Bristle Woods Rift

Under Construction

The Bristle Woods Rift is the 5th rift location that has opened in Gnawnia! And it boasts some incredible points and gold, arguably the best in the game.

Taking their queue from the failures of the 2016 Great Winter Hunt, along with the positive elements of the Labyrinth/Zokor and Sunken City, the MH Devs have really outdone themselves this time, giving players a very dynamic and rewarding location that is not overly hard and with tremendous benefits. Let’s get to it.

Overall Goals

  1. Collect Ancient Rift Cheese potions
  2. Collect Runic Rift Cheese potions
  3. Collect Ancient Hourglass
  4. Collect Time Sand
  5. Enter Acolyte Chamber, charge the obelisk of time
  6. Drain the Acolyte’s sand
  7. Catch the Absolute Acolyte!

Confused? Let’s get started.

Getting Started

First thing you need to understand is that this entire location is built around loot, and lots of it. You will get more loot here than you’ve ever seen. Loot upon loot. And it’s all important. You will start out entering the Acolyte Tower and will appear in the Gearworks. The Gearworks is a basic location where mice mostly drop tiny spockets as loot, and occasionally ancient rift potions. Gearworks is not the best chamber to be in, but at least you’re getting something here. Look at the HUD below (and ignore the numbers, this is a screenshot I took while I was hunting. You obviouly will have no loot yet!).

As you can see in my screenshot, I have 18 pieces of loot left to collect in this chamber (when you first enter, it will be 25/25). This is ANY rift loot that the mouse drops. Each chamber, they drop different loot but it’s all counted the same.

For example, if you have your Rift Vacuum Charms armed, you will loot calcified rift mist (just like the Burroughs Rift), and that will count towards your loot total. That said, only rift loot counts towards the total loot from a chamber. If you’re hunting for enerchi and have those charms armed (and loot some), it will not count, nor will looting orbs.

Once you’re done with this chamber, 3 portals will open on the HUD. You pick where you go next. It is completely random. Instead of trying to describe a linear path, the next section will detail each of the chambers and what you need to do in them to advance.


Ancient Lab

Loot: 35

You will mainly find ancient string cheese potions that you will turn into, you guessed it, ancient string cheese. This cheese attracts more mice that drop more loot, but honestly I use it mainly only in special chambers (and stick to string brie usually).

Runic Lab

Loot: 30

You need to use Ancient String Cheese to attract mice that drop Runic String Cheese potions. This is what you’re after, and you need a lot of them…because you use them in multiple chambers.

Timewarp Chamber

Loot: 30

You’ll need to use Runic String Cheese here. Your first task will be to loot the Ancient Hourglass, which will then allow you to start collecting Time Sand, which is a critical element to catching the Absolute Acolyte.

Guard Barracks

Loot: 40

This is a special chamber. There are 40 pieces of loot to clear before you can leave. Unlike the other chambers, this one is a mini-game so to speak. You need to loot 40 pieces of loot to get out, but in that time, you need to avoid setting off the alarm! How do you do that?

Look at the HUD. There are 6 lights in this chamber. Each hunt that you don’t catch a Paladin, one of the lights turns on. If all 6 turn on (that’s 6 hunts without CATCHING a Paladin), the alarms go off and now your trap setup loses all it’s luck! Bummer! Catching a Paladin before the 6 lights light up will reset ALL the lights. This is all about luck (as there is nothing you can specifically do to attract this mouse), and sometimes you’ll clear the chamber without the alarm, sometimes you won’t.

However, you will “succeed” regardless of the alarm, and when you drain the loot from this chamber, you will receive the special bonus (buff) where Paladins are no longer attracted to your cheese. This is critical when hunting in other chambers.

Security Chamber

Loot: 10

Another special chamber, this is the chamber you want when you have the curse from the Paladins that takes away your luck. You only need to clear out 10 pieces of loot, then you have your luck back. Easy as pie (you cannot fail).

Frozen Alcove