12 comments on “Content Updated – And my thoughts on the direction of the game

  1. I went through something similar about 3 years ago, I quite due to what seemed to be an increase in making things easier. Again that was a while ago. I have enjoyed coming back after a long break. It’s a great game and has doubled in size since I started in 2010. I hear what you are saying and validate your frustration. Success sometimes changes folks and their priorities. Power is weird that way. Suddenly the accessible person has to check there appropriate stance space in order to answer a question. Hang in there. I do follow you and like your help. We, your followers are in gratitude and I don’t take you for granted. Thank you for all your efforts. Don’t give up! Or take a break. I didn’t write a guide but I helped many people with the game in the beginning. It’s rewarding to help people.

  2. I think you’re bananas. While, Yes, the GWH was not very good, but the Halloween event was easily the best ever. Also, what on Earth can you dislike about the Furoma Rift?! The artwork is gorgeous, the mice give very nice rewards, the mechanics are completely new and very well balanced, plus we get a new ‘unstable’ item. Fort Rox I can understand your opposition to, but the way I see it, it’s a whole different type of area to anything else, the day/night system is very good and it incorporates various trap types quite well. As for Devs requesting ideas, this is honestly just false. The Devs have always asked people to submit their own ideas, there’s been a segment on the forum for it for years. Not to mention that they livestream sonething called ‘feedback friday’ every week, so I really don’t know where you get the idea that they don’t pay attention to feedback from. If you’re frustrated, you’re frustrated and that’s fine, but I don’t think half your criticism really holds up. In part you say they’re running out of ideas, but in another you’re complaining about the 3 completely new ideas that they tried!

  3. I’ve just read your Furoma Rift guide and I was disgusted. So much poison spitting! 😦

    While I agree with some of your points, I think both Furoma Rift and Fort Rox deserve more credit than you give to them. For me, they are less boring and work-like than for example Laby/Zokor.
    The Royal Challenge was something pretty new and unique.
    This year Halloween event was the best Halloween we ever had!
    GWH was kinda messed up, true, but mostly it was caused by those stupid LE chips and devs already apologized for it.
    Mousehunt is totally not running out of ideas as I see it.

    I think you are just disappointed they didn’t choose your guide (and I consider your guide better than Sphen’s or Mozka’s, I wish too they’d choose it!) and so you are trying to get your “revenge” by telling everybody MH sucks and criticising it.

    If your guide is going to take this direction, I’m afraid I’ll stop reading it and your chances of getting among the official guides will be equal to 0%

  4. Hey Matt, I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your guide and that it’s been my go-to since I re-joined the game about a year and a half ago. I understand you’re frustrated, and I’ve wondered myself why the other guides were listed under the Kingdom tab in-game but yours is not. Before returning, I quit the game when the LG was the final area and I had made it to that point. I hated that place at the time, and it’s still not somewhere I hunt for fun. But when I came back, I really enjoyed the Sunken City and BRift areas in particular, and to a lesser extent the WWRift and Laby/Zokor. My point is: hang in there. The next release could very well be something you’ll like again. And please keep going with your guide. As big as the game has gotten now, I’ll come back and re-read your guide sections when I return to an area I have “completed” already if it’s been a while since I hunted there to make sure I remember the general strategy. I particularly appreciate that your strategy discussions contemplate how those of us hunting with non-SB baits and without all the LE equipment should approach an area, which is sometimes quite different than the advice one gets if they only read forum posts. Any way, thanks again and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi, I’ve been playing MH for a while now and have used quite a few different guides over the years since not many stay current. Yours is the one I’ve been using in the last 1-2 years because it’s the best I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing so generously.

  6. Hi Matt. I love Mousehunt FAQ and like Patrick, it has been my main reference since rejoining the game last year, after a four-year break. It is, hands down, my favourite guide.

    I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into the guide and I understand your frustrations and disappointment. However, I really hope that the devs’ (lack of) response will not deter you from updating this guide in the future. A lot of MH players have benefited from your effort and we really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  7. while i don’t agree with you on your opinion on the mechanichs of fort rox, i was annoyed at the fact that i had done LG before that and by comparison the grind was far greater for roughly the same kind of shadow/arcane traps, however their inclusion of the heart of the meteor made me want to go back and mainly because i love how they integrated types of traps with maps and HUD upgrades. Regarding on FRift i don’t have a clue, since i havent even gone to the area yet.

    as for your page, it’s my #1 source for information when i don’t know where to start a level, mind that i left the game a few months before the LG expansion and came back about 2 years ago, so i missed on a lot and without your page i would’ve been very lost.

  8. As a hunter since June ’08, I do find it sad that you feel this way (although I myself took a 3-year hiatus at one point). That may be what you need, especially since–as a guide writer–it’s a little classless and seemingly a lot bitter that you express these thoughts on a public forum and call devs out by name. I have a lot of respect for those folks and, after you’ve finished taking a step back, I think you will again too. Cheers!

  9. Hi, I just want to say thank you for your detailed guide, which have guided me throughout since i stopped few years back. The catching up part was really confusing as there are so many new maps, mouse, traps etc but your guide was very resourceful and helped me return to the pace. When i was stuck with a powerful mouse or a confusing area, your guide just made it easier compared to Spheniscine one which I first came upon. Sorry to say but that guide is too brief with all those point forms. So thank you so much once again and hope there are still future updates here. 🙂

  10. I love your guide! It’s the best one around, and you explain things so clearly. I too was surprised that your guide wasn’t among one of those listed on the sidebar. I hope you continue enjoying the game, and that the devs will see the light soon. Thank you for being my main source of info on game mechanics over the past years. Take care!

  11. This guide provides better organized information, which helped me a lot when I try to figure out some new area such as Furoma rift and BW rift.
    Keep the work up and let’s hope the game could become better

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