The Mountains are not too dissimilar from the Harbor, though you’ll see fewer frail breeds of mice here. Steel, dwarf, granite, and bionic mice are seen much more frequently, and you’ll start collecting loot from them as well: brie alchemy potions (for transforming any of the other basic cheeses into brie…for a price), splintered wood, and the item you need the most, the map to the laboratory. The map piece is dropped by a ninja mouse, and this mouse will be a tough adversary, but you should catch one eventually.

You are going to want to switch your base as well now. Since you’re no longer using Marble cheese, you don’t need the added attraction bonus that the Wooden Base w/ Target provides; your Swiss cheese will do just fine on its own. Equip your Explosive Base with your Swiss Army Trap or your Force Field trap and watch the fur fly.

One note of consideration: the mountains contain the Abominable Snow Mouse, one of the hardest mice to catch at this point of the game. Some people have tried using White Cheddar so they don’t catch the frail mice, but this is just a losing proposition. The best way to catch it is to use Force Field with Explosive Base coupled with Brie cheese. This is still a tough task to pull off, considering that even with this setup (and the mouse’s strength only being moderate against you), you will only catch 1 every 200 catches, if that. That’s a lot of cheese to go through. So let’s help you catch this sucker. How do we do that?


ProspectorYou may have noticed the Charm Shoppe in the Mountains already and wondered what that was all about. Or maybe you’re just really smart and figured it out. As you guessed, charms add bonuses to your trap. You need a conduit first. Buy it for 3,000 gold and purchase a few of the charms available if you’d like. (Refer to the Charms page for more information).

Power charms will help you catch the Abominable Snow Mouse. The attraction charm is also useful here and sells for 300 gold, adding 5% attraction. The Luck Charm adds 1 Luck and sells for 400. That one is a little over priced if you ask me however. The Prospector is an interesting one however, adding 200 power and 1% power bonus plus the ability to catch more gold and diamond mice. At 450 gold though, it’s overpriced for its benefits (at this point).PineCharmConduit

Once you’re done playing with charms, head back to the Meadow and restock your cheese. It’s time to graduate from Gnawnia (for now) and head to the Calm Clearing.

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