Elub Shore

Ah, smell the fresh scent of salt water in the air. The mice here are not easy to catch, but they are worth a lot of points. Gold is scarce here, so just deal with it. As previously mentioned, my advice is to wait to hunt here until 12 million points. If you’re here before that, that’s fine; just know you’ll be here longer with inferior weapons than you need to be.

Harpoon GunNet CannonTo start off, you finally NEED a Hydro weapon. They are not cheap. If you don’t have a limited edition hydro trap already, you need to buy one on the ship. Refer back to the Trap Analysis on Hydro Weapons.

Personally, I say buy the Net Cannon. The Gun has the power bonus, but the Cannon has attraction and luck. And besides, if you don’t like the Net Cannon, it can be disassembled and crafted into the Harpoon Gun. You CANNOT go from the Gun to the Cannon though. This is why I say use the Cannon first and if you don’t like it, you can switch for free.

Same as in Nerg, you use Gouda here (or Super Brie+). You also should keep using the Aqua Base.

Same song and dance as in Nerg: catch the mice, this time collecting Seashells. Of course, they make a special cheese, Shell Cheese. Here are the formulas:

Formula: Shell Cheese (15 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Coconut Milk 10 800 / Loot
Seashell 30 Loot
Salt 40 6
Curds and Whey 60 12
Total 960 – 8,960


Formula: Shell Cheese (20 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Magic Essence 5 Crafting / Loot
Coconut Milk 10 800 / Loot
Seashell 30 Loot
Salt 40 6
Curds and Whey 60 12
Total 960 – 8,960

Once you make this, head back to Cape Clawed. Equip your Aqua base, your Hydro trap, and the Shell cheese, and wait. You’re looking for the Elder Mouse. He drops the Ancient Spear. Like the Grandfather, you SHOULD get him on your first batch of 15. If you don’t, then you have to start over hunting for shells in Elub.

If you get him, you now need to buy the Ancient Spear Blueprints from the general store in Cape Clawed so you can craft the Ancient Spear Gun, the best Hydro weapon available at this point.

Formula: Ancient Spear Gun
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Ancient Spear 1 Loot
Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints 1 160,000
Launcher Parts 1 664,000
Total 824,000+

“Matt!! How do I get Launcher Parts?” Silly monkey, think about it. You SMASH your Net Cannon/Harpoon Gun! Take the three parts, craft them together, equip it, and head back to Elub Shore.

If you have any Shell cheese left, hunt with it to catch the Elub Big 3: Protector, Champion, and Chieftain. If not, just use Gouda, and hunt for more seashells, and do exactly the same thing as you did in Nerg: hunt, collect shells, make shell cheese, hunt for Big 3, collect seeds, etc. Again, their Chieftain has a piece of the blueprint to the Ancient Box Trap.

Same goal with these guys: they drop seeds (blue). You make peppers out of these eventually. Same numbers: you want around 45 blue seeds.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Stay here until you reach 17 million points (not 16 million), or go back and hunt in Nerg (or a combination thereof) until the 17 million point level.

One comment on “Elub Shore

  1. It’s a minor point but you actually CAN go from the harpoon gun to the net cannon. Not for free, you have to craft the launcher parts with a rope (600 gold at the Great Gnarled Tree) but still, the option is there if they go for the gun first and regret it.

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