Living Garden

The Living Garden was initially teased as a location when the Muridae Market first opened. The Hitgrab developers worked on this section for over a year, scraping many ideas before finally coming up with one of the largest releases in Mousehunt history.

The Living Garden (and its subsequent cousin-areas) is not for the faint at heart. It is not necessarily a hard place to hunt but it takes incredible patience. My FAQ will go over the basic mechanic of the area, as well as the suggestion progression.

  1. Strong Hydro Trap, preferably the Oasis Water Node Trap. The Steam Laser MKIII will work, but the OWNT can be further upgraded eventually, so I would highly suggest using it instead. Do not attempt to tackle this with the Heat Bath or anything below it.
  2. Strong Shadow Trap, preferably the Reaper’s Perch. The Clockapult of Time will work, but not as well, but it should be noted that the upgraded trap you’ll need requires a smashed clock, so you’ll need the CoT at some point.
  3. Strong Arcane Trap. You should have the ACRONYM. It is the only in-game arcane trap that you’ll have anyway (LE traps notwithstanding).
  4. Brie cheese will work, but Gouda is recommended (for those non-SB+ users) to start.
  5. One (or more) of the Super Bases. Silver/Gold tournament, Spellbook, Molten Shrapnel, or heck, even Papyrus will be good (or any LE base you may have that’s better).
  6. Gold reserves – I wouldn’t go into this area with less than 4 million gold.

The Living Garden

Upon traveling to the Living Garden for the first time, you’ll notice the HUD has changed, and there is a lot of things to take in all at once. Before we get to this, arm your best Hydro trap, your luckiest base, and your gouda cheese (brie works but gouda is better).

Living Garden HUD

SpongeDon’t pay attention to the numbers on the image – your numbers will show zero! This is simply a screen shot at a moment in time.

Let’s start on the left – the dewdrop, the water canister, and the “Pour” button. In the Charm Shop, you can purchase Blue Sponge Charms. Equip these, and every mouse you catch will drop a Dewdrop as loot. When you have used 20 charms to collect 20 dewdrops, you’re canister and dewdrop meter will look like this:


Clicking the “Pour” button will make the ground extra moist, which will attract the Thirsty Mouse! Your HUD will now look like this:


Essence PrismWhy do we want to do this? Well, let’s examine the other two parts of the HUD. On the right, there are 9 essences we must collect to build various wonderful new traps. Most mice will only drop Aleth (the most basic essence) at the beginning of the Living Garden. Thirsty mice drop Cynd essence. You can craft essences together, with an essence prism, to create the next essence in the chain of command.

  • 3 Aleth essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Ber essence
  • 3 Ber essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Cynd essence
  • 3 Cynd  essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Dol essence
  • 3 Dol essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Est Essence
  • 3  Est Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Fel Essence
  • 3  Fel Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Gur Essence
  • 3  Gur Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Hix Essence
  • 3  Hix Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Icuri Essence

As mentioned, most mice will drop Aleth, though a few will drop Ber, but not in great quantities. As you progress further into this area, you’ll find that different mice drop more powerful essences for you to collect.

The middle section of the HUD tracks your loot progress. This is your cheese-buying loot. Whereas other areas, like Furoma, the Isles, etc, you had to craft the next level of cheese, here in the Living Garden you must buy it, but you still need certain parts to buy it.

Along with collecting essences, you’ll notice these mice will be dropping Dewthief Petals. In fact, it is highlighted on your HUD, while the others are dimmed out. This is the only loot being dropped (other than essence) by these mice.

You need to collect A LOT of Dewthief Petals. Each petal corresponds with one piece of Dewthief Camembert cheese (the image on the left). During my first try through this area (and like other places, it is a journey), I collected 300 petals before “moving on.” My second, I collected 650. My suggestion would be to collect at least 600 Dewthief Petals, which equals 600 pieces of Dewthief Camembert.

What exactly will collecting 600 do in the long run? After all, the Living Garden is a multi-layered area. If you follow the following steps….

  1. Collect 600 Dewthief Petals
  2. Only use Magic Essense to purchase Lunaria cheese (much later)
  3. Play for 8 hours a day, on average

…you will have enough essences to craft the Phantasmic Oasis Trap upon the “completion” of your run. 550 Dewthief petals will get the job done as well, I was just being a little generous.

It is noted that this is assuming you’re starting with nothing at all. The POT trap will be your first Living Garden trap you’ll want to craft.

The important thing here is to just be patience while collecting the loot, and to keep sounding the horn. You’re in this area for the long haul. Stick with the FAQ here and you’ll end up just fine. When you’ve collected the suggested number of petals and have purchased your Dewthief Camembert cheese, it’s time to move on to the next area. The decision (Lost City vs. Sand Dunes) is entirely up to you, but for the sake of this FAQ, we’re going to the Sand Dunes next.

3 comments on “Living Garden

  1. In the paragraph explaining the dew drops, water canister and pour button it says “When you have used 20 charms to collect 20 dewdrops, you’re canister and dewdrop meter will look like this:”

    It should be “your canister” instead of “you’re”. 🙂

  2. One should consider a trip to the Gnawnian Rift ASAP to get the Living Base there, and then come back for increased Herb and Petal drops.

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