Gnawnia Rift

crystal Tower fullThe Gnawnia Rift is a new location (2014) that brings a completely new challenge to hunters. Like Claw Shot City did last year, there is a new power type that goes along with this location.

However, unlike CSC, you cannot buy a new trap initially.

First things first: You have to get here. If you did not compete in the MH 6th birthday celebration and obtain the Rift Detector that way, you have to buy it in the Living Garden Cartographer for 5 Dol essences.

Next, take a look at your surroundings (shops). You can see the new trap, The Crystal Tower, but it’s not available yet. There is also a cheese store with new rift cheeses.

  • Marble String: 300 goldBrie Stringswiss stringmarble swiss
  • Swiss String: 800 gold
  • Brie String: 1600 gold

Like their non-rift counterparts, each of these cheeses has different attraction rates, obviously with Brie String having the best of the store bought cheese.

Even regular Super Brie won’t work here. It’s rift-counterpart is called Magical String Cheese. You can obtain this two different ways: buy it with real money, or craft it with 1 Magic Essence, 1 Aleth Essence, and 1 Rift Curd (purchased at the general store).

Also, the mice here are weak to rift traps, but you have nary a rift trap. What you need to do is to use your strongest physical trap, hopefully you have at least the Sandtail Sentinel. Equip your trap, your strongest base in terms of power (Spellbook, Monolith?), and then buy some cheese, preferably the Brie String cheese (if you don’t donate for the Magical variety that is). The better cheese that you use, the better your attraction rate will be and you will collect more Riftiago Potions. Two of the mice here, the Micro and Dream Drifter, can only be attracted by Brie String and Magical String Cheese. These two drop more Riftiago Potions than other mice.

riftiago cheeseAs you collect Riftiago Potions, you need to turn them into Riftiago Cheese. Using this cheese will allow you to catch three different mice that drop Rift Grass, Magic Seeds and Rift Dust. This is not an easy task with a physical trap, and it’ll take you quite a while to work your way through it.

You will eventually have three each of Rift Grass, Magic Seeds and Rift Dust. From here, you need to craft those together to create Resonator Cheese. “Matt!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! You’re hurting my head with all this changing around!”

Sorry bud. But this place can be maddening.

Here is what you need to craft:

Formula: Resonator Cheese (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ionized Salt 1 450 / Loot
Rift Curd 1 830
Magic Seed 3 Loot
Rift Dust 3 Loot
Riftgrass 3 Loot
Total 830 — 1280
Formula: Resonator Cheese (4 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ionized Salt 1 450 / Loot
Magic Essence 1 Crafting / Loot
Rift Curd 1 830
Magic Seed 3 Loot
Rift Dust 3 Loot
Riftgrass 3 Loot
Total 830 — 1280

Resonator cheesegoliathPersonally, I’d use the 4 piece recipe, because it’s a pain in the butt to get this stuff before you have a rift trap. When you have your Resonator Cheese, arm it, and the only mouse that can be attracted is the Goliath Field Generator Mouse. Yikes! This guy is TOUGH. As of this writing (April 17, 2014), I still haven’t caught him. I’m 0/8. But keep at it, and you’ll eventually catch him, and he drops a rift crystal that is used to purchase the new Rift Trap.

Once you have the new trap, just keep hunting like you did before, but you’ll notice your catch rate has vastly increased. Happy! Joy! Joy!

Other than that, there isn’t anything else to talk about yet because this area is brand new! Happy hunting!

10 comments on “Gnawnia Rift

  1. It took me 15 pieces of Resonator Cheese to get the Field Goliath. My recommendation is to use an ancient charm or better if you have it

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for reading the site and commenting!

      Ancient charms are powerful, and definitely would help you catch the Goliath. As you pointed out with your “or better” comment, a very powerful charm like Ultimate Power would work well too. One thing to consider is that there is a power-type mismatch when you try to catch your first Goliath, and maxing out power is so crucial. I missed him 11 times before I finally caught him on #12 (I used UPC).

      Thanks for reading the site!


  2. If you are going for physical power you should use the Physical Brace base. I have (so far) found nothing better for pure power when using a physical power type. With the SS you are at 10384 power and 33 luck

    • Physical Brace is a Ronza base and as always, I do not give recommendations to use “LE” (whether they have the LE shield or not) in the walk-through portion of the guide. It’s incredibly frustrating for newer hunters who read a guide and the author’s sole advice is “Use the Partybot and Polar Base.”

  3. The Valentine Charm, with its 25 Attraction and a FRESH Cheese Effect, has me catching the Goliath on the 1st or 2nd try EVERY TIME with the rift trap and Tidal Base (have yet to get the rift base, but the Tidal is comparable.) I’ve also tried using that same charm with the Chrome Monstrobot and Horse Jade Base and had the same results. High attraction and fresh bait seem to be the key.

    • Thanks for the feedback Erik, glad you’re having success.

      The Valentine Charm, however, will not help your catch rate on Goliath. Armed with resonator cheese, Goliath is the only mouse you can attract, and it’s nearly 100% as it is. I would save your valentine charms for areas where attraction is more of a critical issue. 🙂 Attraction rate and cheese effect don’t help you catch a mouse, but I’m glad you’re having success regardless!

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Not sure how new this base is, but I only found it from finally taking the plunge to get my Rift trap (should have a long time ago but just didn’t feel like going).
    In the General Store here there’s a neat little Base (Living Base) that increases Herb and Petal drops from the Living Garden and Twisted variant zones. Wish I knew about it sooner… oops!

    So, was gathering Riftiago from the King’s daily since the change on that happened, so that made things quite easy.
    Checked Horntracker, and with Sandtail Sentinel and Sheep Jade it said I had about a 12% chance to get the Goliath.
    Got some Resonator pretty quick, and decided to hunt with 12. Got him on the 5th horn call. Don’t know why I didn’t come here sooner!
    Happy with my new Rift trap after only 2 days. 🙂

  5. Was fortunate enough to purchase the LE Rift trap Bio-mechanical Re-atomizer (Ronza’s 2016) yet when I use this with my non-rift base. I’m having hard times attracting the mice that drops the potion. Any suggestions on what to setup?

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