Lost City

Getting a little confused yet? Don’t worry, it’s gets tougher.

The Lost City functions in a similar fashion to the Sand Dunes, except here you’re trying to dispel a curse that is keeping the Cynd-essence-carrying mice away. You also need to use your strongest arcane trap, which undoubtedly is probably the ACRONYM. Keep the same base you’ve been using.


The mini-game here is to dispel the curse. Go to the charm shop, buy a searcher charm, equip it, and sound the horn. If you catch a mouse, it will dispel the curse. If you have more than one searcher charm, you’ll need to unequip them after clearing the curse.


You’ll notice here that the Dreamfluff Herb is illuminated instead. That’s what the mice drop here. You should pay attention to the number of loot drops you’ll receive however. The mice in the Lost City drop more Herbs on average than the mice in the Dunes drop petals.

So why is this important?

The next cheese you’ll use after your Dewthief Camembert is Duskshade Camembert. To buy it in the cheese shop, not only do youDreamfluff Herb need gold, but you need 1 Duskshade Petal + 1 Dreamfluff Herb to buy 1 Duskshade Camembert. This is why I said they need to be as equal as you can get them. You don’t want to use all 500 pieces of your Dewthief cheese in the Lost City and suddenly realize that you have none left to get Duskshade Petals in the Sand Dunes.

A balancing act is needed then. You’ll have to go back and forth between the Sand Dunes and the Lost City to make sure you’re equal, or as equal as you can get. You’ll need to pay close attention to it. Once you’re close to running out of Dewthief Camembert cheese, it’s time to get prepared to move to the next area.

Go to the cheese shop and buy as many Duskshade Camembert’s as you can, and travel back to the Living Garden (I know I know, this small section is in the Lost City, just read it though).

Simple task here: Arm your Oasis Node Trap, your best base, and your Duskshade Camembert. Notice the mice list with this setup: there are only 3. You need to catch Carmine the Apothecary. She’s tough, but not overly tough. When you do catch her, the Living Garden changes! It becomes the Twisted Garden!

2 comments on “Lost City

  1. Minor nitpick but “You also need to use your strongest arcane trap, which undoubtedly is probably the ACRONYM.” The words “undoubtedly” and “probably” contradict each other.

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