Muridae Market

The Muridae Market is a location in the Sandtail Desert region requiring a minimum rank of Baron and one Warpath Victory to enter. Red boxes are a rare sight here, though the mice can still steal gold and cheese, but not points.

When you get here, you’ll notice a new HUD and what looks like five different shops all burned up. Well, they are. The Cheese Shop, the General Store, the Trap Smith, the Charm Shoppe, and the Cartographer are all out of business thanks to the Marching Flame, and it’s up to you to rebuild the stores and get this place back on its feet.

So, where do you get the items to rebuild the shops? From the mice here silly!

You’ll want to equip your best physical trap and your Molten Shrapnel Base (you SHOULD have this by now). As for cheese, this place is a little more relaxed than the Warpath, and that’s a good thing. Brie cheese actually works just fine here, and you’ll discover that the profits made here with Brie outclass those you find in Derr Dunes.

You’ll get a lot of Limestone Bricks, and you might be tempted to rebuild the Cheese Shoppe first. In all truthfulness, the General Store should be your first target to rebuild, because you can exchange excess building materials there for other types (for a price though), including Molten Glass, which can only be purchased by exchanging shards of glass which can be obtained from Glass Blower Mice.

As you can probably tell, it’s going to take you awhile to rebuild all five shops, but when you do, your HUD will change to a very nice Marketplace.

Once you have access to the Charm Shoppe, you can buy Artisan Charms, which, besides the gold cost, will cost you 1 Limestone Brick, 1 Coconut Timber, and 1 Shard of Glass. Artisan Charms attract the Mage Weaver and Blacksmith mice, who drop Papyrus as loot.

Papyrus has two functions: used to rebuild the Cartographer, and also used to craft the Papyrus Base, the luckiest non-LE base in the game (but it’s not cheap to craft it).

Upon the completion of the Cartographer, you can also purchase the Key to the Living Garden, and it’ll take the cartographer 1 day to update your map accordingly.

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