Trap Analysis – Forgotten Traps

Forgotten Power

Forgotten Pressure Plate TrapForgotten Pressure Plate Trap

3500 power, 10% power bonus, 10% attraction bonus, 2 luck, Fresh cheese effect

For 400,000 gold and at a 2.5 million point requirement, hunters can actually circumvent the whole Ancient Box Trap quest line and hunt the Acolyte before moving to the Tribal Isles. That being said, this whole quest was difficult enough with the ABT – it’ll be even harder with this trap. My recommendation is to just skip this trap all together and play the game along the “normal” progression that the devs have lined out with content releases.

Ancient Box TrapAncient Box Trap

4300 power, 10% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 4 luck, No cheese effect

This trap is hard to make (refer to the FAQ on the Jungle of Dread), and it only serves three purposes: catching an acolyte mouse, catching Balack, and catching the Eclipse mouse at the top of the King’s Gauntlet. This trap will do just fine for each of those tasks eventually.

Art of dancingThe Forgotten Art of Dance (LE)

5000 power, 12% power bonus, 6% attraction bonus, 6 luck, No cheese effect

A trap that could be purchased during the Mousehunt 6th birthday party event for a measly 178,000 gold, the FAOD is an outstanding trap that will make catching Acolytes and Balacks easier than with the ABT. While it isn’t as good as the trap below (TRex), it was significantly less costly in terms of gold. Hunters who didn’t have the chance to buy the TRex from Ronza in 2013 but had the opportunity to get this trap will not be disappointed.

Note: this trap, while LE, has been available multiple times. So who knows if it will be back again??

TRexTarannosaurus Rex Trap (LE)

5200 power, 12% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Fresh cheese effect

The first-ever forgotten power trap offered by Ronza, the T-Rex trap was incredibly expensive at 4 million gold, but is the best Forgotten trap in the game. The power and bonus is more than the Ancient Box, but the biggest difference is the doubling of the luck, which will undoubtedly help hunters catch more Acolytes and Balack. An expensive but powerful trap.

Cupcake GolemStale Cupcake Golem Trap (LE)

6700 power, 7% power bonus, 0% attraction bonus, 0 luck, Stale cheese effect

When it was first released, the Fungal Cavern and Labyrinth were not yet released, making this trap the most powerful Forgotten trap in the game for a while. The lack of luck didn’t matter too much as only two mice in the game, the Acolyte and Balack, both were more easily caught with Forgotten traps with higher power anyway. However, with the release of the newer areas, this trap has fallen on dis-use, no longer able to hold a candle to the next two traps on the list. Considering that it is an LE trap and never coming back, hunters with this trap need not ever worry about using it again.

Crystal crucible TrapCrystal Crucible Trap

7800 power, 10% power bonus, 2% attraction bonus, 8 luck, Very Fresh cheese effect

The Crystal Crucible is an incredibly powerful Forgotten trap. However, at a cost of 6.6 million gold, plus a host of loot from the Fungal Cavern that is needed to craft it, it is not an easy trap to get your hands on. However, once you do manage to save up enough gold and hunting loot, it will help you tremendously in the latter stages of the Fungal Cavern. Also, don’t be afraid of visiting older areas like Balack’s Cove and the Acolyte Realm – this trap will make those areas that much easier.

Endless Labyrinth TrapEndless Labyrinth Trap

10,00 power, 15% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 9 luck, Very Stale cheese effect

Most hunter’s initial urge in the Labyrinth is to catch their first Minotaur as fast as possible, which means getting the three loot drops from the three different bosses in Zokor. Unfortunately, these same 3 loot drops from the boss mice are also needed to craft your next great Forgotten trap, the Endless Labyrinth.

You should prioritize this trap BEFORE you go after the Minotaur. This trap will make subsequent hunts a little easier than the Crystal Crucible did. You will also need 150 of each of the district’s loot, which, if you have the 3 trap parts, you should have had no trouble getting 150 of each trap loot, provided you didn’t waste too many materials on buying shuffler cubes and magnets.

This trap should be your second priority after the Labyrinth Base.

Infinite Labyrinth TrapInfinite Labyrinth Trap

11,011 power, 15% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 11 luck, Stale cheese effect

Considering you already probably have the previous trap, this trap is a cheap upgrade for 1.8 million gold. 225 Tech power cores, an enigmatic core, power core hammer, and a lot of patience are needed to create this incredible trap. If you are fortunate enough to look an enigmatic core from the Minotaur, crafting this trap will make your hunting even easier.

Crystal Mineral Crusher Trap (LE)

8,000 power, 10% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 5 luck, Fresh cheese effect

A treasure map reward for season 4 of the relic hunter, this trap is a tremendous help to players who have yet to craft or buy a Forgotten trap since it’s 100% free. It also has a tremendous benefit of producing extra minerals in the Fungal Cavern when you catch mice that drop them. A great, great trap, even useful for hunters who already have stronger Forgotten traps.

Festive Forgotten Fir Trap (LE)

7,000 power, 20% power bonus, 5% attraction bonus, 10 luck, Extremely Fresh cheese effect

If you managed to obtain this trap during the 2016 Great Winter Hunt, you hit the jackpot, especially if you didn’t have any high ranking forgotten traps.

14 comments on “Trap Analysis – Forgotten Traps

  1. Pingback: Fungal Cavern section completely updated | The Total Mousehunt FAQ

    • Yeah, I know, haven’t put it in yet; I’m trying to figure out if I want to re-do part of my walk through and incorporate this new trap as a strategy by itself.

      Like you said, the stats aren’t great but it would still catch the Acolyte sometimes.

      Thanks for reading the site!


    • ZY,

      Sure, you can, just expect a lower catch rate, which will lead to more dead end clues. You’ll eventually get where you need and be able to craft the Endless Labyrinth Trap, but it’ll just take a bit longer.


      • When you have free time, please add these new Labyrinth traps to this page (so that the newer players will know about them too) – thanks in advance! ^_^

  2. Hi, I found a small typo in the write up for the infinite labyrinth. “If you are fortunate enough to look an enigmatic core from the Minotaur”

    I think it should be “loot” instead of “look”. 🙂

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