Cape Clawed

Now it starts to get really complicated. From here on out, you must use Gouda Cheese when hunting in the Isles. Brie might work here and there, but it’s a losing proposition. You’ve been warned.

The important thing to know is how this place is laid out. Here is a run down:

Cape Clawed: mixture of hydro, physical, and tactical mice. There is very little gold to be found here, as well as points. You’ll spend a little time here, but not the majority of your time. This location is primarily used as your staging area, housing the cheese shop, a trapsmith and a general store.

Nerg Plains: All tactical mice. Your Ambush trap will work nicely here at the beginning. You’ll want an upgrade quickly though.

Derr Dunes: All physical mice. Tons of gold to be found here, but these mice are not weak at all. They suck, in fact. Don’t even think about going here unless you have the Digby Drillbot. Even then, this place is horrible.

Elub Shore: All Hydro mice. Hydro weapon is a must to hunt here.

Jungle of Dread: Must be a Hero to go here, and you need a stronger shadow weapon than the Sinister Portal. Don’t worry about it now though.

Dracono: Yeah, really, don’t worry about this yet. It is where the dragon is. You need a draconic weapon. Suffice to say, if you haven’t even been to the Isles yet, you may not get to here for months (depending on how much you play).

There is much debate on what you should do first. It really boils down to what traps you have and how many points you have currently. If you’re like most hunters at this point, you’re probably getting close to 8 million points. You need 8 million points to craft a better tactical trap, 12 million to craft a better hydro trap (than what you buy on the boat), and 16 million to craft a better physical trap.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me: head to Nerg Plains first since the point requirement for the next trap is the closest. Buy 60 units of coconut milk, as much Gouda cheese as you can afford (but keep 500,000 gold on hand!), equip your Ambush and Aqua, and let’s go.

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