Claw Shot City

Welcome to the Old West partner! You better watch your back, rustle up some grub before high-noon approaches and the mice start to terrorize the populace! Wait, that’s already happening!

Claw Shot City is unlike any other area in Mousehunt. You must be a Lord/Lady to travel here, as you have undoubtedly already found out considering you’ve seen this area on your map since obtaining the Whisker Woods map piece as an Apprentice. You might be the most seasoned veteran hunter around, but coming here for the first time, you’ll quickly notice that none of your traps work. And by none, I mean NONE. Go ahead! Try to use your Sandstorm Monsterbot, and see what happens? I double-dog-dare you!!! 🙂

So what do we do? We head over to the trapsmith and we find [drum roll]…a Law power weapon called the Spring Loaded Attack Cactus 1 (SLAC 1 for short); Wait, what? Look at the power! That trap SUCKS! [fists clinched, nasty email to the devs being typed…]

Yes yes, the trap, with 300 power, 5% power bonus, 10% attraction and no luck doesn’t sound like a very appealing trap. But when you purchased it, you probably noticed the SLAC 2 trap, which is 5 times as powerful and has more attraction (still no luck though). You obviously want to upgrade, but one of the requirements to getting this trap is to obtain 500 Fool’s Gold.

Obtaining the Fool’s Gold is not easy. There are several ways to go about doing this.

  1. Catch Bounty Hunter mice (just need to hunt to attract them), who will drop “Wanted Posters.” Completing these will reward you with Fool’s Gold (more on this below).
  2. Catch Prospector Mice who will occasionally drop Fool’s Gold as loot (but not very much). Using prospector charms will attract more prospector mice.
  3. Join a team and complete trains in the Gnawnian Express Station (more on this in The Train section).
Before the release of the Gnawnian Express Station, #1 and #2 were the only options when the area first opened in June 2013. Because I want to be thorough, I will lay out all methods.

Completing Wanted Posters

Wanted PosterMuch like how treasure maps work, catching a Bounty Hunter Mouse will give you a Sealed Wanted Poster, which you can then in turn open and start hunting down the mice on the list. There will be 5 total mice to catch, 4 “regular mice” and one ring leader. You must catch the 4 mice first before the ring leader will make his/her appearance.

Wanted Posters operate just like treasure maps in that they can be dusted with Rare Map Dust to obtain twice as many rewards as regular posters. Unlike the treasure maps though, you can only pick one friend to help you with this task.

When you complete a Wanted Poster, you will get a bounty reward. Taken from the MH Wiki, the following table lists out the possible loot you can obtain as a reward (dependent upon your level of course).

Item Amount found Found every time? (Y/N)
Amplifier Charm 3-6 N
Ancient Amulet 1 N
Ancient Charm 5 Y
Ancient Gauntlet 1 N
Ancient Relic Trap Skin 1 N
Bottled Cold Fusion 1 N
Cherry Potion 2 N
Delicious Stone 5-10 N
Fire Salt 6-12 N
Fool’s Gold 15-20 Y
Gnarled Potion 4 N
Gold *varies* Y
Ionized Salt 5-10 N
Luck Charm 5 N
Master Belt Shard 2-3 N
Master Claw Shard 2-3 N
Master Fang Shard 2-3 N
Meteorite Piece 3-4 N
Points *varies* Y
Power Charm 10 N
Prospector’s Charm 5 N
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion 6-8 N
Radioactive Sludge 10-12 N
Rook Crumble Charm 1 N
Rune 5-10 N
Savoury Vegetables 5-10 N
Seashell 5-10 N
Shard of Glass 10-15 N
Spellbook Charm 3-6 N
Springer Skin 1 N
Stale Cheese 15-20 N
Super Warpath Cavalry Charm 2-4 N
Super Warpath Mage Charm 2-4 N
Super Warpath Scout Charm 3-5 N
Super Warpath Warrior Charm 3-5 N
SuperBrie+ 10,25 or 50 N
Token of the Cheese Belt 6-9 N
Token of the Cheese Claw 6-9 N
Token of the Cheese Fang 6-9 N
Vanilla Bean 5-10 N
War Scrap 5-15 N
Warpath Archer Charm 5-10 N
Warpath Cavalry Charm 2-4 N
Warpath Mage Charm 2-4 N
Warpath Scout Charm 5-10 N
Warpath Warrior Charm 5-10 N
Wealth Charm 5-10 N
Wicked Gnarly Potion 2 N

If you dusted the map, you’ll get more loot from the selections above, plus what is in the table below.

Item Amount found
Fool’s Gold 30-40
Ancient Charm 10
Points *Varies, but more than in Common Bounty
Gold *Varies, but more than in Common Bounty

As you can see in the trapsmith, you need 500 Fool’s Gold to upgrade to the SLAC 2. It is not going to be easy. Get to work!

Catching Prospector Mice

While the “easiest” of the tasks, I do not recommend making this your primary (or only) method of collecting Fool’s
Gold, mainly because even when you DO attract a prospector mouse, he seldom drops any of the rare loot, making this method a supplement hunting tactic only.

This is pretty much the end of Claw Shot City (as of this writing). Catch bounty hunter mice, complete posters, and repeat. The third method for obtaining fool’s gold is found on The Train, and we’re heading there now.

4 comments on “Claw Shot City

  1. You completely missed out mentioning that the Pyrite Mouse also drops fools gold in Claw Shot City….and more per catch.

    Sure it isn’t easy to attract them (not sb+ exclusive but easier to catch with it and rater without), but it still is a legitimate source of fools gold.

    • True, thanks for the comment, it is a source of fools gold. Though like the prospecter, it’s going to be tough sledding if you only rely on it!

      Thanks for reading the site!


  2. I have 43 fools gold to be able to get the slac 2 trap. Approximately how many Super Brie+ would I need to get 43 fools gold and 350 fools gold for the claw shot base?

  3. Update on my previous post. I now have 34 fools gold to go to get the slac 2. I need 384 fools gold to get both the trap and the base. I have the law draw trap and the Law laser trap. Should I use SB+ to get the trap and the base faster?

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