Forbidden Groove

Not entirely dissimilar to the Catacombs, there are even stronger mice here, and to be successful, now you will finally need to use your ancient cheese.

Now we need to use our ancient cheese. I mentioned it above, and if you didn’t create it yet, you need to create it now. You’ll want around 100 pieces for now. Strap on your ACRONYM, your Dehydration Base, and get to it!

Your goal here is to catch mice that drop runes, which have several uses, most notably in making Runic Cheese. The Gargoyle, Gate Guardian, Golem, Sorcerer, and Scavenger all drop runes, and some drop as many as 7 runes. These mice only drop them here in the Groove. Here are the two recipes available for you to use.
  • Runic Cheese (1 piece): 1 stale cheese, 3 ionized salt, 1 rune
  • Runic Cheese (2 pieces): 1 stale cheese, 3 ionized salt, 1 rune, 1 magic essence
You may have noticed that the HUD shows a timer for this area; after 16 hours, the Forbidden Grove will close, and the next hunt you make there, you’ll catch a Realm Ripper Mouse who will transport you to the next location, the Acolyte Realm.

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