TONS of gold here, LOTS of red boxes too. This place will drive you mad. 

There are two goals here: make loads of gold, and, if you didn’t want to get the Furoma map piece in Digby, you need to catch a Lycan mouse here. No easy task at all, though I must confess that I caught the Lycan on my first hunt ever in the Mousoleum. Lycan mice are highly attracted to MOON CHEESE, which you can buy on the Marketplace (must be on the browser version of Mousehunt to access the Market).

First things first: you have to equip your shadow trap. You want to use the Sinister Portal here. Don’t have it yet? You need to go back to the Town of Digby to buy it.

Strap it on. Next, you need to equip your radioactive cheese. Now you’re set! Your attraction rate is high here, but your catch rate is still only around 50%. Make no mistake about it; you’ll miss quite a few mice here, and you will probably get frustrated at first. But the rewards are good if you get on a lucky run. Ghost mice, the mouse you’ll catch the most of, nets around 3500 gold each catch. Then there are Bat mice, Mummy Mice, ravenous Zombie, regular Zombie, and Vampire to name a few.

All in all, you have to remain patient here. If you run out of cheese, head back to the Lab and start hunting for more potions. Obviously, you’ll get a better return on your potions if you use Super Brie+, but as previously discussed, SB+ is not readily available to the average user.

Next Steps

The main goal as a Master is to make gold. As mentioned previously, donating does offer advantages, one of which you’ll discover is the increased amount of cheese you get from potions when using Super Brie+.

You have a few options for hunting, and if you’ve done your requirements, such as earning all the map pieces you can, you can vary your hunting surroundings by alternating between the Moz, the GGT, the Lab, Digby, etc. You’ll get the most bang for your buck in the GGT, though the Moz mice drop more gold, you have limited access to the cheese needed there (dependent upon drops in the lab).

You’re going to need a high powered tactical trap in Furoma when you reach Grandmaster. As previously mentioned, you’re probably already done collecting map pieces by the time you reach 50% Master (if not before). Use this opportunity to farm radioactive sludge from your radioactive cheese. Just get a really stale trap and a really stale base (rocketine with explosive will work just fine), equip your radioactive cheese and head to the GGT. Make sure you have at least 25 pieces of cheese. You may get “unlucky” and actually catch a mouse with it, but when I did it, I got my 20 in 21 tries. It won’t take too long.

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