Jungle of Dread

By now, I would hope you’re a Knight. There is a chance you’re really lucky and you’re still a Hero. If you are, go hunt in Elub until you level up. For the rest of you poor saps, it’s time to spend more gold. You’ve been hunting in the isles for a long time now. You know the ins and outs of the game. You’ve probably heard of the Jungle of Dread and the shadow mice therein. This is about as hard of an area as you’ve encountered yet.

I’m going to spell things out, point by point. PAY ATTENTION. Remember all those seeds you collected from the Big 3? Now it’s time to use them. The table below from the Mousehunt Wiki shows the mice in this area, along with their reward and loot.

Mouse ↓ Points ↓ Gold ↓ Mouse Group ↓ Preferred Cheese Loot
Chitinous 44,405 5,845 The Dreaded Horde Pungent Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Timeless Mystic Gem
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Fetid Swamp 20,830 5,155 The Dreaded Horde Crunchy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Hinge of Eternity
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Jurassic 39,470 6,490 The Dreaded Horde Creamy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Ancient Relic Staff
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Magma Carrier 49,335 7,180 The Dreaded Horde Spicy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Encrusted Metal of Time
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Primal 16,450 5,800 The Dreaded Horde Sweet Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Ethereal Rope
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Pygmy Wrangler 6,500 1,250 The Dreaded Horde SUPER|brie+
Vanilla Beans
Stonework Warrior 24,670 4,510 The Dreaded Horde Magical Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Engraved Solid Stone Slab
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Swarm of Pygmy Mice 5,800 840 The Dreaded Horde SUPER|brie+
Vanilla Stilton
Vanilla Bean
Sylvan 275 425 Forest Guild

Each of these mice are attracted (as you can see) to a different type of Havarti cheese. Havarti cheese is crafted from peppers. Eh, you say? Well, those seeds you collected…you craft them with plant pots (purchased in Cape Clawed) to make pepper plants, and then you pick the plants. Let’s look at Yellow Peppers & Sweet Havarti first.

Formula: Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Plant Pot 1 900
Yellow Pepper Seed 2 Loot
Total 900

You should have at least 45 of these seeds. Go ahead and craft the Sweet Havarti Cheese.

Formula: Sweet Havarti (6 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Coconut Milk 6 800 / Loot
Salt 6 6
Sweet Yellow Pepper 6 Crafting
Curds and Whey 18 12
Total 252 – 5,052

So you have both formulas. As you can see, 2 seeds essentially makes ONE PLANT (NOT one pepper…yes Jason, I’m looking at YOU!). When you craft the plant, you then pick the plant and you are given a random number of peppers based on the game’s random number generator. You’ll get anywhere from 1 to 5 peppers.

Sweet Havarti (and all Havarti for that matter) takes 6 peppers of the corresponding color (Sweet = Yellow, Spicy = Red, Magical = Blue, Pungent = Purple, Creamy = Orange, Crunchy = Green). It’s best that you memorize the correlation between the color of peppers and the Havarti. All recipes also call for 18 curds and 6 salt. The only variation is the amount of Coconut Milk. In the case of Sweet Havarti, you need 6. Roughly, each piece of cheese will cost you 835 gold.

Now, you probably have enough materials to make several batches. Don’t do this. Only make 1 batch at a time.

These mice are shadow mice, so if you followed my path, you don’t even HAVE a shadow trap at this point. Maybe you do though. However, you need to decide what you want to do with your time. If your goal is strictly to get the loot drops from the Jungle mice (for the ABT), you can get by with purchasing the Gorgon Trap (don’t do this with a portal or the Bottomless Grave). That being said, the reward for hunting here is staggering. You may want to invest some time in obtaining gold to buy the Clockapult of Time…

…at a mere cost of 2,700,000 gold.

I know, I know…you’ve spent a bajillion gold already. Well, you do have another option thanks to a shadow trap you can get later in the game, the Reaper’s Perch. Here’s the deal: you’re not ready to get the Reaper’s Perch (covered in the Crystal Library section), but the relative cost (it’s a crafted trap) is almost identical to the Clockapult of Time, and it’s a much better trap. So, you’re asking, what’s the option?

Buy the Gorgon (saving the extra gold), hunt the ABT pieces with it (it’ll do the job; heck, I did it originally with the Bottomless Grave!), and do the bare minimum going forward (dragon hunting) to ultimately gain access to the Seasonal Garden (and thus the Crystal Library eventually).

There are two counterpoints to this method.

  1. One of the seasons in the seasonal garden is Fall, and you need a shadow trap to hunt during that season, and the Gorgon is not a very good option (heck, neither is the clock). So you’re rolling the dice so to speak. You WILL eventually catch the mice you need in the SG with the Gorgon, but it just may take longer.
  2. The Clock can be smashed and turned into the Clockwork Portal Trap much later in the game (and you will definitely want to get this trap when you can). That being said, there are so many ways to make gold between your present state and when you’ll hunt in the Living Garden that thinking about that at this point is probably not going to matter, but I do want to point it out nonetheless.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and you need to make that choice NOW. Okay? Good, let’s go and buy it. Travel to cape clawed if you’re not already there. This will be the staging area for the Jungle run. First, go to the trapsmith and purchase the shadow trap you decided on.

We went over Sweet Havarti. You don’t need paragraphs to explain the other 5. Suffice to say, to get pepper plants for the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), it takes two seeds of the corresponding color and one pot. For the secondary colors, you have to combine 1 seed of each color that makes that color, plus a pot. Basically, you’re always using 2 seeds and 1 pot.
Here are the condensed cheat sheets. (P.S. Don’t worry about Inferno right now.)


Plant Pepper Seed Plant
Blue Red Yellow
Magical Blue Pepper Plant 2 1
Spicy Red Pepper Plant 2 1
Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant 2 1
Pungent Purple Pepper Plant 1 1 1
Crunchy Green Pepper Plant 1 1 1
Creamy Orange Pepper Plant 1 1 1
Inferno Pepper Plant 1 1 1 1


Product Item Coconut
Curds &
Salt Fire Salt Ionized
Pinch of
of Wrath
Name #
Creamy Havarti Creamy Orange Pepper 6 10 18 6 6
Crunchy Havarti Crunchy Green Pepper 6 4 18 6 6
Inferno Havarti Inferno Pepper 6 16 18 6 6
Magical Havarti Magical Blue Pepper 6 2 18 6 6
Pungent Havarti Pungent Purple Pepper 6 8 18 6 6
Spicy Havarti Spicy Red Pepper 6 12 18 6 6
Sweet Havarti Sweet Yellow Pepper 6 6 18 6 6

Remember, create 1 pepper plant at a time, and then pick it. You don’t want to create more plants than you need, thus creating more peppers than you need. This is tedious, but it’ll save you in the long run. Make ONE batch of EACH Havarti. Don’t make more, but please DO HAVE materials on hand to A) Make more plants and B) Make more Havarti.

When you’re armed with your 6 different Havarti, equip your Shadow trap, your Tribal Base, the Havarti of your choice, and head for the Jungle.

The chart a few pages up showed the 6 mice. Each Havarti attracts only 1 mouse (well, 2 really, the Sylvan is here). When you catch one of the mice, they’ll drop Runic Potions, Fire Salt, and hopefully, a piece of the ABT. Usually, you’ll get the ABT loot drop on the first type of mouse you catch. Sometimes it will be #2. I’ve never seen it go past the third.

And that is critical here: even with the Clock/Tribal, your catch rate will only be around 25-30%. You simply have to suck it up and ride it out.

Once you catch all 6 mice and have all 6 pieces of the ABT they dropped respectively, you’re ready to craft the Ancient Box Trap. Head back to Cape Clawed and purchase the last remaining Blueprint piece for the ABT. You should now have 4 pieces. Go ahead and craft them together.

Formula: Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece 1 158,175
Total 158,175

Now craft the ABT.

Formula: Ancient Box Trap
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ancient Box Trap Blueprints 1 158,175/Crafting
Ancient Relic Staff 1 Loot
Encrusted Metal of Time 1 Loot
Engraved Solid Stone Slab 1 Loot
Ethereal Rope 1 Loot
Hinge of Eternity 1 Loot
Timeless Mystic Gem 1 Loot
Total 158,175+

You are now ready to hunt the Acolyte. Head to the Acolyte Realm and good luck.



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