Common FAQs

SB+Q: What mice are only attracted to Super Brie?

A: The answer is not as simple as you’d think, as many mice that are listed as SB+ only mice still can be caught with “regular” cheese, albeit not very well. But here is the list of mice (non-event mice) that prefer SB+ to other forms of cheese.

  • Aether
  • Cook
  • Crimson Commander
  • Crown Collector
  • Desert Architect
  • Dumpling Chef
  • Fall Familiar
  • FarmhandFarmhand
  • Flying
  • Foxy
  • Frosty Snow
  • Living Ice
  • Magic
  • Nibbler
  • Nightshade Masquarade
  • Pebble
  • Pygmy Wrangler
  • Pyrite
  • Shelder
  • Silvertail
  • Speedy
  • Spring Familiar
  • Stowaway
  • Tiny
  • Tome Sprite

Q: Which is better? Luck or Power?

A: Depends on the situation. Typically, when your power type of your trap matches the power type of the mouse, you want to maximize your luck to have a better catch rate. However, some mice are more powerful and a higher power rating trumps luck for these mice (like Warmonger for example). It’s hard to give specific examples because there are varying pieces of evidence that you would need to consider before making a decision. But for the most part, luck is better than power.

Black WidowQ: What is the best way to catch a Black Widow Mouse?

A: In the Lagoon, armed with gnarled cheese. Wicked Gnarled Cheese will also work, just be sure to use a high-powered hydro trap if you go this route because of the Silth Mouse.

Q: How much gold do I need for Ronza?

A: 7 million more than you have.

Q: If I’m in a lucky streak with a sub-optimal trap, should I keep my trap and base the same? After all, look at these results!!

A: Human beings always try to find meaning in patterns. We try to imply causation with correlation because we cannot interpret the data or explain it in any other fashion. Please remember the phrase “Correlation does not imply causation.” Just because you caught 7 Hydra mice in a row with a Physical trap and missed your next 3 with a Hydro trap, that does not imply that a Physical trap is better suited to catching hydra mice than a Hydro trap. Sample size is key: as with every situation in Mousehunt, in small sample sizes, anything can (and will) happen. But statistics will win out over time, and the most optimal hunting setup you can use will still be the preferred method of hunting.

8 comments on “Common FAQs

  1. Is there any place that’s easier (read less time consuming) to catch the Black Widow in then any other? I keep getting elected to go after that mouse, and I am tired of it taking a long time (days or weeks depending on the time). Is there any advice for catching her? I normally go after her in the King’s arms, with the setup of Sandy/Physical Brace/SB+/none/active GS. is my profile link.

    • This will be a good entry for this page.

      The Black Widow is tough to attract. Most people have their best luck using gnarled or wicked gnarled in the Lagoon. Lab also seems to be a decent place, though SB+ is preferred there.


  2. I was recommended to your site by my boss, who plays this game a lot, and he said I would probably like it too.

    I just joined the game, and my boss said that I would have a reduced timer for my horn until I reached the Apprentice rank. From looking at the wiki, that is my next rank as I’m still a recruit. And my timer was in the 2-3 minute range, but the instant I connected my account to Facebook (I started on the Mobile Application because I am not a fan of Facebook and don’t intend on using it for what other people do, but that’s another topic for another day) this morning, my timer immediately went to 15 minutes. Do you know anything about this or know how I can fix it? Is there a setting that you can change on your end?

    Thank you if you can help.

    • Hi Thatcher, welcome to the game and thanks for commenting!

      I am having a hard time pulling up your profile with your name. Can you provide me your Mousehunt profile link? Either from Facebook or I just wanted to check out your profile to see how you’re doing. 🙂 Just click on your shield and copy the URL.

      On the help front, I am not a MH developer. I wish I was though! There isn’t anything I can do on my end, and to be honest, the beginning of the game has changed so much since when I started in 2009 that I’m not entirely sure how it’s supposed to go. That being said, I also have just looked at the wiki and read that the Apprentice rank is where the horn timer reaches 15 minutes, and if you truly are at recruit, I would think that would be a bug. Let me see if I can find out for you. You can always contact as well – they are usually pretty quick in getting a response. But let me ask around and see what I can find.


  3. I actually just now leveled up to Apprentice. I was in the process of writing my email when I completed my bounty reward and apparently I got a 15,000 point bonus? I don’t know, LOL. But whatever that bonus was, it shot me to the next rank. So it’s a moot point now. Thanks though for your help.

  4. I stopped playing MouseHunt for a couple of years because life got in the way and I’ve recently started playing again. Your guide is excellent for helping me catch up on the updates I’ve missed. You have my deepest thanks for your hard work.

    Also, I had to comment on the “7 million more than you have” bit. Oh, Ronza. I spend months saving up and still never have enough. xD

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