The Bazaar is a nice place. It has the same mice as the lab, so it doesn’t really pay to hunt here unless you just want a break. Be warned; there are no potions dropped here.

The real beauty of the Bazaar is the General Store and the Cartographer. The general store sells several different items, all of which are necessary in your future endeavors. Go ahead and buy 8 droid parts (for the Ambush you’ll craft), 300 curds and whey, 24 cheese fluffs, 24 glue, 24 paint, and 30 ionized salt.

Got all that? Good. Now head to the cartographer and hand him your Shredded Furoma Map piece. This will cost you 90,000 gold and will take 24 hours to complete. Yah! Fun! Go ahead and buy the repair job, and either hang out in the Bazaar for the day, hunting those basic bionic and granite mice, or go somewhere else you’re familiar with. But make sure you come back in 24 hours.

When the repair is completed, pick up your map at the cartographer and you’ll notice you now have access to the Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber in Furoma. Nothing further to see here, these are not the droids you’re looking for.

Head to the Dojo!

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