2015 Great Winter Hunt

Matt_Gnawnia Course Start
To start off, you either race down a Gnawnia or Whisker Woods course. Here are the bullet list items!

  • Using Arctic Asiago will increase your “MPH” by 1 over what it normally would be
  • Using Winter Charms will allow you to attract the Snowflake Mouse, which drops Nitro
  • Using Nitro will at +4 MPH to your Toboggan speed. KNOWN BUG: If you only have 1 left, the Nitro will NOT work but will still be used. The Devs are working hard to correct this known issue.
  • Hazards slow down your toboggan speed by 2 MPH (at least, moguls and trees do!)

I’ll be posting more information as I learn it! Get out there and sound that horn!14 meters20 meters