I can tell you’re confused. I told you to go to the Catacombs in Bristle Woods after finally getting the Mojo. But you can’t find it anywhere on the map. You must remember, I have a plan for everything, so bear with me.

Your map piece to the Moz is actually your map piece to the Catacombs, but remember, it’s “tattered.” You need to get it repaired at the Bazaar’s cartographer, and it won’t be cheap: 160,000 gold to be exact, AND it takes 5 days to complete.


Patience young Padawan. There is a method to my madness. Pay your fee to the map man, and then equip your brie cheese and head over and hunt in the Lab for 5 days, collecting more radioactive blue potions (because you can never have too many of those).

At the end of the five days, head back to the Bazaar, pick up your map, buy some more ionized salt (102 would be a nice number for now) and make sure you have enough brie cheese to turn your potions into cheese (or Super Brie if you’re one of THOSE players). If not, get some more, and head to the Catacombs.

The Catacombs are a great place to make money, and while Larry seems scared of this place, you should know that with the proper hunting tools, this place is anything but scary; in fact, it is one of the best places to make gold in all of MouseHunt. But we have to get our setups figured. Let’s look at our cheese options.

  1. Radioactive Blue Cheese
  2. Ancient Cheese

You know how to get Radioactive Blue – use your potions. Ancient cheese, though, is crafted with stale cheese and ionized salt.

  • Ancient Cheese (3 pieces): 3 stale cheese, 6 ionized salt
  • Ancient Cheese (6 pieces): 3 stale cheese, 6 ionized salt, 3 magic essence

Ancient Cheese will attract more Forgotten Mice (which drop scrap metal, which you need), while Radioactive Blue is the more economical option. In the 3 piece recipe, one piece of ancient cost 900 gold. 6 piece recipe, 450 gold, but that’s assuming you didn’t buy SB+ with in-game gold to get your magic essence. Radioactive Blue is typically 500 per piece.

For your first run here, I’d advise on using Radioactive Blue over Ancient.

Go to the Trapsmith. There is one trap here…the Obelisk of Slumber. Buy it and equip it. Use either explosive base or dehydration base. It doesn’t matter. Equip your radioactive cheese and start hunting.

The OOS is necessary to begin your journey in the Catacombs. It is not the best trap mind you, but it is effective enough to get you decent results. While hunting, you may get a piece of coal, look up the reason for it, and notice that you can create a stronger obelisk weapon, the Obelisk of Incineration! To do this, you’ll need the blueprints from the general store, which set you back another 45k. Don’t buy this. Just bide your time with the OOS and wait. Your goal in the catacombs is to make a lot of money. The best way to do this is to get the ACRONYM weapon online as fast as possible. How do we do this?

Your goal in Cats should be to catch enough Terror Knight mice and Scavenger Mice to get 12 pieces of scrap metal. If you’ve already caught a few Hydra mice in the lagoon, you may have a few pieces of scrap metal already. You need 12 to craft the ACRONYM. You’ll also need 3 magic essence (smash 3 SB+ cheese), 1 onyx stone, the blueprints (600,000+ gold!! Yikes!!), and obelisk parts. Yes, you guessed it; you need to smash your OOS. Combine all these together and you now have a weapon that will strike fear into the hearts and souls of all the mice in the Catacombs.

It will take you a bit to gain the gold necessary to buy the ACRONYM blueprints. If you’re having trouble with the mice here with the OOS, you can always go back to the Great Gnarled Tree and make gold there, albeit a little more slowly, but still a decent place to make bank.

The reward for hunting in Cats, as stated, is high. The mice are relatively tough, but they offer tons of gold. You’re going to want to catch a Keeper Mouse. He holds the Keeper’s Candle, which is necessary to gain access to the Forbidden Groove. Once you have the Candle AND have crafted the ACROYNM, it’s time to move on.

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