Derr Dunes

The gold production in Derr is one of the best in the game: you will make a killing here, but the red boxes and stolen cheese/gold/points might drive you to insanity first. This place will test your patience.

First things first: You have to use a physical trap here. No questions about it. Depending on the path you took, the strongest physical trap you have might very well be the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, or maybe the Force Field. “Matt!!! Those traps won’t work well in Derr! Whatever should I do?!??”

Two options:

  1. Go to the Town of Digby and buy the Digby Drillbot, which, at 16 million points, can be smashed and crafted into the RhinoBot, and at 17 million points, can be further upgraded to the Enraged RhinoBot.
  2. Craft the Onyx Mallet Trap, a viable (but ultimately dead end) option for those not wanting to spend the gold on the DDB, the blueprints for the Rhino, the platinum bars and the 72 pieces of stale SuperBrie+.

My advice (and you’re reading this because you want/need it)? Well, let’s look at your inventory. To craft the RhinoBot, you likely don’t have any of the materials needed except maybe a few pieces of Stale SuperBrie. Check your cheese stocks. Do you have SuperBrie? Do you have enough Stale SB + regular SB to equal 72? If you can answer yes, pick option 1. If no, you can still do option 1, but we have to make a side quest first (proceed to option 1).

If you’re hell-bent on using the Onyx Mallet Trap, pick option 2. Option 1 is the MUCH BETTER choice, but I’ll lay out both ways.

RhinoBotOption 1 – Digby Drillbot/RhinoBot/Enraged RhinoBotEnraged Rhinobot

Simply head to the Town of Digby, buy the Digby Drillbot (405k…if you don’t already have it), and skip ahead to the section on how to hunt in Derr Dunes.


Onyx MalletOption 2 – Onyx Mallet Trap

Remember the Dojo Sensei in the Pinnacle Chamber? You need to catch this guy now. Go back to the Furoma section to read about how to do this, and you’ll eventually get the OMT Blueprints.

Formula: Onyx Mallet Trap
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Onyx Mallet Blueprints 1 Loot
Tiny Platinum Bar 10 60,000
Onyx Stone 12 Loot
Total 600,000

12 Onxy Stones? You should use them for unstable curds instead of this trap, but here it the option regardless.

Hunting in Derr Dunes

Much like Elub and Nerg before it, the process is the same: catch regular mice, collect their loot drops (in this case, delicious stones), craft a special cheese, catch the “Big 3,” and repeat over and over.

Derr Dunes is a hard place to hunt. The mice here are ruthless. Even with the Rhino/OMT, expect your catch rate to be around 50%. You just have to accept the fact that this place sucks, but the gold is worth it.

If you chose option #2, you’re just going to hunt, collect stones, and craft Crunchy Cheese to catch the Big 3 of this tribe, including the Chieftain who, you guessed it, has a piece of the ABT blueprint.

Formula: Crunchy Cheese (15 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Curds and Whey 10 12
Coconut Milk 20 800 / Loot
Delicious Stone 30 Loot
Salt 30 6
Total 300 – 16,300


Formula: Crunchy Cheese (20 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Magic Essence 5 Crafting / Loot
Curds and Whey 10 12
Coconut Milk 20 800 / Loot
Delicious Stone 30 Loot
Salt 30 6
Total 300 – 16,300

If you chose option #1, your task is a little more involved. You start out with the Digby Drillbot, using either gouda or SB+ as your bait. The mice here are tough, especially with the DDB, but eventually, you’ll have 30 stones to make your Crunchy Cheese. When you get it, equip the crunchy cheese and head back to Cape Clawed. Like the Elder and Grandfather mouse before it, your goal is to catch the Aged mouse. He drops the Rhino horn. If you don’t get him with the 15 pieces of cheese you have, you have to repeat the steps again. Sound familiar?

Once you have the Rhino Horn, it’s time to craft the RhinoBot. Ugh, 950,000 for the blueprints (purchased at Cape Clawed)! You may not have this yet. But if you went down this path, you’re pretty much stuck with doing it. If you don’t have the gold, either go hunt in Nerg (with HVMT) for a while or go back to the Catacombs. Here is the recipe:

Formula: RhinoBot
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Digby DrillBot Parts 1 404,340 / Loot
Rhino Horn 1 Loot
RhinoBot Blueprints 1 940,000
Stale SUPER|brie+ 24 Loot / Gifting
Total 940,000 – 1,344,340

24 stale Super Brie!! Holy cow!! How do you stale Super Brie? It has almost 100% attraction! Well, there are three places that will work, one of them being the best. The Acolyte Realm. When using your ACRONYM/Explosive Base, you’ll stale SB+ 100% of the time. The trick is getting there, since you have to be in the Forbidden Grove when it closes. The FG also can stale SB+ in the same manner, as can the Catacombs, but not at 100% because of Bat Mice.

Unlike staling radioactive blue (Pinnacle Chamber), that won’t work for Super Brie, as you’ll catch countless numbers of Hapless mice. Yuck.

Once you have stale SB+, smash the DDB and craft all the items together. Now you have a better chance against the Derr mice.
So where does the Enraged RhinoBot come into play?

Obtaining the Enraged RhinoBot

The Enraged RhinoBot is a welcome upgrade to the RhinoBot.

Formula: Enraged RhinoBot
Description Qty Cost (Each)
RhinoBot Parts 1 940,000+ / Crafting
Rhino Horn 3 Loot
Tiny Platinum Bar 6 60,000
Stale SUPER|brie+ 48 Loot / Gifting
Total 1,300,000 – 1,704,340

As you can see from the formula, you already have 940,000 invested from the Rhino. Now you need more parts. 3 more Rhino Horns? Well, you know how to get those. If you don’t have 3 (after you used 1 to make the Rhino), go back to Derr, keep collecting stones, make more crunchy cheese, and hunt for the aged mouse in Cape Clawed until you get enough. The Aged mouse will also drop stale Super Brie, which will make the amount you need to stale less.

It already hurt staling 24 pieces, now you need 48?!? Yech. Well, you know how to get SB+ (donate or buy on the marketplace) and stale it. Get to it. The ERB is more than worth it.

The ultimate goal is the same as the other two tribes: craft the crunchy cheese and catch the “Big 3.” As with the others, the Derr Chieftain drops another piece of the ABT blueprints.

WHEW!! Holy cow that was a journey and a half!

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