King’s Gauntlet

The King’s Gauntlet is a horrible place to hunt – hence the name “Gauntlet.” It will drive you mad; it will drive you crazy; it will consume so much time that if you fail, you might just contemplate giving up MouseHunt entirely (I’ve seen it happen).

There are several calculators out there that people have put together. I have my own that I use personally (not on Google Docs for the reason I’m about to give), but I don’t share it, mainly because I gave it to a former player and he used it religiously and passed it on, and three people did the very minimum based on my calculations and all three failed to catch the Eclipse. I told all three that it was based on estimates and the actual results could vary. They were all upset, tried to get me banned from the game, blah blah blah. Needless to say, I don’t share the formula anymore, but I am willing to give you my recommendations (and I err on the high side).

Before you begin

There are a few things we need to do first.

  1. Loot a crown jewel from the Master Burglar mouse either in Town of Gnawnia or Bazaar.
  2. Exchange the jewel at the cartographer in the Harbor for the Gauntlet floor plans (this will take 24 hours to complete).
  3. Pick up the plans, enter the King’s Gauntlet (Located in the “Valor” area on the map).

The KG contains a total of 8 levels (called tiers). Different mice populate different tiers, and by and large, they are susceptible to different power types. Theoretically, each tier is supposed to have harder mice, but honestly, you won’t run into difficult mice until Tier 6. The good thing is that each tier is not a different area – instead, all you do is change your cheese to attract the different mice, so there is no travel required. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Tier 1 (Physical)

The mice in this level are incredibly weak and offer little reward. The minimum luck needed to have a 100% catch rate is 11, regardless of power type. Check your trap and base inventory (also consider your Lucky Gold Shield). You need to max out your attraction rate and keep a minimum luck of 11.

We’re maxing out our attraction because I’m going to advise you to use Swiss cheese on Tier 1 instead of brie or gouda (do NOT use Super Brie). With Swiss, you’re going to break even in terms of profit, but that’s not your goal. Your goal is to obtain Tier 2 potions.

How many is the big question. Like other potions in the game, you can imbue them with regular cheese or Super Brie to give you the next tier cheese. Obviously Super Brie returns a larger number of pieces. If you use the recommended setups all the way through AND use all Super Brie for conversions, I calculate that you only need to loot 15 Tier 2 potions.


I personally value Super Brie more than this (for it’s magic essence). Therefore, I only like to use Super Brie in the KG when I have Tier 6 potions. For the sake of this guide, I’m going to recommend you imbue potions with normal cheese in tier 1 through 5 and Super Brie at tier 6 through 8.

This means you need anywhere (based on my math and from 67 to 124 tier 2 potions to get 1 Tier 8 potion. That’s a really wide range. Since we all like round numbers, I’ll make it simple: Obtain 100 Tier 2 potions (this will take you approximately 280 pieces of Swiss Cheese to hunt with to get 100 potions).

Tier 2 (Physical)

Mice here again are incredibly weak. Make sure your luck rating is at least 13 and you’ll have a 100% CR, again regardless of power type. With at least 13 luck, again try to max out your attraction rating.

If you followed my advice, you used Swiss cheese to imbue your potions. Keep hunting, collecting tier 3 potions. Completely exhaust your supply of T2 cheese before moving on.

Tier 3 (Tactical)

At this stage, we need to start following the power type recommendation, which is tactical. Minimum luck for 100% CR is now 18. Arm your Tier 3 cheese and sound that horn! Collect Tier 4 potions, exhaust your supply of T3 cheese, and then you can move on.

Tier 4 (Tactical)

Minimum luck here is getting much higher; it’s 33. You may not be able to achieve that, it just depends on what traps you have. Even if you can’t do that, your catch rate here is still incredibly high. Again, you’re still using store-bought cheese to imbue your potions you collect. Hunt until you’re out of T4 cheese and them make your T5 cheese.

Tier 5 (Shadow)

Tiers are getting harder now. Min luck is now 35. You can’t achieve that with shadow traps unless you have the Clockwork Portal Trap already (Reaper’s Perch gets you really close at 33 if you have LGS and a 10 luck base). Regardless, hunt with T5 cheese to get T6 potions. Remember, my recommendation is that once you run out of T5 cheese, imbue your T6 potions with Super Brie. If you did collect 100 T2 potions originally, you’re probably still safe if you use regular brie here, but it’s going to be close.

Tier 6 (Arcane)

Minimum luck is now 45, which is basically impossible without the Grand Arcanum Trap, 10 luck base, LGS, and a Super Lucky Charm. Here you need to use your best Arcane trap, which is probably the ACRONYM. Use your best base and sound the horn. Collect T7 potions and imbue them with Super Brie once you’re out of T6 cheese.

Tier 7 (Hydro)

At this stage, there are only two mice (Fiend and Necromancer). Both are not that easy to catch, and you might not have a lot of cheese (9 pieces? 12?). You need to use your best hydro trap, and I honestly wouldn’t even try this unless you already have the Steam Laser MK1. There are some LE Hydro traps that can work (Ice Blaster comes to mind), but don’t attempt this with the Ancient Spear Gun. Use all your cheese, and hope and pray you loot a Tier 8 potion. Minimum luck for 100% CR is 54, which can’t be achieved without using an ultimate luck charm.

Tier 8 (Forgotten)

The Eclipse mouse is worth 379,000 points and 300,000 gold. He is insanely weak to Forgotten traps, so much so that any forgotten trap in the game will catch him 100% of the time. My recommendation is to use your freshest base with your Ancient Box Trap because you don’t want to take the chance of your cheese going stale and losing it.

Good luck hunters!

34 comments on “King’s Gauntlet

  1. I’ve caught all the mice up to tier 7 with my ambrosial portal and ultimate luck charms. However the loot drops suck past tier 4. Is that cause I’m not doing it the way you’re “supposed” to, or do the next tier potion drops get scarcer? I use Snowball charms on the first 5 floors because they’re cheap and give a slight edge. Now I’ve been stocking up on Super Brain Charms and Super Cactus Charms. I’m quite confident I can catch the Eclipse mouse with a trap that’s not Forgotten, if I add some charms like those I mentioned or the 2015 Charm too. My strongest is the Onyx Mallet, then the Ambush, then the forcefield trap. Your thoughts?

    * I have hundreds of Swiss cheese I bought long ago for the King’s Gauntlet. I want to catch the Eclipse Mouse at least 4 times to stock up on gold. More would help though, when Ronza visits

    • Alicanto,

      I would be very, very scared of trying to use a non-Forgotten trap on the Eclipse. I know people have done it. My opinion is that this is permanent content – it’s not going anywhere, so my advice would be to get the Ancient Box Trap before hunting for it. I had a former MH friend who literally quit the game when he went all the way to T7 and didn’t loot a single T8 potion. Just up and quit because he spent so much time on it. I’d hate for you to get there and miss because you didn’t use the most optimal trap.

      As for using your Sinister Portal and ULCs, well, I suppose if it worked for you, that’s fine, but just to me, that seems like an incredible waste of ULCs, especially when they are much better suited to be used when hunting Dragons, Twisted Carmine, and other super boss mice. That’s just me though, as I say throughout the guide, you’re more than welcome to do as you see fit, I’m just here offering guidance.

      As for the scarcity of loot drops, yes, they get more scarce as you go forward.

      What is your current rank?

  2. I started playing the game in 2008 then bought a ton of Brie and stopped playing for a couple years. I’m a Hero now (6.9 million points). I don’t think it’s a waste of ULC’s because I got a lot in the Halloween and Winter Hunt events. I know there will be more special events to get more. I want the Eclipse mouse for the gold. It’s so slow doing the Furoma route and I don’t have enough gold for the Obelisk traps. It’s not like I will be able to hunt Dragons for a while now anyways. I still need to get to the SS Huntington.

    • 6.9 million points, so from a progress standpoint, you’re fairly new, even though you’ve been around awhile. 🙂 I hope you stick around this time through!

      Without having access to see your profile though, if I were you, I would pause your Gauntlet run and work on game progression; work on getting to the S.S. Huntington and then to the Isles. You’ll find the gold production better there for your immediate return.

      What is your best physical trap?

      • I almost have enough scrap metal for the ship. My strongest physical trap is the Onyx Mallet. My best bases are the Polar Base or the Birthday Cake base.

        I did pause my Gauntlet run lol. I have 1 potion for Tier 6 cheese and I did another Tier 5 run without getting more Tier 6 potions. Now I’m back in the Great Gnarled Tree. I have an Ambrosial Portal. Do you think I could get Scavenger Mice in the Catacombs? I need 6 more scrap metal pieces. (Bought 12 from the Great Winter Hunt).

        Yeah I plan on sticking around this time 🙂

    • The cake golem trap is currently the best forgotten trap so yeah it’ll do for the Eclipse.

      You might have problems getting through tier 7 though, the best hydro trap you can get right now would be the ancient spear gun….. which is not nearly powerful enough for tier 7.

      • I was able to get 2 Tier 8 potions, and I risked using the Onyx Mallet on Tier 8, but I caught one eclipse each time, so 100% catch rate haha. Next time I’ll do it the smart way with a Forgotten trap though. If I have a weaker trap, I’ll power it up using an UPC or Ancient Charm or something.

  3. I used my Phantasmic Oasis Trap for Tier 2, and even though I had way over 13 luck, I missed a couple, so I think that the trap type actually does matter for the lower tiers as well.

      • I don’t but that’s a good idea. I just checked and it shows anywhere between 80-100% depending on the mouse and the base for tier 2. I missed 1-2 even with the Sheep Jade Base, so I switched to a physical trap which does give 100%

  4. As of now, i have 90 Tier 2 potions. Do you guys think i can make a sustain run? I mean does those 90 Tier 2 potions are enough to farm a 1 Tier 8 potion?

    • Depends on what traps you have, but if you have powerful traps that meet the minimum requirements I have detailed, 90 potions SHOULD be enough to get at least one T8 potion.

      This is assuming you start using SB+ for potion conversion at Tier 5.

  5. I’m not using SB+ anyway, so if i’ll be using regular cheese, 90 Tier 2 potions aint enough? My traps to be used are Rewers riposte, Horrific VT, Clockpault of time, Acronym, ASG or Extreme toboggan and ABT, my available based are Candy cane and Molten shrapnel. I’m just a Knight, nearly making it to Lord.

  6. It’s very time consuming. I’m farming for almost a couple of weeks ago. But do you think my traps are reliable there?

    • It will work, but considering the increasing scarcity of potions, I’d personally wait until I had at least the Clock.

      Thanks for reading the site!


      • Matt, I have done the gauntlet run a lot of times and I am a Knight.
        My best trap I have currently is the Enraged Rhinobot, and with the new Jade base, it gives me 30 luck. I put on a Super Brain charm and this gives me 8382 power. My best Shadow is the Gorgon and I have 17.8 million points. If I had done this with my Gorgon, would I be able to loot the potions there?

      • You can, just know your catch rate will be lower. Considering the lowet potion drop rate at the higher levels of the gauntlet, I’d personally wait until you had a better shadow trap.

  7. I have bubbles for tier 7 and ambush as tactical that good enough? I have all the other suggested traps for the others including forgotten dance for the Eclipse

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  9. I did pretty alright (maybe 70-80%) on tier 7 using ancient spear gun, but I had a golden shield and a sugar rush aura. I started with 16 tier 7 cheese and didn’t get a single tier 8 drop though. I have the heat bath blueprints, but not enough coal. After spending several days hunting scavenger mice in the catacombs and only getting 2 coal, making me still 24 coal short of the heat bath, I can’t decide between spending my kings credits on coal (even though it’s a whopping 6 KC per individual coal!!) or waiting til I have enough points for the steam laser (I’m at 21.5 mil points right now) since it’s a better trap.
    I’m attempting the gauntlet again, as infuriating as it is, I guess until I have 25 mil points. ive already gone out and defeated furoma, the tribal isles, balaks cove, etc. So I have nothing better to do.
    I started out tier 2 with 386 pieces of cheeSe, I already have 45 pieces of tier 3 from my last trip.
    I hate this so much.
    Should I be fine? Will I get enough points to upgrade my hydro trap by tier 7?
    I can’t believe I had 16 pieces of cheese and not a single drop.
    I have over 400 kings credits from defeating the tribal isles, so is it worth it to spend the 144 kings credits on coal to make the heat bath? I’d rather the redundancy of the gauntlet than the tediousness of getting maybe one coal a day from the catacombs.

  10. All the guides said get the crown jewel from ToG or Bazaar. So i hunted many times at ToG and couldn’t get a crown jewel from the Master Burglar. I then moved to Bazaar and finally got it. If you refer to mhwiki, it says “29 July 2015: The Master Burglar Mouse is no longer found in King’s Arms, and no longer drops Crown Jewel in Town of Gnawnia.” Please update your info.

  11. I’ve been working on the gauntlet for awhile. This is my second run and I’m stalling at tier 7 til I get the Mk1. I thought I read that dracano/ ice maiden was needed for t7, so was surprised when I got there that hydro was suggested over my ice maiden. Since the first fiend I encountered took my cheese I’m playing it safe and getting mk1 first. Thanks for that suggestion by the way. The upper tier drop rates and decreasing pieces/potion is horrible. I’m only getting a 5% drop rate. Fortunately I was neurotic and farmed 800 t2 cheese, but that still pared down to not very much by time you get to the top. However I am determined to get this quest out of the way. Bonus will be the mega points. Stopped playing 6yrs ago when son was born, but wife talked me into starting up again. Im a lord at 50% so the points between the quest and catching the boss mouse will put me close to a promotion I think.

  12. I’ve just completed this today!
    Went into tier 7 with only 9 tier 7 cheese. First 2 catches looted me 1 tier 8 potion each. So I imbued one and armed it. Caught the eclipse mouse 🐭 first hunt.
    Trap setup for tier 8
    Ancient Box Trap
    CandyCane Base
    Luck Charm

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