First things first: you’re here because you’ve caught your Acolyte and now you’re ready to catch a Dragon. Or are you? You need the Ice Maiden young Jedi…

Formula: Ice Maiden
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Frozen Scroll 1 Loot
High Tension Spring Parts 1 600 / Crafting
Rune 60 Loot
Total 600

Do you have 60 runes? You might not. You’ve probably spent enough time in the Forbidden Groove to have some runes, or maybe you got lucky and your Acolyte had runes. At any rate, you need 60 runes to craft the Ice Maiden, and as of this writing, there is no trading or buying runes…so get to the Forbidden Groove, equip your ancient cheese, and catch up with me in the next paragraph when you’re ready to move on.

All right, remember all that nonsense I told you about not wasting excess seeds and plants and peppers and all that jazz? Well, this is the part of the FAQ where you get to see if you were really listening or not!

To catch the Dragon, you need two things. You’ve already crafted the Ice Maiden. Now, you need Inferno Havarti.
The MH Devs like to teach you lessons with this game. What is the absence of color? That’s right, black. What is the inclusion of all primary colors? That’s right, white. What is the hottest part of the fire? That’s right, the part you can’t see, the “white” fire. Hence, Inferno. Huh, you say?

Formula: Inferno Pepper Plant
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Blue Pepper Seed 1 Loot
Plant Pot 1 900
Red Pepper Seed 1 Loot
Yellow Pepper Seed 1 Loot
Total 900

Ah ha! You say! Red + Blue + Yellow (+ pot) = Inferno Pepper Plants! Yah!! Yes, this is the part where you test your listening skills. How many seeds do you have? Did you waste them all? You may not have wasted ANY, but that still doesn’t mean you have any right now. You’re going to need a lot here. Before you get too crazy and make 500 plants or something, check the next recipe.

Formula: Inferno Havarti (6 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Fire Salt 6 Loot
Inferno Pepper 6 Crafting
Coconut Milk 16 800 / Loot
Curds and Whey 18 12
Total 216 – 13,016

Ok, so how much fire salt do you have from your time in the jungle? 6? 12? 400? You need to recognize (that’s right!) that 6 fire salt and 6 inferno peppers will make you 6 Inferno Havarti. You could go nuts and make enough plants to get you 100 peppers, but it’ll be for naught if you only have 10 fire salt. Then you’re up a creek without a paddle with a bunch of extra Inferno Peppers and Plants, all the while you now need all those seeds to make OTHER Havarti so you can get your freaking fire salt from the Jungle of Dread mice.

LOL @ you.

So basically, do the same thing here that you do everywhere: make only what you need. You’re not going to get 6 peppers from one Dragonplant, so start with 2 plants and pick them. Get 6? No? Get 5? Make another. Just make sure you have at least 6 but don’t go overboard. Check your fire salt inventory. Remember, multiples of 6. If you can only make one batch, by all means, only make enough INFERNO PEPPER PLANTS to get you 6 peppers or relatively close therein. Have 42 fire salt? You’re in luck…you can make 42 inferno havarti provided you have enough to get that many peppers.

I think you get my point.

Now that you have your Inferno Havarti made, strap on the Ice Maiden and Tribal base, equip the Inferno Havarti, and blow that horn! There are three mice here: Dragon (what you’re after), the Whelping, and Draconic Warden. The latter two mice offer nice gold and points, but you’re not after them. You need a Dragon! So why do you need a Dragon? Well, inside every Dragon Chest is a BUNCH OF STUFF. Good stuff, maybe even great stuff. Your first one will always contain Zugzuwang’s Scarf, which is essentially the map to get to the Seasonal Garden (must be a Lord to get there). You may also get blueprints to the Heat Bath, an insanely awesome hydro trap. You’ll get a magic feather, which is used to craft Zugzuwang’s First Move, an outstanding tactical trap.

If the Devs hate you, you’ll not catch a dragon and have to start this entire process all over. And by all over, I’m talking about the entire process of collecting stones/shells/veggies and then seeds, etc etc etc. Yeah, it sucks. Get to work.

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