Labyrinth & Zokor

Hello Mousehunters!

The Labyrinth opened September 9, 2015, and it has proven to be one of the most complicated areas yet in all of Mousehunt! To which I say, “Bring it on!”

First things first: you must have purchased the Labyrinth key (this is the map piece) in the Fungal Caverns. It will cost you 1 Crystal Crucible.

Also, you want to make sure you take your time and upgrade to the Crystal Crucible Trap, which I discuss in my analysis of Forgotten traps. The only other in-game, non-LE trap you would have at this point is the Ancient Box Trap or Pressure Plate Trap, neither of which are suitable for hunting in the Labyrinth. So take your time, do your prep work, otherwise you’re going to struggle mightily.

Starting out – Run #1 in the Labyrinth

You need:

  • Strong Forgotten Trap (preferably Crystal Crucible Trap)
  • Strong Base (preferably the Fissure or Rift)
  • Really good charms (not needed, but I’d recommend something like super cactus or ancient)
  • Glowing Gruyere cheese is highly recommended. Super Brie and Gouda are almost identical in their use, so that means, DON’T USE SUPER BRIE.
  • Buy a Lantern for 33,333

Your goals:

  • Catch all mice, including Retired Minotaur (1 million gold, and 1 million points)
  • Craft all new traps (2 Forgotten traps, 1 Arcane, 1 Shadow)
  • Buy and craft the 2 new bases

Labyrinth & Zokor Facts

  • Plain Treasury hallways are not unlocked until you have at least 15 total clues (includes dead end clues)
  • Plain Farming hallways are always available with the exception of your first 3 choices
  • Plain hallways only carry mice that drop 1 clue (without oil)
  • Superior hallways (with +2 clue mice) are only unlocked once you have 15 clues of that specific clue type
  • Epic hallways (with +3 clue mice) are only unlocked once you have 60 clues of that specific clue type
  • Obtaining the Labyrinth theme scraps requires 100 clues of district-specific clues
  • You must have the following number of clues for the following Zokor districts to appear
    • 15 district specific clues: Stealth Tier 1/Alert Level 1. All actions reduce stealth by 1
    • 50 district specific clues: Stealth Tier 2/Alert Level 2. All catches reduce stealth by 1, FTC reduces by 2
    • 80 district specific clues: Stealth Tier 3/Alert Level 3. All catches reduce stealth by 1, FTC reduces by 3
      • Please note: There are only Tier 2 Treasury and Farming districts, but 100 clues are still needed to obtain the Theme scrap.

When you first travel here, the HUD will look like this. You have to pick a door. For your first time, it does not matter. I repeat: IT DOES NOT MATTER. So stop sending me messages about what door to pick the first time!



For my first run,I chose the first door, the Short Plain Fealty Hallway. Regardless, the screenshot below will show you what it will look like (depends on your choice, but they are all very similar).


Your progress bar is right in the middle. See that “0/100” to the right? Yeah? That bar directly to the left is your progress bar. Mouse over it and you’ll see this. This is your progress for getting out of the Labyrinth and into the City of Zokor.My HUD2

Your ultimate goal is to catch the Retired Minotaur and craft all the new and awesome traps. You’re a long way away from that. But we have to start somewhere. This is where the progress bar comes into play. On my first run, I didn’t focus on one category (because it was everyone’s first run!). Now that I’ve gone through it multiple times, I can emphatically say that you want to focus your efforts on ONE of the categories.

Each of those white dots on the picture above represents a “landmark” so to speak in your clue-gathering journey. As the text says, they are at 15, 50, and 80. Once you reach 100 TOTAL clues (including dead end clues, more on this below), you’ll finish a hallway and then go into the city. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go ahead and choose a door (if you haven’t already) and get started.

**If you use Brie/Gouda/SB+, you will attract the Shadow Stalker mouse, which is a very tough mouse and he does not give you clues for getting out of the Labyrinth.**

Labyrinth Journal

Sound your horn. If you take a look at my screen shots here, you’ll get an idea for how your journal will update. There are some mice, like the Corridor Bruiser Mouse, who will NOT drop a “clue” if you catch him, but a miss, and you’ll get a dead end clue.

Keep gathering clues. Once you reach the end of your corridor, you’ll be at an intersection. There will be doors available. Depending on the number of dead end clues you picked up (you don’t want these!), you’l have an option of 1-3 doors to you.

Let’s say you picked up 7 Fealty clues and at the next intersection, one of your doors is another Fealty corridor. Pick that one. You want to focus on ONE type and gather as many as you can.


The clues you pick up directly correspond to the level of stealth (i.e. potential hunts) in the City of Zokor. Once you’re out of stealth, you’re kicked out and put back at the beginning of the Labyrinth (think: running out of oxygen while on a dive in Sunken City). We’ll go over that later, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Keep sounding your horn. Gather clues. Eventually, you’ll reach 100.

At 100 Clues – Moving on to the City of Zokor for the first time

Once you reach 100 total clues (all of them added together), you’ll need to finish your current corridor and then you’ll be given a choice of what door you’ll enter in the City of Zokor. Here is how it works.

  • If you get a section to 15 stealth but less than 50, you’ll receive a tier 1 location.
    • Catching AND missing mice will reduce your stealth by 1
  • 50 to 80, tier 2. Mice are stronger.
    • Catching mice reduces stealth by 1
    • Missing mice reduces stealth by 2
  • Over 80? Tier 3. These are the boss halls.
    • Catching mice reduces stealth by 1
    • Missing mice reduces stealth by 3

For the sake of this guide, right now I’m going to assume you don’t have 80 clues on your first run (read down later for that info). Check your clues. Your first trip through will probably get one or two above 15 but probably none will be over 50 unless you got lucky. Unless you managed to get 15 or more in Treasury Clues, pick the door where you have more clues than others.

Loot in CityNow you’ll just hunt until you’re out of stealth. You will gather loot based on what location you’re in. Treasury Zones, you’ll gather the first three all at once (in the pic above). Farming zones will drop both nightshade and fungus. As you can see from the screenshot, this was taken within a Treasury Zone because the first 3 are all lit up with a green dot.

You are gathering loot shown in the pic, as well as lamp oil as well. When you use oil in the Labyrinth on subsequent runs, catching a mouse that drops a clue will result in an extra clue being dropped.

Once you’re out of stealth, you move back to the Labyrinth.

Next steps – Run #2 and beyond in the Labyrinth

If you were lucky enough to get a Treasury District, you probably have enough Plates of Fealty, Tech Power Cores and Scholar Scrolls (need 25 each) to purchase the Labyrinth Base. “100 power? 10 luck? Matt, are you sure?”


This base has a great special Endless Labyrinth Trapbenefit: it will occasionally take a dead end clue and suck it into the base, making it disappear! In layman’s terms, some dead end clues won’t affect you. My rate currently is around 60%. Other people haven’t been as lucky. I’m guessing 50% is a good target.

If you didn’t get a treasury district, you’ll have to balance your loot to get this base. So, focus your next runs on the pieces of loot you need from the City of Zokor. Keep hunting. Sound that horn. You’re going to be here awhile.

For your second run, pick one of the areas that you didn’t the first time and focus on that. Same for the third run. Mix in a farming run here and there. KEEP HUNTING. This will not be a quick area. Keep building supplies.

After you get the Labyrinth Base, you should aim for the Endless Labyrinth Trap as your next conquest. To get this trap, you’re going to have to use the advanced tactics below. It will be much easier to continue marching through this area with the a trap that’s even better than the Crystal Crucible Trap.

Advanced Tactics – How to use Oil, Shuffler Cubes, Magnets, Labyrinth Base, Glowing Gruyere etc. to maximize your hunting and get the best loot

That was a long title, right? 🙂

There is an expensive donation package available that will assist you in your labyrinth efforts, but without buying that, you’re going to be stuck gathering all the materials to make many, many runs through this location if you want all the traps and bases. As I said in the section above, getting the Labyrinth Base should be your first priority. It’s not hard to get.

When to use/How to UseOil

  • Oil: When you use oil in your lantern, and you catch a mouse that drops a clue, you’ll receive an extra bonus clue (only 1 extra though). This is incredibly useful when trying to get to the Tier 3 districts in Zokor.
    • The Tier 3 districts in Zokor contain the boss. Once you defeat the boss, you get the special loot needed for the Minotaur Key. (more on this below)
    • Remember: you only have 100 “clues” to gather in the Labyrinth. When you can loot multiple clues per step, that’s not only more stealth you’ll have in Zokor, but access to the Tier 3 districts.
  • ShShuffler Cubeuffler Cubes: When you come to an intersection and you don’t like the doors, use one of these to get a new set of 3 doors. This is incredibly useful when you’re aiming at one long run of the same clues and don’t want to waste hunts in another type of hallway.
  • Magnets: Magnets are best saved for later, when you’re hunting for the Minotaur’s layer. They remove 3 clues from every applicable pool of clues you have stored up, including dead end clues.Compass Magnet
  • Cheese
    • Unless you’re aiming to get a set of clues over 80, I would NOT recommend using Glowing Gruyere.
      • The reasoning behind this is simple: Glowing Gruyere is a crafted cheese, and the components to craft it (namely: nightshade) are difficult to obtain. I usually save my GG for Superior and Epic hallways where I can attract and catch mice that drop 2 or 3 clues at a time.
    • Glowing GruyereWhile Gouda does attract the Shadow Stalker mouse, you can use this safely when you don’t need to get a section to 80 clues.
    • FTA’s do NOT hurt you. Therefore, if you’re not going to use Glowing Gruyere, use Gouda. Do not, under any circumstance, use Super Brie here.
  • Bases
    • Labyrinth Base: Should be used 100% of the time in the Labyrinth once you can purchase it (until you can get the Minotaur Base). The chance to eat up dead end clues is invaluable.
    • Minotaur BaseMinotaur Base: It has the same properties of the Labyrinth Base and also more power and luck than any base in the game. Safe to say, once you get this base, you’ll never NOT use it.

Getting to the Minotaur Lair and catching the Minotaur

You’re here. You’re ready to go after the Minotaur. To review, you should have done the following:

  1. Purchase Labyrinth Base
  2. Defeat the boss mice TWICE each – meaning you have the Endless Labyrinth Trap AND the Minotaur Key
  3. Store up lots of each of the district’s specific loot (to buy magnets and shuffler cubes).
  4. Have been on at least 1 (or more) farming runs to have plenty of GG stocked up (at least 150 pieces).

minotaur-keyTo reach the Minotaur’s Lair, you have to have at least 30 clues in the three main disciplines: Fealty, Tech, and Scholar.

Let’s do some basic math: 30 x 3 = 90. That only leaves 10 clues left over until you reach 100 (and when you reach 100 clues and hit the end of your hallway, you leave the Labyrinth). “Matt, it’s easy, just get 30 of each, and it’s fine.” If it were only that simple. Remember, there are dead end clues. Also, you may experience bad luck in hallways. It’s difficult to gauge where you’ll be.

OilFirst things first: pick a door. Again, it doesn’t matter. Hunt. Evaluate your situation at the end of the hall. You’re obviously not at 30 clues yet. So pick another door (of the 3 main ones that is – don’t pick farming or treasure doors).

Keep hunting. I wouldn’t use oil yet. Keep an eye on your dead end clues as well. If you get to 10 or more, don’t panic. We can deal with those. But don’t let them get too out of hand. And don’t use magnets until you have at least gone through all 3 different hallways.

…time passes….

Let’s say you’re getting close and at the end of a hallway with 98 total clues, and you have 36 Fealty, 33 Tech, 18 Scholar, and 11 dead end clues. There are 3 doors in front of you. None of them are Scholar doors. This is where you would use a shuffler cube. And you don’t just wait until you get a Scholar door. No, you’re looking for a Long Superior Scholar hallway. You want as many chances as possible to get those 18 clues to 30. That’s only 12 clues. Using oil in a long superior hallway, you should make it just fine.

BShuffler Cubeut let’s say you’re one step away from the end of a hallway and you’re already at 105 clues, and you still need 12 more scholar clues to reach 30 (and everything else is the same above, except dead end clues are at 18). Regardless of your next hunt, you WILL reach the end of the Labyrinth if you don’t use a Magnet. Let’s use one. Now are numbers are as follows:

  • Fealty: 33
  • Tech: 30
  • Scholar: 15
  • Dead End: 15

That leaves us with 93 total clues. Using one more magnet would take 3 off each, giving you 81 total clues, but this would be a disastrous choice, because then you’d only have 12 scholar clues, and no longer could get the Superior hallways. Leave it where it is at 93. Hunt. Hope to NOT get a clue, but you can’t help what you get. Regardless, use your shuffler cubes again until you locate a Superior Scholar hallway. You now need 15 clues. Use oil, and you still have a good shot at making it.

Compass MagnetThese are just two examples. Obviously your situation might be different. But you can use the same concept for your own unique situation. Or you can contact me via email if you need an immediate answer.

MinotaurOnce you do get everything balanced at 30 clues or more, reach the end of your current hallway, and you’ll have the Minotaur Lair appear on your door choices for the City of Zokor.

What now?

You hunt. You hunt until you catch the Minotaur. There isn’t anything special to do. You just sound your horn and see what happens. I’ve never heard of anyone not catching it (i.e. failing). Sound your horn, and eventually, he’ll be yours.

Possible minotaur loot (he will ALWAYS drop one of the following):

  • Really, Really Shiny GoldReally, Really Shiny Gold: This is what you’ll receive most of the time that you catch the Minotaur. You need 6 of this loot drop to craft the Minotaur Base. It can be bought and sold on the marketplace.
  • Enigmatic CoreEnigmatic Core: The main part in the best Forgotten trap, the Infinite Labyrinth Trap. You only need one of these to craft the new trap. It can be bought and sold on the marketplace. It is a rare drop by the minotaur.
  • Essence of DestructionEssence of Destruction: The main part in the best Arcane trap, the Event Horizon Trap. You only need one of these to craft the new trap. It can be bought and sold on the marketplace. It is a rare drop by the minotaur.
  • Temporal Shadow PlateTemporal Shadow Plate: The main part in the best Shadow trap, the Temporal Turbine Trap. You need TWO of these to craft the new trap. It can be bought and sold on the marketplace. It is a rare drop by the minotaur.