Lagoon (Grandmaster)

If you haven’t paid attention and didn’t buy the Venus Mouse Trap, now would be a good time to do that. Hopefully you paid attention enough in the Burroughs section to obtain 20 radioactive sludges as well at the previvous level. If you’ve ignored me up to this point, back-track to the Burroughs section and read how to do that. When you’re finished, catch up with the rest of us at the next paragraph.

Everyone here? Good.

Go to your crafting tab in your inventory. Click on your hunter’s hammer. Then select the VMT. Then click the link to smash it (it may ask to confirm). Go ahead, smash it to dust, and you have the Husk. Go back to your crafting page. In the box, select the husk. In the next one, select 20 sludges. Click craft. Now you have the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, the best tactical weapon until you can create the Ambush!

(Note: It is worth noting that you might be able to do this at the Master level; I’m not sure where the relative point breaks are for the various levels anymore since they’ve been modified so heavily since I played this section. The MVMT might be available before Grandmaster, just depends when you meet the point requirement.)

To be successful in the Lagoon, you need to use gnarled cheese. Remember all those potions you collected from the GGT? Here is where you use them. Very similar to the radioactive potions you’ve previously used. Be sure to always use gnarled (or wicked gnarled) in the Lagoon.

The objective here is simple: catch a hydra mouse and hope he has the blueprints for the Ship (more on this later). The idea is simple. Catching him is NOT. The “best” way to catch him is to use the Digby DrillBot which can be purchased in Digby for around 450,000. Not cheap at all. Or, you can use the Force Field (assuming the use of Dehydration Base due to the luck). Here are the catch rates for the Hydra.

DDB: 20%
FF: 18%
MVMT: 17%

None of these traps will give you a big edge. However, the MVMT is more successful against all the Lagoon mice collectively than the other two traps, so I actually used that setup instead. The choice is obviously yours though, as at some point, you’re going to need the Digby Drillbot, for no other reason than to smash it and craft something else.

A lot of people have problems catching the Hydra. Just keep at it. You may even catch one and find out you didn’t get any loot from him. That sucks, but you have to keep going. You could buy the blueprints in the catacombs, but this is extremely expensive, and you’ll be wasting a lot of money doing this.

This the end of the Grandmaster section for Whisker Woods. Time to either check out Furoma or Bristle Woods! The section below is about the Silth, a mouse you don’t want to tackle yet!

Catching a Silth

The Silth is a mouse that is not easily caught with Grandmaster traps, hence why I sent you away. Now, go away! Come back when you’re all grown up and have a hydro trap!

Ah, there you are! My oh my, you’ve grown! And look at your Hydro Trap! Ready to catch a silth? Equip your Wicked Gnarled Cheese (remember those potions you got from the Curious Chemist?) and have at it! You’ll want to use your luckiest base, which is probably the Aqua Base at this point. Good luck!

2 comments on “Lagoon

  1. Does it make a difference if you use a Hydro trap vs. using something like the HVMT to catch the Silth? Since it says that both Hydro and Tactical are very effective against, and I can catch more mice using a tactical trap in the Lagoon so my losses aren’t as bad when I miss on him. I’m between nerg and elub right now trying to grab a Silth and possibly a Sensei while I wait until I’m at 12 mil. points, so I don’t have the ASG yet, just the net cannon (I bought the hydro trap the moment I hit the ship. Sue me. :p ).

    • Ha! I would never sue you! 🙂 Obviously, I’m here just to help guide you, you are more than free to hunt how you see fit.

      Tactical traps have 125% effectiveness against the Silth. Hydro traps have 175% effectiveness.

      ASG: Effective power (3600 * 1.75) 6300, effective luck 21 (12*1.75) (against Silth)
      HVMT: Effective power (3400 * 1.25) 4250, effective luck 20 (16*1.25) (against Silth)

      I’ve caught it with both types. But using a hydro trap is the better option for this mouse specifically, but as you stated, using a tactical trap will allow you to catch more mice there because every other mouse in the Lagoon has a 175% weakness to tactical traps.

      So…………it comes down to, how lucky do you feel? LOL. Honestly either choice will catch the Silth at some point. If you don’t care about the other mice, use Hydro. If you want to maximize your catches for everything with a slight dip in effectiveness against the Silth, use a tactical.

      Thanks for reading the site.


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