Burroughs Rift

Menace of the RiftThe Burroughs Rift is the second Rift location to open in the game, and it is a much deeper area than the Gnawnia Rift. In order to hunt here, you obviously must be a Duke or above in rank.

You must have the Rift Detector map piece to hunt here, which was covered in the Gnawnia Rift section. Like that area, mice CAN be caught with a very high power physical trap, but the catch rate is really poor, and frankly, why would you do that? With this in mind, here is the checklist that you need to follow:

  1. Hunt with Crystal Tower
  2. Hunt with regular String Cheese (marble, swiss and brie varieties) or Magical String Cheese
  3. Use the Rift Base (very important, take the time to obtain this base)
  4. If you do NOT have the Rift Base but are just itching to hunt here, make sure you have one of the Super Bases I list on the Base analysis page.

Set up for the area

This may not make a whole lot of sense yet, but just go with it. It’ll make sense as you progress below. There are several zones in this area, each of which are “activated” by what cheese you’re using and if there is mist in the air.

  • Zone 1 (No mist in air, regular string cheese): Rift Lab Mice, collecting mist canisters
  • Zone 2 (Mist in air, regular string cheese): Rift Mousoleum Mice, collecting Terra Ricotta potions
  • Zone 3 (Mist in air, terra ricotta cheese): Rift Digby Mice, collecting Polluted Parmesan potions
  • Zone 4 (Mist in air, polluted parm cheese): Rift Polluted Mice

Ultimately, your goal is two fold: to catch enough mice in the Red zone (more on this below) to collect RIFT CIRCUITRY (needed to buy new traps), and secondly, catch The Menace of the Rift mouse, which drops the Null Gauntlet (which allows for purchasing and crafting of new rift charms). First, let’s take a look at the traps.

Multi-Crystal Laser

Multi-Crystal Laser

As discussed on the Trap Analysis page, this trap is key for hunting down the non-boss mice in this area because of it’s increased luck (+3). This trap costs 1.5 million gold, plus 50 pieces of rift circuitry, as well as a smashed Crystal Tower.

Focused Crystal LaserFocused Crystal Laser

This trap is almost twice as power as the Crystal Tower and is ideal for hunting mice in the Red Zone. Like the Multi-Crystal trap, it also costs 1.5 million gold and 50 pieces of rift circuitry, as well as a smashed Crystal Tower.

Riftwalker Set Bonuses

A completed Riftwalker set includes a trap, base, and charm. Currently, there are 3 rift traps in the game, 1 rift base, and 2 rift charms.

Bonus (2 pieces): +10% Power Bonus

Bonus (3 pieces): +10% Power Bonus, +5 luck

Null GauntletThe catch, and there is always a catch, is that you need to have the Null Gauntlet in your inventory in order to even purchase and arm rift charms. And the only way to get the Null Gauntlet is to catch The Menace of the Rift Mouse. I will cover this in more detail below, but in terms of focusing and prioritizing your efforts, your goal should be to catch this mouse as soon as possible so you can add those invaluable charms to your setup. Obtaining 50 pieces of Rift Circuitry with the Crystal Tower isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do (again, more on this below), and you will want to focuses your efforts mainly on the Polluted Rift Mice to loot the circuitry, since they are easier to catch with your Crystal Tower than the other boss mice.

When you obtain 50 pieces of circuity, you should buy the Focused Crystal Laser first, because it will help you catch the Monstrous Abomination and Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs mouse much easier, and will make your NEXT 50 pieces of rift circuitry go much faster.


Mechanics – Zones 1 and 2

You will notice the HUD has changed. Let’s take a look at it.

Burroughs Rift HUD

As always, pay no attention to the numbers on my HUD – this is just a snapshot in time. If you’re here for the first time, yours will be zero.

Mist canisterAs you hunt with string cheese, you will begin catching mice that drop Mist Canisters. This is represented by the canister just to the right of your “arm” buttons for the various cheeses. Keep hunting with regular string cheese (I would advise against using Magical String at this point, you’ll see why later), collecting canisters. My recommendation would be to collect at least 300 before we move on to the next goal. This is by no means the “end” of this part, as you’ll keep doing this over and over and over (as you’ll see).

Once you save up 300 canisters, click the blue “Mist” button. It will change to a purple button that says “Misting.” Once you go on a hunt while misting, the fan will start moving (well, not literally on the HUD!) and mist will be released. Each HUNT, the mist meter will increase by 1, regardless of whether you catch a mouse or not. Each time you hunt with your mist canister off, your mist meter will decrease by one.

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 1 Regular Cheese

The yellow/green/red misting bar in the middle keeps track of how much mist is in the air.  Now that you’re misting, you will finally be able to start collecting potions to hunt the other mice.

The first 6 hunts are in the Yellow section, which means there are only 5 mice available to catch. You’ll notice the mice available to catch are no longer the same mice that you caught while collecting canisters. It’s the Mist!!

Terra Ricotta potion**Contrary to what is published in the official MH guide, mice in the Yellow section DO drop Terra Ricotta potions. **

When you progress to the Green section, 3 more mice are now available to catch, and they drop even more Terra Ricotta potions. The HUD also will update to what it looks like below, with a few mice now peeking out of the mist. Keep collecting potions, and keep hunting until your mist meter shows 18/20. DON’T GO INTO THE RED ZONE.

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 2 Regular Cheese

Immediately upon reaching 18/20 on your mist meter, deactivate your mist. You are not yet ready to go after the boss mouse. Well, technically, you can, but even with Crystal Tower and Rift base, your catch rate will be lucky to be above 8%. It’s a very tough mouse without the proper trap!

With your canister deactivated, your mist meter will go back down. You are still catching the same mice, but as soon as the meter hits 6/20, three of the mice, Zombot Unipire, Lycanoid and Revenent, will all disappear. Solution? Turn your mist back on! Stay in the green zone and keep collecting those Terra Ricotta potions! You will need a lot!

Mechanics – Zone 3

If you are in the Yellow misting section, and using Terra Ricotta cheese, your HUD will look like this.

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 1 Terra Ricotta Cheese

There is not much point in hunting in the Yellow zone with Terra Ricotta cheese, but it can be done. My advise is to wait until you are in the Green section before switching over.

Terra Ricotta cheesePlease note: You MUST be misting in order to attract any mice with Terra Ricotta cheese. If your mist level is 0/20 and you arm Terra Ricotta, you cannot attract any mice.

The question is, do you use your potions with Magical String cheese or store bought? It’s a 1:1 with store bought, and 2:1 with Magical. Again, as with every situation in the game before this one, the choice is up to you and how much work and effort you want to put into this area. The gold difference is the same between all the store bought cheese – so it will cost you the same amount of gold to transition store bought cheese into Terra Ricotta. Cheaper the cheese, you spend more in conversion, and vice versa.

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 2 Terra Ricotta Cheese

The mice that you attract with Terra Ricotta cheese are the rift versions of the Digby Dirt Dwellers. These mice are worth a lot of gold and points, especially the Bitter Boulder Biter mouse (14,000 gold, 70,000 points). The mechanic works the very same way here – keep hunting in the green zone for maximum points and gold, and the occasional Polluted Parmesan Potion drop.

Once you get to 18/20 on your mist meter, as before, stop misting. The boss mouse, the Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs mouse, is incredibly hard to catch with the Crystal Tower and you’ll need a stronger Rift trap to catch him. Go ahead and try if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Keep collecting Polluted Parmesan Potions. You’ll want around 150 pieces of cheese (your choice on how you convert, either 1:1 or 2:1) before moving on to catch polluted mice.

Mechanics – Zone 4

This is what the HUD looks like in the Yellow zone. You should NEVER EVER hunt in the yellow zone with Polluted Parmesan.

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 1 Polluted Cheese

The next image is what it looks like in the green zone. Again, don’t make it a habit of hunting in the green zone with this cheese until it doesn’t matter anymore (meaning, you have both traps).

Burroughs Rift HUD Misting 2 Polluted Cheese

Your goal is to loot Rift Circuitry, and the easiest place to do that is against the Polluted Rift mice. That being said, you need to stay in the RED ZONE to catch mice that drop this loot. You have two choices:

  1. Keep misting and stay at 20/20
  2. Demist at 20/20, mist at 19/20, demist at 20/20, and so on

Obviously, method #2 takes a lot more active watching of Mousehunt than the more passive method of #1, but it will save you mist canisters in the long run if that’s a big deal to you. It isn’t to some people. Here is what the HUD looks like.

Menace Banner_Rift

The reason why I say 150 pieces of cheese is because it will more than likely allow you to loot 50 pieces of the circuitry you need to get your first trap. If you don’t get the 50 pieces, you’ll need to regroup and try again. Once you purchase the Focused Crystal Laser trap, getting circuitry is much more simpler and less time consuming.

Obtaining the Null Gauntlet, and what to do with charms

Rift Vacuum CharmWhen you catch the Menace of the Rift in the Red Zone, you’ll get the Null Gauntlet as alluded to above. Now you can purchase Rift Vacuum charms. By themselves, they offer nothing to your trap: no power, no bonus, no attraction, no luck. So what is their use? Remember back to what I posted above about the Riftwalker set bonuses. If you have the Rift Base (and you should!), the charm becomes the third part of your set, and gives you an additional +5 luck to your trap setup. Using the Focused Crystal Laser/Rift Base/Vacuum charm will make your trap setup catch nearly 98% of all non-boss mice with every attraction.


Yes, it is an incredible bonus. You will hardly ever, ever miss another mouse in this area, at least non-boss mice.calcified rift mist

Now that you have the Null Gauntlet, regardless of whether you’ve upgraded your trap yet, purchase vacuum charms and hunt with them constantly. When armed, not only will you have an extra bonus for your setup, but mice will start dropping calcified rift mist as loot, which you can either turn into another charm, the Rift Power Charm (along with a few other items, like a divine orb), or you can simply sell the loot on the marketplace.

To me, the Rift Power Charms are pretty expensive in terms of crafting materials to come by, and don’t really offer that much of an advantage. You can sell the calcified rift mist on the market and make some extra gold if you’re short, or just stockpile it for the Whisker Woods Rift. If you don’t need the gold immediately, stockpile it.

Next Steps

  • Upgrade your trap to the Focused Crystal Laser
  • Hunt in all three different Red Zones with upgraded trap and charm, catching all the boss mice
  • Work back up to 50 pieces of rift circuitry to purchase the Multi-crystal laser, which will allow you to catch non-boss mice even more easily.
  • Silver Crown those mice!! 🙂

What’s next? From the various art Feedback Fridays, it looks like the next Rift area will be in the Whisker Woods!

29 comments on “Burroughs Rift

  1. Pingback: Burroughs Rift section now live! | The Total Mousehunt FAQ

  2. Do you think the Tidal Base is good enough here or is the Rift Base necessary? Thanks for all your great guides BTW, can’t wait for WW rift 😀

    • Tidal Base is a great base to use in many locations. It obviously will give you the stats you need, but please note that it is not a Rift Power base, and thus doesn’t add to the RiftWalker set bonus. Without that, you’ll never get that third bonus of +5 luck, which is so incredibly important in the Burroughs Rift (especially if you have the lucky golden shield).

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I had a hard time here! Stuck in zone 4 for one month ++ already! Hmm , the attraction rate is damn low and getting rift circurity is damn hard. 15 rift circurity about 80 cheese! Using crystale tower rift base and rift power charm. Can you give me some advise. thanks ! (:

    • You’re doing all right, it’s just a tough area. I probably need to modify my numbers in the guide, I may have been remembering wrong when I wrote it out! LOL…

      The first 50 is an absolute GRIND. But you have the proper tools. Just keep at it, focus on building up your Terra Ricotta potions because the Moz Rift mice aren’t as strong as the others. If you don’t already, I would recommend doing a simple offer or donating a small amount to get your lucky golden shield – the +7 luck is invaluable.

      Have you caught the Menace of the Rift yet? If you have, use Vacuum charms with your crystal tower and rift base.


    • I would say that’s below the norm, you’re definitely having some bad luck. Like I said in the post I just made though, if you’ve caught the Menace of the Rift, be sure to use Vacuum charms when you’re building up your supplies. When going against the red zone mice with PP, you can also switch to an even stronger charm like ancient, ultimate power, etc. That will help your catch rate.

      Once you get that first 50, it will be much easier.


  4. Alright , thanks for the help thought. Redline zone 4 i have been using rift power charm. I will try the ancient charm or ultimate power charm soon i gotten enough PP. I have been following your guide and it’s awesome. Hope whisker wood rift page will be up soon! Thanks a lot matt! (:

  5. I would think that the estimate of about 70 – 80 pieces of Polluted Parmesan cheese being more than enough to get 50 rift circuitry is off by quite abit, unless that estimate is based on using ultimate level charms (luck and power).

    Using ancient charms or similar charms around that level along with rift base and crystal tower, I’ve been averaging about 5 – 6 rift circuitry for roughly 20 pieces of Polluted Parmesan, and I’ve made about 4 runs of 20 PP and have always gotten around the above number of circuitry.

    If the drop rates I observed are accurate, it would mean that to get to 50 of them while hunting solely with PP would take around 180 – 200 pieces of PP.

    That’s more than twice the estimate of 70 – 80 pieces.

    • If you navigate to the top of the page, I have the bases listed under hunting equipment. I detail the strongest bases. But generally speaking, the super bases are any that are either 500+ power and/or have 10+ luck.

      • Well i have dragonjade…im gonna try going for menace of the rift to finish my adventure then go back to getting rift base…with lucky golden shield and some super cactus charm the catchrate is awesome there..progress of getting the rift base is really painful to wait and im quite impatient lol

      • I understand; I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the rift base too. But I will always say it’s worth it.

        One, the riftwalker bonus. Once you catch the Menace of the rift, you can buy vacuum charms. If you have the Rift Base, the charm will become your third part of the set, meaning you get an additional 5 luck to your setup, combined with the fact that you’ll start looting calcified rift mist, which is necessary for crafting charms in the whisker woods rift area. You can also sell it on the market for a nice profit.

        Two, you can’t get the best base in the game, the Fissure, without owning the Rift Base. That alone should be motivation enough to take the time and get it.

        If you have the Hothouse Base, getting the Rift Base will be much easier.

        Good luck.

        – Matt

  6. well i did caught menace of the rift here with djb but yea its costly to spend a week here without rift as ive spent many charms and kings credit on lucky golden shield..im so gonna be back after finishing my rift base….ive even thought of getting tidal instead of rift as tidal offers 800 power and 10luck but i still tell myself that im still gonna need rift base….hope i get to focus till i get my rift base tho xD

  7. “Work back up to 50 pieces of rift circuitry to purchase the Multi-crystal laser, which will allow you to catch non-boss mice even more easily.”

    – Do I have to purchase another Crystal Tower or can I just simply smash the Focused Laser trap to get back the Crystal Tower parts? I ask this because gold is really a concern to me. Thanks!

  8. Hey Matt,
    I just want to say that I use your MH guides alot and I tell people about it. Ok, now that I’ve said that. I found out that by hunting with the crystal tower and the rift base in the red zone (I’ve already gottent the null gauntlet) I can get rift circuitry with string swiss cheese. Do you recommend this technique?

    • Jason,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been crazy busy lately.

      You’re probably already past this area now, but my opinion is that the rift locations should be tackled with the best possible equipment, Rift trap and base. Tidal Base WILL work, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re in the BRift for a long time and hunting to build up your potions, I cannot stress enough how incredibly important that extra +5 luck is when you have all 3 rift components.

      If you’re just using the trap and charm, you’re only using 2 components, so you only get the power bonus. That third benefit is invaluable, making most green-zone mice 95% and above for their catch rate, and even higher if you have your lucky gold shield. That being said, hunters have to do what is best for them. Some people simply don’t have the gold to do the best possible route. And I get that.

      As for cheese, that is 100% your preference. I lay out the “best” options, but honestly, when you have different choices for the cheese you use, it typically comes down to what your tolerance level is for “Failed to attract.” If your tolerance is high, feel free to use the cheaper cheese, but most people prefer to progress at a faster rate and don’t like to burn cheese unnecessarily if they don’t need to. But ultimately the decision is yours. I simply give you my input and try to help you make an informed decision. 🙂

      Thanks for reading the site and passing it along to your friends.


    • In terms of time taken, your method would take a lot less time than hunting with PP for circuits. However it will be VERY painful with lots of misses and redboxes, plus ftas since swiss string has somewhat low attraction rates.

      You can consider if you find the trade off worth it.

  9. Hey Matt,

    Just wondering if my only aim of doing the rift areas is just to obtain the fissure base as soon as possible, since Whisker RIft requires tonnes of non-boss mice catches and very little boss mice catches, should I just get Multi Laser? *I have rift base and LGS*

    Thanks in advance. Nice guide well written.

      • Your aim is really whatever you set your goals as – meaning, if you want to get the fissure base as soon as possible, do it. If you’re interesting in getting silver crowns, do it. The Whisker Woods Rift is a fairly “short” area to complete, even if you’re going for the Fissure.

        As for the trap, the MCL is the preferred trap for doing MOST of the hunting in the WWR, but the FCL will perform better against the mini-bosses and the Monstrous Black Widow. I understand that some hunters want to get through this as soon as they can because they want to get on to the next thing. I get it. But taking shortcuts can lead to massive frustrations. Skipping the FCL in favor of the MCL will hinder your ability to catch the MBW. I play MouseHunt to maximize my hunting ability in an area. I think most players should do the same.

        As for the fastest way to obtain rift circuitry, again, part of this depends on how much equipment and loot you have. Getting 50 pieces of circuitry using string cheese is the “simplest” method, but in my opinion, not the best (and not the fastest either). It’s simple because all you do is buy your cheese and hunt. The hard part is managing your mist canisters in the red zone.

        I tell people to go the PP route because of the gold and points you make while getting there, plus the mice in the red zone using PP are just easier to catch the MA mouse. Getting 50 circuits is a chore – I know, I did it. Two of my current teammates are doing that now and they are getting frustrated, but you have to keep at it.

        And from an expansion standpoint, I’m willing to bet that there will be another Rift location released at some point, and I’d like to make sure that I have all the options available to me that are out there to hunt with, in the event that another area is on the horizon.

      • Ok thks for the long reply i guess ill stick to FCL and then to MCL instead of skipping FCL. The total price hurts though 😦

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