re-group. This is up to you. 3 Icuri is the equivalent of catching 27 Twisted Carmines. In reality, it will take you less TC’s than this because of all the other supplies you’ll loot along the way, but let’s be safe and say it’ll take you 22 TC’s.

That being said, this is not as simple as just saying “go collect those three essences and you’re good.” Because you need lots of Graveblossom cheese to simply CATCH these mice, as well as more Lunaria.

Focus first on crafting ONE Shattering Charm, then come back here and we’ll go after our first mouse. This might take you a week or two or longer, so don’t waste time! Get to it!

Obtaining the Rift Crystal – Catching King Scarab from Sand Crypts

rift crystalI’m starting off here because of the three, this one is the hardest and will take you the longest time (and most cheese). Let’s get prepared.

  1. You need 50 grub salt charms.
  2. You need at least 100 pieces of Graveblossom cheese (don’t have it? You know what to do). I’d even error on the high side and have plenty more than that.
  3. You need the Shattering Charm
  4. I don’t think I need to mention this, but this is a SHADOW area. Use your Clockwork Portal Trap. It will next to impossible to catch the King Scarab with the Reaper’s Perch.

King ScarabYour goal is to catch the King Scarab mouse. Much like King Grub, the King Scarab must be weakened by salt charms first. But unlike the Grub, you MUST fully salt your trap, meaning you need 50 salt charms. Thankfully, these charms are only used when you successfully catch a mouse, so you know how many to buy. Get to work and salt that trap!

Once you have your trap fully salted (and you’ve probably burned through close to 80-100 pieces of cheese by now), it is time to arm your Shattering Charm. Cross your fingers and sound the horn. This mouse will pillage your trap more than likely quite a bit before you catch him. I missed him 14 times before I finally caught him on try # 15. The good news is this: your shattering charm is NOT used unless you CATCH this mouse. Whew!

Your reward is inside the Scarab Chest (along with some other goodies)!

Obtaining the Rift Stars – Catching the Dark Magi from Corrupt City

Dark Magirift starsWhile not as difficult as the King Scarab, catching this mouse might test your patience more than any other simply because of the mechanic of this location, what with the Corrupt Mouse always causing problems. Again, you need another Shattering Charm to catch this mouse. Here is your task.

  1. Use Graveblossom Cheese
  2. Dispel all three curses like you normally would
  3. Arm your Shattering Charm with your Grand Arcanum Trap (don’t try this with just the ACRONYM) and hope for the best.

Unlike my unlucky time hunting the King Scarab, I did this one pretty quickly – it took me less than 20 hunts. That’s not to say you will experience the same thing – I know of plenty of hunters who spent over 100 pieces of cheese here because they can’t safeguard against the Corrupt Mouse reigniting all those curses. Just keep at it and you’ll catch him eventually.

The Dark Magi drops the Dark Chest as loot which contains the Rift Stars as well as a host of other items to help you in this area.

Obtaining the Rift Mist – Catching Shattered Carmine from the Twisted Garden

rift mistThis one is a little more straight-forward, but you need Lunaria cheese to hunt for Shattered Carmine, as well as the aforementioned shattering charm (and of course, the Phantasmic Oasis Trap).

With strictly Lunaria cheese armed and no charm, you’re hunting Twisted Carmine. Arming the shattering charm will Shattered Carminereplace her in the mouse population with your real target, Shattered Carmine. Simply sound your horn and hunt.

My first go of this, I ran out of Lunaria cheese without catching her. That is a real possibility. If this happens to you, you’ll need to get back into position again with more Lunaria and hunt some more. This can potentially take awhile. Shattered Carmine seems to be the “toughest” of the three boss mice.

Once you catch her, she drops the Shattered Chest as loot, which as various goodies inside along with the Rift Mist.

You are now ready to craft the Rift Base. Simply combine the three loot drops with the blueprints and the Rift Base is yours.

8 comments on “Obtaining the Rift Base – Catching the Boss Mice in the Living Garden

  1. I’m guessing that one could-if they wanted to, Make one of the upgraded trap and then get the ‘boss’ with the chest and not wait until getting all the upgraded traps before going after the ‘bosses’.

    • It’s possible but not advised. Why? Because you till need to hunt in all 3 areas for materials to make the shattering charms and cheese you need to catch the trinity.

      Having only 1 upgraded trap and then going for one of the trinity before moving on to the other traps will mean that your overall progress will be quite a bit slower since you pretty much need to hunt in all 3 areas to make the shattering charm.

  2. It’s possible to skip traps but it’ll make your progress slower as Delrath points out. My wife did the Sand Dunes and Crypts with the Reapers Perch, but that was driven out of gold necessity – she didn’t have enough to craft the CPT.

  3. Suggestion: It might be worth mentioning that getting the SoS or Rune Shark trap before going after Shattered Carmine will help catch the mouse (as they are more powerful traps)

    • Rachel,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on the site!

      That is a potential strategy, though most people like to hunt in one area until they are finished. Getting the School of Sharks trap is a massive undertaking indeed, and you wouldn’t dream about tackling it with anything less than POT or CPOT. Of course, you’re spending a lot of time getting those as well in the garden. (And the Chrome kit on the market)

      SoS is an awesome trap, though I don’t tell hunters that it’s necessary until they reach the fungal cavern due to the immense cost.


  4. It states to catch the Dark Magi Mouse from Corrupt City. This should be changed to Cursed City as there is no Corrupt City and I think it was a typo.

  5. Hi Matt! I’ve been a big follower of yours and I’ll admit that through this guide I’m close to my rift base in less than 2 weeks with the help of Living Base. I’m working on my 3rd icuri for Shattering Carmine and I got King Scarab with RP so it’s not next to impossible.. 🙂 You are a big help for us returning players and newbies as well. Keep it UP!

  6. You can just skip the area, do SC, and go for FC and Laby. Then get only the rift base from LG and start the Rift areas.

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