Nerg Plains

All the mice in Nerg Plains are tactical. Your Ambush trap is not the best trap to catch them, and you’re going to get misses here, but you’re just going to have to deal with it until you can get a better trap. So what is your goal? To catch mice of course, and many of them drop savory vegetables. When you accumulate 30 veggies, it’s time to craft your next special cheese, Gumbo (and you thought you were done with that after Furoma! Silly monkey!)!

You should have tons of curds and whey and salt. If you don’t, you’ll need to get some. Fortunately, all this is sold at Cape Clawed, and guess what, we’re going back there!

Formula: Gumbo Cheese (15 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Salt 1 6
Coconut Milk 15 800 / Loot
Savoury Vegetables 30 Loot
Curds and Whey 90 12
Total 1,086 – 13,086
Formula: Gumbo Cheese (20 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Salt 1 6
Magic Essence 5 Crafting / Loot
Coconut Milk 15 800 / Loot
Savoury Vegetables 30 Loot
Curds and Whey 90 12
Total 1,086 – 13,086

Once you have the necessary supplies to craft Gumbo cheese, go ahead and make it, equip it, and STAY IN CAPE CLAWED. Use the Grandfathersame trap setup you’ve been using: Ambush and Aqua. You’re trying to catch the Grandfather mouse, who drops the thorned vine.

With 15 (or 20) pieces of Gumbo, you should catch him. Everyone I know who has done this had got him in that first batch. If you don’t, repeat the Nerg steps, get 30 more veggies, and try again.

At any rate, once you catch him, you’re going to make the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap. But before we can do that, we have to make the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap.

Sound familiar? You should have the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap already, but it was no match for the Ambush. You need to buy one thing: the thorned mouse trap blueprints from the general store in Cape Clawed. Sorry monkey, but they are 550,000 gold. GULP! You have that? Maybe, maybe not, but you should if you listened to me!. If you do, buy the plans. If you don’t, leave the isles and go farm money in Catacombs, but if you listened to me in the previous section, I said to make sure you have 800,000 when you come to the isles, and 500,000 of that should be saved after leaving Cape Clawed. This is one of the reasons why.

Formula: Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Thorned Mouse Trap Plans 1 550,000
Thorned Vine 1 Loot
Venus Mouse Trap Husk 1 299,650/Crafting
Total 849,650

You should know how to get the Husk…Smash your MVMT!! Craft that with the other two items and viola, you have the TVMT. But, what is this horrific thing I’m talking about?

Formula: Horrific Venus Mouse Trap
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk‎ 1 849,650+/Crafting
Radioactive Sludge 20 Loot
Total 849,650+

Ah ha! No sooner than you craft the TVMT, SMASH IT! Well, if you have 20 radioactive sludges that is. If you didn’t listen to me and don’t have these, you’ll need to get them. You know how to do this, so get to it already.

When you get them, smash your TVMT, take the husk, and craft it with the sludge. Viola, you have the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap. Now, you MIGHT not be able to use it. You need 3.2 million points to be able to use the HVMT. If you have it, GREAT! If not, you can either farm for points in Nerg, Catacombs or the Forbidden Grove.

Now that you’re at 3.2 million points, check your Gouda cheese stock. Make sure you have 200-300 pieces of cheese if you can afford it and head back to Nerg, this time using the HVMT.

Horrific Venus Mouse TrapNow you’re catching mice left and right. Keep hunting until you have 30 veggies to make more Gumbo. Craft it, equip it, and switch your base to the one with the highest power AND luck, which probably means your explosive base (remember to factor in the power bonus). You’re still several million points away from being able to use the Tribal base.

You’re now hunting for “the big 3” of the Nerg tribe: Defender, Slayer, and Nerg Chieftain. They drop Yellow Pepper Seeds. You WANT these. They are used in making peppers, which in turn are used to create the Havarti cheeses for hunting in the Jungle of Dread. One of the Big 3, the Chieftain, will drop 1 of the 4 pieces of the Ancient Box Trap blueprints. That is ultimately your goal in hunting the Big 3.

When your 15 pieces of Gumbo (or however many you have) are out, switch back to Gouda (and switch your base back to Aqua) and keep hunting. You want to repeat this process until you have at least 45 yellow seeds. Yes, you’ll be here awhile. Get used to it.

My advice is to keep hunting here and doing these tasks until you’re at 12 million points. Some other guides will tell you to bounce around from area to area to gather points, but what’s the point? You need to collect veggies and seeds to have a bountiful amount of cheese for the Jungle of Dread and eventually Dracano.

With the changes that took place in Mousehunt in July 2015, the above paragraph is no longer relevant, that’s why I struck through it. I didn’t want to delete it though – honestly, I don’t know how long you should stay here now. 12 million points used to be the boundary for crafting the next trap, the Ancient Spear Gun, for Elub Shore, Now that boundary is 3.5 million points. Those sneaky devs! 🙂

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