Fiery Warpath

To obtain access to the Sandtail Desert area, you need to do the following:

  1. You must be a Baron/Baroness in rank
  2. Catch a Silth (in Lagoon)
  3. Catch both a Mystic and Technic King in Zug’s Tower
  4. Obtain Sandtail Call to Arms map piece from Seasonal Garden

You also need a very powerful Physical Trap. Recall the section on Derr Dunes. Did you get the Enraged RhinoBot?Enraged Rhinobot Yes? Good, you’ll do fine here. No? What is your best physical trap? The OMT? The Forecfield? Some limited edition trap?

The Enraged RhinoBot (ERB) is the weapon of choice when you first go to the Fiery Warpath, LE traps notwithstanding. The mice here are very powerful and you need an equally powerful trap to catch them. As stated by the Hitgrab developers, the higher the power of a mouse goes, the more likely you’ll catch him based on the power of your trap instead of luck.

Eh, you say?

SandtailEssentially, luck affects the catch rate more prominently than power until the power of the mouse reaches some static point. What is that point? We honestly don’t know, but we DO know where the line roughly is. When taking all physical weapons into account (including all limited edition traps), the Derr mice are more likely to be caught by traps that offer higher luck than their no-luck or low-luck counterparts. Essentially, the Chrome Drillbot will catch more Derr mice than the Enraged Rhinobot. But when you go up against the Big 3 in Derr, the Chief and the Gladiator are both more easily caught by the ERB than the Chrome Drillbot.

What does this have to do with the Fiery Warpath? Well, the warpath essentially is a giant collection of tough physical mice, some on par with regular Derr mice and some more powerful than the Big 3. Meaning: while a high-luck phyisical trap will work to a certain point, eventually you’ll need the extra power.

So you need the ERB. Go get it if you don’t have it. Refer back to the appropriate section on how to get it.

Mechanics of the Fiery Warpath

The Fiery Warpath differs from other areas. There are 4 waves of mice that you must defeat to gain a Warpath Victory. You must defeat each wave before progressing on to the next wave. There is no travel required (similar to the King’s Gauntlet) however. Here are the mice you’ll encounter in the various waves and the quota you must catch of each.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Initial Quota
Desert Soldier 11,500 2,400 The Marching Flame (Warrior) 35
Vanguard 14,000 2,600 The Marching Flame (Scout) 35
Desert Archer 12,800 2,100 The Marching Flame (Archer) 35


Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Initial Quota
Flame Warrior 18,000 3,000 The Marching Flame (Warrior) 40
Sentinel 21,300 3,300 The Marching Flame (Scout) 40
Flame Archer 19,900 2,700 The Marching Flame (Archer) 40
Sand Cavalry 24,000 5,200 The Marching Flame (Cavalry) Desert Horseshoe 45
Inferno Mage 26,500 1,000 The Marching Flame (Mage) Heatproof Mage Cloth 20


Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Initial Quota
Crimson Titan 20,000 3,300 The Marching Flame (Warrior) 50
Crimson Watch 24,200 3,600 The Marching Flame (Scout) 50
Crimson Ranger 22,000 3,000 The Marching Flame (Archer) 50
Sandwing Cavalry 26,400 6,000 The Marching Flame (Cavalry) Desert Horseshoe 60
Magmarage 30,000 1,000 The Marching Flame (Mage) Heatproof Mage Cloth 30
Flame Ordnance 33,000 1,600 The Marching Flame (Artillery) 20


Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Initial Quota
Theurgy Warden 81,000 3,000 The Marching Flame Flameshard
Simple Orb
Warmonger 198,000 27,000 The Marching Flame Ancient Relic
Lucky Power Charm*
Oasis Bead
Sandblasted Metal
Simple Orb
Sphynx Crystal
Super Luck Charm*
Super Power Charm*
Ultimate Luck Charm
Ultimate Power Charm
Warpath Commander’s Charm

Fiery Warpath

3 catches in a row: 2 mice retreatAll right, confused? Yes, there are lots of mice. Now, let’s go over how to hunt here. The quotas to catch can seem daunting. Well, there’s a faster way to handle this. In the Fiery Warpath, you receive catch bonuses when you catch the same mouse in streaks. Here is how that works:

  • 6 catches in a row: 4 mice retreat
  • 9 catches in a row: 6 mice retreat

Let’s look at the image above. This is from my profile. I currently have a streak of 2 Desert Soldiers. If I catch another Desert Soldier on my next hunt, instead of having 29 left, I will have 27 left because catching three in a row will cause 2 mice to retreat, and you’ll get a message like the one below in your journal.

Wave Reduction

If I were to catch 3 more Desert Soldiers in a row (now for a total of 6 straight), 4 more mice will retreat. Do the math. At 27, catch 3, that’s 24. 4 now retreat, so my HUD will now display 20 Vanguards left.

But what if you catch 3 more for a total of 9 in a row? If you manage to get a streak of 9, SIX more mice will retreat. Let’s add them up. That would be 9 catches and 12 retreats (2+4+6=12) for a total reduction of 21 mice. Not too shabby, eh?

“But Matt, it’s me, silly monkey here. There are multiple mice there. How do we make sure we only attract the mouse we want?”

I’m glad you asked. There is a charm shop in the Fiery Warpath that sells Warrior, Scout, and Archer charms. Using these charms will greatly enhance your trap’s ability to attract that specific mouse. Please note it’s not guaranteed, and you still could attract the other mice, but your chances of doing so are greatly reduced if you’re using charms. Each charm costs gold plus a piece of ionized salt (which the general store in the FW sells).

So what’s the downside? Of course it can’t be this easy, right?

Anytime you fail to attract a mouse, it breaks your current streak. Anytime you attract a different mouse (regardless of outcome) than the one of your current streak, it breaks your current streak. (Leaving the FW in the middle of a streak DOES NOT break your streak should you catch mice in a different location.)

Support Mice


These mice are there to support the ranks, and each one had a unique feature. The Commander is a special mouse that greatly helps your quotas if you catch him. For example: If you have a streak of 6 built up (irrelevant to mouse type) and you catch a Commander Mouse, yes, your streak is broken, however ALL mice will now have their ranks reduced by the same number of the streak you had when you caught the commander. Example:

You have caught 6 Vanguards in a row, and have 23 left. You still have 35 Soldiers and 35 Archers remaining. You sound the horn, and you catch a Commander Mouse. Since your active streak was 6, this catch causes 6 Vanguards, 6 Warriors, and 6 Archers to ALL retreat, effectively making your new quotas 17, 29, and 29. This is a fast way to reduce total battle ranks. So how do you attract this mouse?

Well, your first run through Wave 1, it’s a complete crap shoot as you don’t have Commander Charms. Commander Charms are Carravanawarded to the hunter when they complete a wave. If you equip the commander charm, you’ll attract the Commander almost 99% of the time. But this is only 1 of the 3 support mice.The second mouse is the Caravan Support Mouse. If you catch him, you simply catch him, nothing more.

However, if you attract him and fail to catch him, he’ll reinforce the battle ranks of the mice by +1 each. If you have multiple friends hunting in the Warpath with you, failure to catch this mouse could be negated by your friends. The more you have, the better chance that no reinforcements will arrive. If you’re hunting by yourself, however, failure to capture this mouse is a certain way to have him reinforce the troops.

The third mouse is the Gargantuamouse. This one is tricky, so please listen. The Gargantuamouse is only “released” when the player has a streak of 7 or more mice caught in a row, but even then, it’s no guarantee you’ll attract him after 7 catches. With every mouse added after 7, your chances of encountering the Gargantuamouse is increased, regardless of the charm you have equipped.

So what does this guy do? Essentially, he just there to break your streak. But it’s a guessing game as to when he shows up. And it’s a tough decision. Eh, you say?

The Gargantuamouse can only be caught with the Ice Maiden. Oh great, you say. And you guessed it, the Ice Maiden cannot catch the other mice. So in order to CATCH this mouse, you have to guess when he appears. But that’s only part of the issue.

What if you have a streak of 8 built up in a row? Do you role the dice, trying to get your 9th in a row, knowing the Gargantuamouse could visit your trap next? Or, do you equip a Commander Charm and try to catch a commander, reducing all the ranks? Or, do you equip the Ice Maiden and blow your horn, hoping that you’ve guessed right?

There is NO easy answer here. But here is my advice.

GartCommander charms should ONLY be used when you have a streak of SIX built up. The reason being is that the Gargantuamouse can be attracted to your trap with 7 or more in a streak, regardless of the charm. Since you have so few commander charms, you don’t want to waste one trying to attract the Commander only to instead attract the Gargantuamouse. If you DO hit 7 in a row, my advice would be go ahead and try to catch the Gargantuamouse right away (in Wave 1, where mice are easier), just to say you caught him. After you catch him, if you do hit 7 in a row at any time, don’t worry about the Gargantuamouse anymore and just hope that you hit 9 in a row. If you do, great. If not, well, who cares. Just don’t take the chance of wasting your Commander charms with streaks greater than 7. At least, that’s my advice; you’re free to do whatever you want honestly.

Warpath Victories

MongerWhen you defeat all 4 waves, you’ll have defeated the Warmonger and gathered some really nice loot from him. He always drops flameshards. They are also known to drop the Oasis Bead, Sandblasted Metal or Sphynx Crystal on their first capture, but with subsequent catches, these three particular loot drops become more closely guarded. They are also known to drop Lucky Power Charms, Super Luck Charms and Super Power Charms, as additional loot, only when the Monger Charm is armed (which can only be purchased after you have SIX warpath victories).

You can keep going back through the Warpath to get more victories, as some traps require multiple victories over the Warmonger Mouse. While you are obviously free to approach this however you’d like, my advice would be to get AT LEAST 4 warpath victories before moving on to the Muridae Market and beginning your journey to the Living Garden.

8 comments on “Fiery Warpath

  1. What’s the purpose in switching to the ice maiden to catch the gargantuamouse? If he breaks my streak, why would I ever equip the ice maiden?

    • If you attract the gargantuamouse without the ice maiden equipped, then your streak is also broken. If you think you can predict when he’ll show up, you might as well catch him. Or just use the gargantua guarantee charm, but those are expensive.

  2. What is the rationale behind your recommendation that at least 4 warpath victories before moving onto Muridare Market? Isn’t it more efficient to go through the fiery warpath with sandtail sentinel (for future runs), assuming I can’t get the sandblasted metals during the first two runs?

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