Meditation Room

Catching the Masters in the Meditation Room is not easy at this point of the game, but you have to do it. With your best setup, you’re probably only going to catch a master one time in three hunts, if that.
Keep at it though, and keep repeating the previous steps in the Dojo if you run out of cheese to catch masters. Your goal is to collect the shards so you can ultimately make the Ambush, which will make your job a little easier. That being said, the first time I went through Furoma, I was so frustrated with it I swore I’d never return. It’s not easy, and you’re going to have some ups and downs, but stick with it and collect those shards!

Once you have at least one shard of each discipline, you can craft the Ambush once you obtain the blueprints, which you may or may not have at this point, but here’s what you need to do!

Craft the Ambush!

If you are at 960,000 points, you are ready to craft the Ambush. Well, almost ready.

  • 1 Ambush Blueprint
  • 1 Master’s Seal
  • 3 Rice Paper
  • 5 Splintered Wood
  • 8 Droid Parts

AmbushSo what about these Ambush Blueprints, you say? There are a few things you can do to get these: you may have already caught an Assassin mouse in the training grounds who had them, but maybe not. The easiest way to get this is to catch a Hapless Mouse in the Pinnacle Chamber.

“But Matt, it’s me, silly Monkey again! How do I do that with the Master of the Dojo there?”

It’s easier than you think. The MOJO will not be attracted with regular cheese, but of course, Hapless mice do. Arm your tactical trap with either swiss or brie cheese and just wait for a Hapless mouse to drop the blueprints. It may take a few times but it shouldn’t take very long. This is far easier and much more manageable than waiting for the random Assassin mouse to come knocking (and they are tough to catch anyway).

How do you craft the Master’s Seal? Easy.

  • 1 Master Claw Shard
  • 1 Master Fang Shard
  • 1 Master Belt Shard

Additional shards are also necessary to craft Rumble Cheese, which is used to attract the Master of the Dojo in the Pinnacle Chamber. More on that in the next section.

Use up all your master level cheeses, and take stock of your shard supplies. How many of EACH do you have? You need 1 piece from each discipline to make 3 pieces of Rumble Cheese (used to catch the Mojo in the section below). So do the math: if you have 3 from each kind, you can make 9 pieces of Rumble.

You need 1 unit of ionized salt and 20 units of curds (to go along with the shards) to make Rumble Cheese. If you don’t have those, head to the Bazaar in the Burroughs, buy enough for what you need, and I’ll meet you in the Pinnacle Chamber.

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