Crystal Library

During your hunts in the Tower, you may have looted the key to the crystal library. You may have been perplexed about my lack of mentioning that! Well, two things: this FAQ is written over the course (and updated) of months, so sometimes I have to revise when and what I say based on the game changing!

The Crystal Library is a very interesting place to hunt. Similar to the Cove, it offers very high point values for mice and moderate-to-decent gold, but you’re not here to make a profit: you’re here to get the Reaper’s Perch shadow trap.

But the process to get there is daunting and time consuming, so strap on your helmet and follow along.

Library Assignments

The first thing you’ll notice is a new HUD that has a button you can click on that will give you a library assignment. As you do assignments, you accumulate points and can ultimately do harder tasks. The tasks are fairly self-contained: the first one is to simply catch some mice in the library.

“Matt!! It’s silly monkey again! What trap setup should I use?”

Never mind that you’ve been playing this game for a long time now and you’re still asking for trap setup advice, but here goes: you want to use your best physical trap setup that gives you the most POWER (not luck). So whatever that is, use it. If it’s the ERB/Spellbook, use it. If it’s the RhinoBot/MSB, use it.

The other assignments have various, random tasks that involve catching certain mice in certain areas, sometimes with specific traps, trap types, a base, whatever; it’s random.

One thing to remember is that when you get a task, if you don’t like it, you can smash the task with your hunter’s hammer and get another one (in an hour though). Outside the first assignment (and the last one), all of them are random assignments, and you might find some that are more suited for your own liking than others. I personally avoided the Zugzwang’s Research assignments and pretty much focused on the Furoma assignments because I had so much Maki and Master Furoma cheeses left over. But ultimately you have to make the choice that fits you best.

For the sake of simplicity, I am not going to go into detail all of the various assignments. They are easy to decipher – for example, they might tell you to catch 30 mice in the Training Grounds with the Aqua Base. Well, do it! Just follow the instructions, but keep in mind that you will probably need a variety of traps and bases to gain the necessary point requirements.

Once you obtain 900 library points, you can start the final research assignment, Zurreal’s Research. The task is as follows:

  • Collect 1 Desert Travel Almanac from Centaur Mice
  • Collect 1 Encyclopedia Gnawnia from Master Burglar Mice in the Town of Gnawnia
  • Collect 6 Luscious Lumbers in the Training Grounds (from Kung Fu, Monk, and Samurai mouse)
  • Collect 1 Mesh Netting in S.S. Huntington II (from Leviathan and Squeaken mouse)
  • Collect 3 Ectoplasmic Essence from Ghost Mice in the Mousoleum
  • Collect 3 Warp Nails from Realm Rippers
  • Collect 3 Runestones from Stonework Warrior Mice
  • Collect 1 Draconic Book from Whelpling Mice
  • Collect 1 Lich Jewel in the Balack’s Cove (from Balack the Banished, Derr Lich, Elub Lich and Nerg Lich mouse)
  • Craft 1 Zurreal’s Folly

As you can see, the task is fairly large and encompasses many different areas. You don’t have to do these in order, with the exception of crafting Zurreal’s Folly, which can only be done after the other 9 are completed (obviously). Some of these tasks require specific cheese (like catching Stonework Warrior Mice), and you SHOULD know how to get that stuff now without having me spell it out in every tiny detail. Get to work! 🙂

Catching Zurreal the Eternal

This sounds hard; in fact, the process to get here was time-consuming, but catching this guy is not hard. One of the items you receive from completing the last Library Research assignment is a Scholar Charm. After crafting Zurreal’s Folly, head back to the Crystal Library, arm it with your most powerful base, gouda cheese, and the scholar charm.

The scholar charm is only consumed when you CATCH Zurreal. You’ll catch him eventually, and he’ll give you the Reaper’s Perch Blueprints, which allows you to craft a very awesome Shadow Trap!

Formula: Reaper’s Perch
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Droid Parts 1 7,750
Reaper’s Perch Blueprints 1 Loot
Metamorphic Rock 6 460,000
Onyx Stone 6 Loot
Rune 6 Loot
Total 2,767,750

Crafting this trap is up to you; it’s not a requirement, at least, not yet. But if you followed my advice and only purchased the Gorgon way back in the Tribal Isles, you’ll probably want to craft this trap at some point.

M400 MouseCatching the M400 Mouse

A relatively new task, the M400 Mouse was released in the first quarter of 2014 as part of the year of the noble releases. A very strong mouse that takes quite a bit of time to catch, I will spell out exactly what you need to do here.

First things first, you need to have 1,500 Library points to do the “M400 Bait Research Assignment.” You may not have that many library points yet. If not, you know how to get them.

Once you have the necessary point requirement, go ahead and open your M400 Bait Research Assignment task. It will give you 5 tasks and the mice that you have to catch to get specific loot (this loot is only dropped when you have the assignment opened).

Some of the tasks are more difficult than others.

Tasks (taken from the MHWiki)

As you can see, some of these mice might not be easy to catch based on what cheese you have. Collect 3 Microchip Curds from Bionic Mice? Easy! Collect 3 Microchip Curds from Phalanx Mice? Not to easy if you have no Gauntlet Cheese! You can smash an assignment and get a new one generated like other assignments, as each of these tasks are randomly generated.

Once you complete the task, you can craft the cheese that you’ll need to catch the M400 mouse.

Formula: Fusion Fondue (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Nuclear Garlic 1 Loot
Aged Grape Juice 2 Loot
Cheddar Powder 3 Loot
Gooey Gruyere Curd 3 Loot
Microchip Curd 3 Loot
Total 0

Formula: Fusion Fondue (6 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Nuclear Garlic 1 Loot
Aged Grape Juice 2 Loot
Cheddar Powder 3 Loot
Gooey Gruyere Curd 3 Loot
Magic Essence 3 Crafting / Loot
Microchip Curd 3 Loot
Total 0

Fusion FonduePersonally, I would use the recipe for making 6 pieces of cheese. 3 Magic Essences aren’t hard to come by (you get three SB+ every 5 days from MH).

Now that you have your cheese, it is time to hunt the M400. You need to be at least the rank of Count and have 1,900 Library Points.

Open your M400 Hunting Research Assignment. Unlike the bait assignment, you must do 10 tasks in order, and you cannot see what the next target is until it’s your current target (please note: the MH wiki has a list that shows the 10 steps, but it is important to remember that these are random – the wiki doesn’t specify this, but it should).

It isn’t necessary hard, but it is time consuming.

Once you complete the tasks, you now can hunt for the M400. Your journal assignment will tell you where to hunt. You MUST use the Fusion Fondue along with your best Physical or Tactical Trap (I’d use your Sandtail Sentenial or higher). For example, if it tells you to hunt for the M400 in the Catacombs, go there with this bait, arm it and hunt. The M400 will be the ONLY MOUSE that is attracted. Some people will say that you should use your Ultimate Charm to guarantee you catch the M400. If you can make the charm, then by all means, go for it, but it is such an expensive charm that I don’t like to use it.

The reward for catching the M400 is staggering – 600,000 points and 24,400 gold. You also get 300 library points, tomes of wisdom, various orbs, satchels of gold, relics, and maybe even some trap skins.

Good luck hunters!

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