Cursed City

Much like it’s real world alter ego, you need to use your best Arcane trap here. However, it’s more difficult, of course. Let’s look at the new HUD.


Instead of one curse to dispel, now you have three. In the charm shop, you’ll need to purchase a Bravery Charm, a Clarity Charm, and a Shine Charm. Catching a mouse with one of these charms equipped will dispel the appropriate curse.

The problem here is that there are three, and the Corrupt Mouse likes to wreck havoc on your little party. Simply attracting him will reset all three curses. Now, that being said, dispelling these curses isn’t as critical as one might thing. Yes, catching the Essence Guardian Mouse will get you Cynd Essence, but that’s the highest level essence he’ll drop. The Cursed Librarian will almost always drop a Cynd, and will even drop Dol and occasionally an Est as well. So while this area can be frustrating if that darned Corrupt Mouse keeps ruining your fun, the main goal is to collect Plumpearl Herbs and Librarians (for D and E essences).

When you successfully dispel all three curses, the Corrupt Mouse cannot be attracted to your trap for 3 hunts unless you have a Shattering Charm armed (more on this in the “Obtaining the Rift Base” section).

As with the reality version of the LG, your goal is to balance the number of Plumpearl Herbs with Lunaria Petals (found in the Sand Crypts). Switch back and forth between the two areas to ensure you’re not going overboard with one item.

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