How to make gold in MouseHunt

goldMouseHunt is more than just a game where you wait for your energy to refill so you can do certain tasks…you have to have resources to move forward, and no resource is more important than gold, the currency of MouseHunt.

But one of the questions that always comes up on the forums/Facebook pages/blogs is: “Hi, I’m at the [rank] level, what’s the best way for me to make gold?” Forum Nazis will scoff at the question and tell the seeker to go to Furoma and stop asking questions. But the answer is not always that simple, depending on where you are in the game, what traps you have, your patience/tolerance level, etc. This mini-guide will help you decide what is best for you.

Novice – Journeyman

At these ranks, you’re not making a lot of gold, and you only have access to a few places to hunt anyway. That being said, the Windmill is one of the best places at this level to make gold, not so much for the gold the mice drop, but the loot they drop as well, (like simple orbs) which can be sold at the marketplace. Many hunters are willing to help younger hunters out by giving them gold, but in the absence of this, just hunt normally and sell your excess orbs you manage to pick up – it will add up pretty quickly and you’ll find yourself with enough gold to buy stronger traps in no time.


The great debate here is again dependent on style/patience/supplies. Strictly for hunting purposes, the Great Gnarled Tree is outstanding, considering the amount of Eagle Owl mice you’ll encounter. The longer approach though is to gain access to Digby, buy a portal, hunt in the Laboratory for potions, and then hunt in the Mousoleum for shadow mice. The main issue I have with this approach is the catch rate with a portal on shadow mice. But the reward is nice. So what’s the verdict? Conservative: GGT. High risk: Moz. I like to play it more conservatively.

Grand Master

You have access to Furoma (and thus the Furoma cycle), but it’s not the best at this point because you don’t have the best traps for it. The Ambush would be your best bet, but honestly, that trap will struggle to produce the best results. Save that rumble cheese for later (see below). Stick with the same rules as the Master level.


Catacombs with ACRONYM and Radioactive Blue cheese.

Hero – Knight

Derr Dunes (only once you get at least the RhinoBot).

Lord – Count

This is where things change. Your options vary greatly. You might have Zugz First Move. If you do, that’s the first trap I’d even try the Furoma Cycle with; you need a very strong Tactical Trap to do this. To do that, you hunt for the Students in the Dojo, and then the Masters in the Meditation Room, and ultimately the Master of the Dojo in the Pinnacle Chamber. Once you catch quite a few, you’ll want to craft the unstable curd, which is 1 onyx stone, 1 ionized salt, and 1 curds and whey. When you “open” it, it will give you cheese. Open enough and you’ll get a good assortment of Master-level cheeses to go back to the Meditation room, and you’ll then catch more Mojos, and do it again, blah blah blah…that’s why it’s called a cycle. The Mojo is your meal ticket. He’s worth 27,300 gold.

Derr Dunes is still a good place to hunt if you don’t want to mess with the tediousness of Furoma. You should have the Enraged Rhinobot by now anyway.

Another option, albeit not at first, would be the Gnawnia Express Station (the train). You need a strong law trap, preferably the SLAC 2 to even get started on the train. You’ll have to spend quite a few hunts in Claw Shot City before you have access to SLAC 2 though. The train is a great money-maker, somewhat of a middle ground between Furoma and Derr in terms of complexity.

Some long time players will scoff at these remarks in contrast to Furoma. The simple truth is, if you have the time to dedicate, the Furoma cycle will always be at the top. The problem is, if you need gold immediately (for whatever reason, not going to speculate here), and you’re out of rumble cheese but have lots of Maki or maybe even master cheeses, you’re still a ways off of making any serious gold because of the amount of time you’ll need to just get there (because students and masters don’t drop much gold at all).

So if you’re in a quick pinch, spending a day hunting in Derr Dunes might be what you need. Or a 24 hour train ride. There is no one-size-fits-all answer unfortunately, regardless of what some of the stubborn players on the forums might say.

Duke and up

Same theories as the previous, but you can add the Burroughs Rift to the discussion as well. If you have a completed Rift Walker set, hunting in the green mist zones (especially with Terra Ricotta) will guarantee nearly a 98% catch rate and will attract the Boulder Biter and Master Exploder in MASSIVE quantities – two mice worth a lot of gold. For me, I would much rather hunt in the Burroughs Rift for gold because the points production is the best in the game as well. So you get two for the price of one.

22 comments on “How to make gold in MouseHunt

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  2. hey i was wondering if you use sandtail sentinel or sandstorm monstrobot at derr dunes would it come close to a furoma run in terms of gold? like maybe if u take a couple of months more you can get the same amt of gold at derr dunes?

    • No, Furoma will still come out on top in the long run. That being said, you need to evaluate what your immediate needs are and adjust accordingly. Unless you have a large stockpile of Rumble readily available, Furoma will take you longer. If you need 1 million gold immediately (say, in 3 days), Furoma isn’t your best option without rumble, of course, that is an extreme example.

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    • It’s a decent gold maker but not on par with the Burroughs Rift. That being said, the real money maker for the WWRift is crafting the three various funneling charms and selling them on the market. They currently are selling for over 45k each at least.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  4. Matt, I heard that farming for gold in the Labyrinth is also yielding a good amount of gold. Is that true? and what kind of setup should I use for a gold farming run?

    • It is a great place for gold, though it’s Zokor where the gold is. The higher the alert level, the more powerful mice you’ll encounter, especially the 27,000 gold mice, like the Matron of Machinery for example.

      Not only supplies like shuffler cubes and magnets to get the results you want, but you really need, at the very least, the Crystal Crucible trap. In Zokor, use your best base that you have.

  5. Hey Matt according to HornTracker :

    At BR, with Focused+Rift/Fissure+PollutedParmesan, the gold per hunt is significantly higher than Furoma with ChromeSW+Rift/Fissure+Rumble. NOTE: I am not a Magical String cheese user but I buy tokens with KCs or event currencies.

    However if I take account into the difficulty hence the time spent to obtain pollutedparmesan, is BR really higher than furoma? I tried my best to figure it out already but still have doubts. Hopefully you are able to clear my doubts 😀 Thank you very much~

    • Horntracker is a good site but it’s simply another resource.

      The answer to your question is the classic “it depends.” If you have fully decked out Rift sets, BRift is better for the immediate. You make most of your gold with Terra Ricotta. That being said, horntracker tracks catches but not cycles. The ability to craft unstabled curds and get more master cheese for free is huge. But the time commitment is long.

      In my own personal experience, I always preferred the boroughs rift for hunting for gold. Furoma bored me. I do have a gold crown on the master of the dojo, but I did that a long time ago.

      As I mentioned in the guide, hunting in the whisker Woods rift might be a better option anyway because you can sell the crafting materials and charms that you loot there. Horn tracker doesn’t take into account things like that either.

      I know I did not fully answer your question, but I hope I gave you some good tips.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I am a 21% (Count), by right my next hunting area should be the Gnawnia Rift. However i now have approximately 1.9m gold, barely enough to get the Crystal Tower trap, I have already gotten the Raw Rift Crystal hence depleted some of gold on the expensive cheese but without the crystal tower, there alot of misses which doesnt make much sense to continue without the appropriate trap.

    I am currently hunting in Derr Dunes to earn some gold as I do not like the tedious Furoma’s cycle.

    Do you have any suggestion for me? For eg: Where to hunt next etc?

    Currently, this are my strongest trap:

    ACROM (Arcane)
    Ice Maiden (Draconic)
    Stale Cupcake Golem Trap (Forgotten)
    POT (Hydro)
    SLAC (Law)
    Chrome RhinoBot (Physical)
    Reaper’s Perch (Shadow)
    ZFM (Tatical)

    Is there any other trap that I should work toward so that it will help in my future hunting?

    Thank You so much!

    • At your level, Derr isn’t a bad option, just have to stick with it. You may also go work on getting SLAC2 in Claw Shot City and then using that to ride trains. The trains are highly profitable.

  7. When I would suggest also to equip Wealth Charm if you have available when doing Gold farming additional gold

  8. Hello Matt,

    Ronza just arrived with Extreme Wealth Charrm
    the description reads:
    “(New Charm!) Exchange 3 Super Wealth Charms to reach even higher heights of gold!”

    will this be a good charm to have paired with Furoma cycling? will it be also good to pair with FCL/Rift base at BRift?

    PS. I hope you update your guide on the traps/charms soon, also waiting on your thoughts on FRift 😀


    • Yes, it would be a very good charm to use since it adds 20% on top of what you already get. The math on the whole trade in process vs. catch rates and gold per attraction is a bit above me though, so I simply say, if you have them, use them. 🙂

  9. Hi matt,
    I know the Gnawnian Express is a very profitable location, especially at the treasurer section, but does it hold true without those schedule charms, greasy glob, door, roof charms and coal charms? Are those charms necessary to catch those valuable mice coz the Chan’s cost a lot of fools gold.

  10. Matt,

    with the choice of getting new cheeses in the daily reward (Terra Ricotta? Yes please), how much more viable does BR becomes for farming gold?

    Also, I stopped playing for about a year, a bit lost now. Came back cause Ronza beckoned, the sly minx. It was a (relatively) cheap shopping spree. I bought the Ronza Rift trap, and was wondering what I need to do to get the best setup in the riftwalker set?

  11. Also a decent money maker is sunken city after the 10k mark…on a day and a half using POT you get close to 700k gold, with runeshark gets close to 800k

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