As I said before, your goal is to catch the Master of the Dojo and the Sensei in the Pinnacle Chamber. The Dojo is really the first step in that process. Here is a brief synopsis of what you need to do in the three levels of the Pagoda:

  • Use a Tactical Trap, always!
  • Catch student mice in Dojo
  • Craft special master-cheeses
  • Catch masters of specific disciplines using special cheese (in Meditation Room)
  • Use master shards to create rumble cheese
  • Use rumble cheese to catch Master of Dojo in Pinnacle Chamber.
  • Use Onyx stones that Mojo’s drop to create Onyx Marbled Gorgonzola Cheese
  • Use OMG cheese to attract and catch Sensei.

Seriously, this will take you a little while to complete. You may get mad. You probably will get frustrated. Some of you might email me asking “what is wrong with my setup!?!?” Nothing is wrong with it, this place is just tough the first time through. But you have to stick with it.

You may have read Larry’s note that you can create Maki cheese, which ATTRACTS more students than regular cheese. This is a personal choice you have to make. Maki does attract students at a higher rate, but that’s it; it doesn’t help you necessarily catch them. For your first run through here, I’d advise on just using normal cheese; wait to use Maki (if you have it or even want to) for longer runs later in the game once you have some very powerful tactical traps.

Your best combination is to use the MVMT with the dehydration base. You could use explosive base, but keep in mind you’ll get a lot of stale cheese with the explosive base (24 vs. 6 on average). While stale cheese isn’t necessarily bad, keep in mind that the extra luck from the dehydration base will still get you better results than the power of the explosive base at this point.

There are three types of disciplines of various student mice in the Dojo: Claw, Belt, and Fang. When you catch a student, you will get their token. You need 3 tokens in order to craft the special cheese needed to catch their respective masters in the Meditation Room.

Susheese (used to catch Claw Master) 
  • 3 Claw tokens
  • 3 Curds
  • 1 Salmon
  • 1 Nori
Combat (used to catch Fang Master)
  • 3 Fang tokens
  • 5 Curds
  • 1 Splintered Wood
  • 1 Paint-Brand Paint
Glutter (used to catch Belt Master) 
  • 3 Belt tokens
  • 7 Curds
  • 1 Invisi-Glu
  • 1 Cheese Fluffy

This will take you awhile. Expect to be here for a good amount of time before you have the necessary tokens to craft the cheeses.

The obvious question then is, “how much cheese do I need before I move on?” Again, up to you, but it also depends on your style of play. If you’re constantly sounding the horn and are very active, you can get by with crafting three pieces at a time, moving to the MR, hunt for three times, move back and catch more students, etc. If you’re more passive and don’t spend your life on Mousehunt, you’ll probably want to save up at least 24 pieces of each master cheese before moving to the MR. That is just my recommendation. You are free to do as you please, as I’m just guiding you on how to accomplish your task.

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