Sounds fun, but really, it’s not. The Laboratory is full of mice that you’ve seen before: granite, steel, bionic. These mice might also drop Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions. You NEED these. You need a lot of these, more than you can even imagine really. Stockpile them.

UPDATEAs of January 2014, a new area, the Toxic Spill, has been released, and Radioactive Blue Cheese has become more important than ever! Be sure to stockpile a lot of this cheese in anticipation for the higher ranks when you can access the Toxic Spill location! 

You’ll also need to be on the lookout for the dwarf mouse (seriously, are there dwarf mice everywhere??). This mouse holds the key to the Town of Digby. More on this in a minute.

You also might want the map to the Mousoleum (Moz). This can be found by catching a zombie mouse. Not necessarily an easy task, but it’ll come eventually. More on this in a minute as well.

Before we move on, this is what you need in the Lab: Radioactive Cheese potions, Moz map, and Digby key. Got it? Good, now get to work, and when you’ve obtained both maps, let’s move on for now.

Note: You will undoubtedly come back to the lab to continue farming radioactive blue potions. Just because I wrote a few paragraphs about this area doesn’t mean you’re here for a short time; instead, this area is fairly vanilla…you’re repeating a task over and over. For your first run through here, I’d stockpile at least 100 potions.

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